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Wool is the First Weavers item and altogether the ?th item to be unlocked in the game. It is unlocked at level 20.


The item Wool is a brown yarn ball with two knitting needles on top.


Wool can be used to craft many items, those are Cradle, Bandage, Bouncy Mattress, Silk Scarf, Pillow, Earmuffs, and Polar Teddybear. It also can be used in the Skyships orders.


Wool is simply crafted by making them in the Weavers and waiting 15 minutes then you got yourself Wool.

Market Availability


Wool is an uncommon item to find in the Market so if you do find one, be quick! Or else it would be sold!


Wool will sell quite quickly for a primary item. When put in the Market it will be about 30 seconds before sold. (Well unless no one needs any.)

Skyship Requirements

You will need 1-5 Wool per order meaning the total would be either 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15. Because Wool is easy to obtain once you have Weavers, it should be easy to finish.


To produce lots of Wool, simply start making Wool in the Weavers and be active every 15-45 minutes to collect the Wool, and put more in. You will get 10 Wool every 2 and a half hours.


  • Wool was originally used to craft Polished Skylite Crystals, but it was changed to Lemons because Polished Skylite Crystals are unlocked at level 19 but Wool was unlocked at level 20 meaning it couldn't be crafted until level 20 unless the player uses diamonds.

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