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Exclusive to My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire
The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

Baby Info:

"The Ziggurab's stone shell evolved to protect its sweet, squashy insides. Telescoping shut when startled or sleeping; this creature is as tough as a fortress."

Adult Info:

"Despite its solidity, the Ziggurab is agile and energetic. Using the resonance of air pockets and specially evolved appendages, it produces a huge array of rhythmic sounds and effects."


The Ziggurab seems to resemble a cobalt crab with the top being cobalt with a few cracks, and the bottom being mostly a crab body, and it has also one eye. It has two tower layers, one fitting the eye and one that fits its mouth and the rest of its body.

As an adult, it gains an extra tower layer, which also adds in another pair of claws. The original layers rearrange their pair of claws so that the pair of claws are on the side of the top tower layer.


Baby Ziggurab

The Ziggurab's song utilizes a wide array of various electronic drum beats ranging from synthesizer presets to sampled audio. The upper layers of its body produce an electronic bass drum, while its claws produce an electronic snare drum. Its claws are also used to make a hi-hat sound, though as an adult, the upper claws fulfill this role.


A Ziggurab can be bred with a combination of Cold, Earth, and Fire. Possible combinations include:


Ziggurab can be teleported to Cloud Island when fed to Level 15 for a rewarding of 5 diamonds. Ziggurab can also be teleported to Party Island when fed to Level 5. Teleport time for Ziggurab is 20 hours for Cloud island and 5 minutes for Party Island.

Name Origin

Its name is a portmanteau on Ziggurat (massive temples from the times of ancient Mesopotamia) and crab.

Special Occasions

DoF Ziggurab baby Xmas 2015

Baby Ziggurab, Christmas 2015


For Christmas, the Ziggurab "dresses" to look like a stack of gift-wrapped cylindrical packages.


  • The adult Ziggurab appears to be lighter in color in an update.
  • The Ziggurab had many designs before settling on its current baby and adult designs. Link.
  • In the code, Ziggurab is called "Crabstack".
  • It used to be the only crustacean monster until the release of Krillby in 1.8.0.
  • Like T-Rox in the original game, Ziggurab has an 8 hour breeding time instead of the 12 hour for triple elements. Again, like that T-Rox, it is the first triple element that is available.

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