In the unfathomable depths of the living ocean, Water Island is the embodiment of tranquility. Encrusted with vibrant coral reefs and host to mysterious tentacled beasts, it exists unperturbed. That is, until the monsters arrive: their joyful tunes are sure to make a splash!


Water Island (Water Island) is the fourth Natural Island available to the player. It manifests the Water Element (WaterElementNew).

Water Island can be bought at level 4 for 1,500,000Coins 2.0 after the player has purchased Air Island.

Water Island

Indigenous Monsters

The monsters of Water Island are of the Earth, Water, Plant, and Air elements. Since Water Island lacks the Cold element, no monster with that element can exist on it.

The list of indigenous monsters is below with each monster's class indicated in parenthesis.

Monster Level Available Breeding Time (Default) Element(s)
Noggin Noggin 1 15 seconds Earth element (Natural)
Toe Jammer Toe Jammer 4 1 minute Water element (Natural)
Potbelly Potbelly 9 2 hours Plant element (Natural)
Tweedle Tweedle 4 4 hours Air element (Natural)
Fwog Fwog 7 30 minutes Earth element Water element (Natural)
Shrubb Shrubb 9 8 hours Plant element Earth element (Natural)
Oaktopus Oaktopus 9 8 hours Plant element Water element (Natural)
Dandidoo Dandidoo 9 8 hours Air element Plant element (Natural)
Quibble Quibble 7 8 hours Air element Water element (Natural)
Cybop Cybop 7 8 hours Air element Earth element (Natural)
Pummle Pummel 9 12 hours Plant element Earth element Water element (Natural)
Spunge Spunge 9 12 hours Air element Plant element Water element (Natural)
Scups Scups 7 12 hours Air element Earth element Water element (Natural)
Reedling Reedling 9 12 hours Air element Plant element Earth element (Natural)
Shellbeat Shellbeat 9 24 hours Air element Plant element Earth element Water element (Natural)
Jeeode Jeeode 9 1 day, 12 hours  Crystal Crystal (Ethereal)
Wubbox Active Wubbox 20 2 days Electricity Element Electricity (Supernatural)
Blabbit Blabbit 9 19 hours Eggy (Seasonal)
Rare Noggin Rare Noggin 1 6 hours Earth element (Rare)
Rare Toe Jammer Rare Toe Jammer 4 6 hours Water element (Rare)
Rare Potbelly Rare Potbelly 9 6 hours Plant element (Rare)
Rare Tweedle Rare Tweedle 4 4 hours Air element (Rare)
Rare Fwog Rare Fwog 7 1 hour, 15 minutes Earth element Water element (Rare)
Rare Shrubb Rare Shrubb 9 10 hours, 30 minutes Plant element Earth element (Rare)
Rare Oaktopus Rare Oaktopus 9 10 hours, 30 minutes Plant element Water element (Rare)
Rare Dandidoo Rare Dandidoo 7 10 hours, 30 minutes Air element Plant element (Rare)
Rare Quibble Rare Quibble 4 10 hours, 30 minutes Air element Water element (Rare)
Rare Cybop Rare Cybop 4 10 hours, 30 minutes Air element Earth element (Rare)
Rare Pummel Rare Pummel 9 15 hours, 30 minutes Plant element Earth element Water element (Rare)
Rare Spunge Rare Spunge 9 15 hours, 30 minutes Air element Plant element Water element (Rare)
Rare Scups Rare Scups 4 15 hours, 30 minutes Air element Earth element Water element (Rare)
Rare Reedling Rare Reedling 9 15 hours, 30 minutes Air element Plant element Earth element (Rare)
Rare Shellbeat Rare Shellbeat 9 1 day, 6 hours, 30 minutes Air element Plant element Earth element Water element (Rare)
Rare Jeeode Rare Jeeode 9 1 day, 21 hours, 30 minutes Crystal Crystal (Rare)
Rare Wubbox 20 Electricity
Rare Blabbit 9 Easter
Do Do 8 N/A N/A (Dipsters)
Re Re 8 N/A N/A (Dipsters)
Mi Mi 8 N/A N/A (Dipsters)
Fa Fa 8 N/A N/A (Dipsters)
Sol Sol 8 N/A N/A (Dipsters)
La La 8 N/A N/A (Dipsters)
Ti Ti 8 N/A N/A (Dipsters)

Rocks and Trees

     Main Article: Obstacles
Removing the rocks and trees from the island earns the player Experience and it opens up space to place more Monsters, Decorations, or Structures. Removed obstacles are not gone permanently; they can be bought back with Diamonds under the decorations section in the Market.

