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Baby Bio:

The Yelmut has fondness for a great many things. Topmost is its yodeling prowess, though its decorative headgear is a close second. Please don't call it a hat; it's a very touchy subject.

Adult Bio:

Having never taken it off, the adult Yelmut has grown into its ha-... I mean, decorative headgear, now weather-beaten and embellished with exotic designs. Its massive mouth carries its song far and wide... and with such intensity, its decorative headgear is in danger of being displaced!



Young Yelmut without mask

As a baby, it is a tiny green monster with a red helmet. It has four tiny turtle-like legs and a big, black eye on each side of its body. Its helmet somewhat resembles a skull, or a Tympa: it is candy-red, with two buck-teeth, nostril holes, and bulging eye slits on the side. It has two feathers on the back, one lavender, one nectarine.

Adult Yelmut in a contracted position

As an adult, they become much taller, sporting a more cylindrical shape. Their body is now bi-segmented, with the bottom section exhibiting a bright shade of cyan, along with turtle-like fins instead of legs. The headgear itself remains roughly the same, although with a more tattered and detailed look.

When this monster is idle, it stays in tempo by repeatedly contracting and erecting itself.


Baby Yelmut

The Yelmut's song is a powerful vocal ensemble consisting of prolonged notes in a loose harmony. On the Continent, it sings "heyoo yay" multiple times.

On Cave Island, it sings “ Hoyy, Heeeeeeey, Ya! “. It sings similar to, and along, with the Glowl.

Feeding Monsters

The Yelmut will request food and/or non-food items that are the products of Structures. If you cannot give the monster the food or items it requires, you can click the New Order button. After a 15 minute wait, it will ask for a new combination of foods or other items.


When given the wanted foods or items, like any monster, it will reward you coins.


The Yelmut is bred with a combination of Plant, Cold, Air and Fire. The only possible combinations are:


Yelmut can be teleported to Cave Island when fed to level 20 for a reward of 7 Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) at a cost of 15,000 Coin25px-DoF. Teleport time for Yelmut is 40 hours

Name Origin

"Yelmut" appears to be a portmanteau of "yell", and the German name "helmut"; a word that derives from the Germanic elements helm (meaning "helmet", "protection") and muot ("spirit, mind"), which is appropriate, as it represents both their song (yell) and their choice of headgear (helmut). The word 'nut' could be a part as well.


Yelmut contest

The Yelmut with blurry cave painting and visible egg

In-game Yelmut promo

In-game ad for the Yelmut naming contest

  • It is the second monster, after the Repatillo, to be mentioned on socal media and having a naming competition.
  • The eleven nicknames given to the Yelmut from the community contest are Yamooka, Natiku, Kanaloa, Tsukasha, Lono, Nahoa, Biiki, Xibalba, Slimeba, Dalagmite, Escargoon. Originally, only ten names were meant to be chosen, but as there was a tie for tenth place, the Monster-Handlers decided to use eleven instead. The results are here.
  • The name "Escargoon" is a reference to the character of the same name, from the TV show "Kirby: Right Back At Ya!"
  • The Yelmut's bio erroneously refers its singing as "yodeling", despite the fact that "yodeling" is, specifically, "a form of singing or calling marked by rapid alternation between the normal voice and falsetto". At best, the Yelmut slowly alternates between vocal ranges.
  • The adult Yelmut for a while was the only adult Quad-Element monster to take up 2*2 blocks of space. Normally, adult Quad-Element monsters take up 3*3 blocks of space. However, when the Krillby was released, its adult version also took up 2*2 space. But the Yelmut was released first.
  • The baby Yelmut was the second smallest monster (in terms of physical size), the first being the baby Furcorn. The title is now yeld by Baby Maw.
  • Yelmut, Flum Ox, Krillby, Tring, Sneyser, and Edamimi are currently the only 4-element monsters that are found exclusively in DoF.
  • The Yelmut's egg seems to look more like its adult form. Despite this, the feathers remain unpainted.
  • Yelmut is one of three monsters to wear masks, the other two being Boodoo and Poewk, and Yelmut is the only of the three to sing, and the only one currently in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.
  • In the code, it is referred to as "Fireyodel".
  • Since the release of the Barrb and the Pango at Version 1.6.0, it makes the Yelmut the only Quad-Element Dawn of Fire monster to have all seven different combinations to breed such monster.
  • A shot ( or GIF ) of Yelmut with his mouth open has become a minor meme on Imgflip, as seen above. This was also announced by My Singing Monsters on Twitter.
  • Its helmet changes appearance when its in its adult form, but its size remains the same. This may explain why it reveals more of Yelmut's head.

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