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Welcome to Wublin Island! This realm is unlike any before it... and likely any to follow!

Once breeding is complete, you can choose to zap a monster egg into a Wublin statue to give it the spark of life and wake it up! Check a Wublin's inventory to see which eggs it needs, but act fast - unless all the necessary eggs are collected and zapped within the time allotted, the eggs will go bad and you'll need to start the process again. Good luck, and have fun waking up the Wublins!

~ Help description
Coursing with the Supernatural element of Electricity, Wublin Island's true origin is unknown. Thanks to clues recovered from its static surface, the going theory is that this realm was designed and brought to life by a mysterious entity who wanted some playmates. Its solution? To create those playmates from its own imagination, and zap them into being using the power of electricity. And thus, the Wublins were born. A shocking idea, to say the least.
~ Part of Monster Handler Matt's speech on the tutorial of Wublin Island
My Singing Monsters - Tutorial Wublin Island-002:53

My Singing Monsters - Tutorial Wublin Island-0

This is the Tutorial of Wublin Island. In the background, you can hear the full song including the unreleased monsters like the Wubbox.

My Singing Monsters - Wublin Island-100:32

My Singing Monsters - Wublin Island-1

This is a video of Wublin Island, also it has the sound of the non-original wublins and some new wublins playing/singing.


Wublin Island-view

Wublin Island view

Wublin Island is an Island added in Update 1.4.0.

This island is home to the Wublins, supernatural entities powered by the eggs of Natural Monsters. Wublin Island does not have a castle, and thus, Wublins do not take up any beds. You cannot place any decorations or structures (besides Wublin statues) on Wublin Island. Oddly enough, Wublin Island is one of the islands that can be featured in the weekly Top 10 islands. However, there is currently no way to check how many likes your Wublin Island has.

Indigenous Monsters

Currently, there are 16 Wublins. It costs 5,000 coins to buy each Wublin. When bought, the Wublin's come out as statues. Similar to the Wubbox, each Wublin must be powered up, however, you must fill the Wublin with that is required for that specific Wublin. Once an egg has been bred, you can select to 'Zap' an egg instead of sending it to the Incubator. After you have Zapped your first egg into a Wublin, you have a limited amount of time (2-14 days) to Zap the rest of the eggs into the Wublin, before the eggs go 'bad'. If not completed before said time, you will have to either buy the rest of the eggs for diamonds, or restart the whole process again. In February 2017, there is supposedly a new Wublin with a shadow GIF, presumably a Wubbox.

Monster Level
Element Time to Zap Eggs
Brump BBB OFFICIAL BRUMP 13 SupernaturalElementNew 2 Days
Zynth BBB OFFICIAL ZYNTH 13 SupernaturalElementNew 3 Days
Poewk BBB OFFICIAL POEWK 13 SupernaturalElementNew 5 Days
Thwok BBB OFFICIAL THWOK 13 SupernaturalElementNew 7 Days
Dwumrohl BBB OFFICIAL DWUMROHL 13 SupernaturalElementNew 14 Days
Zuuker Zuuker activated 13 SupernaturalElementNew 10 Days
Screemu Screemu-0 13 SupernaturalElementNew 5 Days
Tympa Tympa2 13 SupernaturalElementNew 14 Days
Dermit Dermit 13 SupernaturalElementNew 3 Days
Gheegur MSMPokeGamer Made Gheegur 13 SupernaturalElementNew 7 Days
Whajje Whajje 13 SupernaturalElementNew 10 Days
Creepuscule MSMPokeGamer Made Creepuscule 13 SupernaturalElementNew 7 Days
Blipsqueak Blipsqueak Made By MSMPokeGamer 13 SupernaturalElementNew 5 Days
Scargo ScargoRecrop 13 SupernaturalElementNew 3 Days
Astropod Astropod 13 SupernaturalElementNew 10 Days
Pixolotl Pixolotl 13 SupernaturalElementNew 14 Days

Rocks and Trees

     Main Article: Obstacles
There are no rocks and trees to clear on Wublin Island.


Wublin Islands' music starts off in a jazz/swing like manner and then becomes more electronic and upbeat.

It plays at 134 beats per minute in mostly C Minor.

The song begins with a jazz-like tune with the Thwok, Dwumrohl, Creepuscule, using low ride cymbal, and Astropod playing and building up, lasting only half a verse. In it, Dwumrohl starts with his kick drum verse. Then, Brump and Gheegur on alto sax join the song, starting the song's first full verse.

In the following measure, the Brump and Dwumrohl stop their parts and the Zuuker, Tympa, Zynth, Whajje and Pixolotl join in on the song, while the Thowk plays a slower tune, Gheegur switches to tenor sax and playing slower, and Creepuscule switches to hi-hat cymbal. The 1st half of this part starts with one of Zynth's tracks, and in the second part it plays the exact same track, although later in the song this track is changed.

In the next measure of the build up, the Brump, Dwumrohl and Astropod return. meanwhile the Zuuker, Gheegur, and Whajje stop their parts and the Dermit and Blipsqueak joins in. The Thwok now plays a faster, more upbeat version of the previous tune. The Zynth, Tympa and Creepuscule continue their song.

In this next measure, the build up stops with the Brump, Tympa, Astrpod, Dermit and Blipsqueak, while the Zynth, Thwok and Dwumrohl continue their songs. The Screemu and Poewk begin to play their parts. The Creepuscule switches to its kick drum. In the second half of this measure, the Blipsqueak rejoins the song

In the next measure, the third measure repeats with the addition of Zuuker and Gheegur on tenor sax. It also differs from the 3rd with the addition of the Scargo, and the Blipsqueak being missing. In the second half of this measure the Zynth plays a slightly altered 3rd track.

In next measure, the Brump, Thwok, Dwumrohl, Zuuker, Dermit, Gheegur, and Scargo stop their parts and the Poewk, Screemu, Tympa, Whajje and the Blipsqueak rejoin the song. The Creepuscule goes back to its kick drum and the Zynth continues its song.

In the final measure, the Zynth, Poewk, Screemu, Tympa, Whajje, Creepuscule and Blipsqueak continue their parts with the addition of Dwumrohl playing its crash cymbal part, the Thwok playing its slower tune.

Castle Upgrades

There is no castle on Wublin Island.


Monsters on Wublin Island earn a random amount of a random Currency. Possible currencies are: Coins, Diamonds, Shards, and Treats. The monsters in Wublin Island can generate among various ranges of 100,000 ±50,000 coins, 200 ±100 shards, 10,000 ±5,000 food, or just 2 diamonds. There is an equal chance of obtaining all currencies except diamonds, which due to there high value are considerably rarer.


  • There was a bug where the first time you tap on a Wublin (after you have activated it) it gives you the normal monster's menu including its likes and the levels with feeding. Therefore it was possible to put decorations on Wublin island. The decorations will vanish if you leave the island however. This was fixed on March 29th 2016.
  • The Wublins have memory game sounds, however these are used only in the Book of Monsters.
  • Wublin Island used to not have an ambiance track, but in update 2.0.0 an ambiance was finally added.
  • The first 5 Wublins (Brump, Zynth, Poewk, Thwok, and Dwumrohl) will never play all at the same time.
  • The first 14 Wublins where all teased by BBB in the Wublin Island Tutorial, with some also appearing in the Wublin Island Trailer and official remix. Along with them, a Wubbox sounding Monster can be heard which currently is not in the game. In the files of my Singing Monsters there is a file That Shows Wublin Wubboxes sounds showing that The Wubbox will be on wublin island
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