Water Island Small Tree Water Island Medium Tree Water Island Big Tree

Small Tree : 1 Diamond25px

Medium Tree : 3 Diamond25px

Big Tree : 5 Diamond25px

Water Island Small Rock Water Island Medium Rock Water Island Big Rock

Small Rock : 2 Diamond25px

Medium Rock : 5 Diamond25px

Big Rock : 10 Diamond25px

Special Occasions

Water Easter Island

Easter Market and Map Icon for the Water Island

     Main Article: Special Occasions
During the holiday season of Easter, Water Island is adorned with Easter decorations. As part of the Easter celebration, all obstacles are changed to seasonal versions. Although a special holiday, no monsters dress up in costume for the duration of the Easter celebration. Some monsters dress up for the Halloween and Christmas seasons, however Water Island does not change during those times.

  • For 2013, the Easter season was from March 14th to April 1st.
  • For 2014, the Easter season was from April 8th to April 22nd.
  • For 2015, the Easter season was from March 21st to April 7th.
  • For 2016, the Easter season was from March 11th to March 30th.
  • For 2017, the Easter season was from March 31st to ?.
Water Island Small Tree Easter Water Island Medium Tree Easter Water Island Big Tree Easter
Water Island Small Rock Easter Water Island Medium Rock Easter Water Island Big Rock Easter
A special seasonal monster, the Blabbit, is available for breeding or purchase in the Market during the Easter season. It was released on March 14th, 2013. Blabbit

The seasonal changes observed in the Water Island monsters are below. NOTE: This list includes ONLY indigenous monsters. To see the seasonal changes in monsters that are not native to Water Island, check out their Island's page, or see the full comprehensive list: Special Occasions.

Monster Halloween
Altered Appearance Christmas Description Altered Appearance
Noggin In October 2015, the Noggin was feeling extra sweet and decided to don a candy corn costume. This outfit was repeated for the 2016 season. On October 19th, 2016, the Noggin wore the same outfit as that of 2015 except that its orange and yellow layers appeared lighter. Noggin Halloween 2015
Noggin Halloween 2016
Rare Noggin Also in October 2015, the Rare Noggin wanted to feel even sweeter than its common counterpart so it dressed up as an actual sugar cube! On October 19th, 2016, the Rare Noggin was feeling rather lucky and dressed up as a white and black die. Rare Noggin Halloween 2015
Rare Noggin Halloween 2016
Potbelly In December 2014, the Potbelly decided to play Santa too. "It had a broad face, and a little round belly that shook when it laugh'd, like a bowl full of jelly..." For the 2015 season, the Potbelly repeated the same outfit but its leaves were red. Potbelly Xmas
Potbelly Xmas 2015
Rare Potbelly For the 2015 Christmas season, the Rare Potbelly was feeling rather jolly and its leaves changed red. It also wore a Santa hat and its pot turned yellow with a red ribbon on it. Rare Potbelly Xmas 2015
Shrubb In October 2014, the Shrubb disguised itself as a clown. A friendly clown. Not a scary clown. Certainly not like that Stephen King clown. No. Not like that. Not scary. Right??? The Shrubb repeated this outfit for the 2016 season. Shrubb Halloween
2014, 2016
For the 2015 Christmas season, the Shrubb was feeling a bit jolly and put on a Santa hat. Shrubb Xmas 2015
Rare Shrubb On October 28th, 2016, the Rare Shrubb finally dressed up for the Halloween season. Like its common counterpart, the Shrubb, it dressed up as a clown, styling multiple colors. Rare Shrubb Halloween 2016
In December 2015, the Rare Shrubb wanted to mimic its common counterpart and it too, put on a Santa hat. Rare Shrubb Xmas 2015
Oaktopus On October 30th, 2012, the Oaktopus was TP'ed like the native trees on the island that it resembles. The Oaktopus wore this outfit again for the 2013 and 2014 season. Halloween Oaktopus
2012 - 2014
Dandidoo On December 19th, 2012, the Dandidoo put on a neck warmer and hat. It has worn this outfit for all future Christmas seasons. Christmas Dandidoo
2012 - 2015
Rare Dandidoo In December 2015, the Rare Dandidoo put on two scarves and Santa hats, one for each of its heads. That's a lot of hair to be put in one little hat! Rare Dandidoo Xmas 2015
Pummel In October 2015, the Pummel decided to dress up as the iconic Beetlejuice character with an added pumpkin on its mouth. It's showtime!!! Pummell Halloween 2015
2015 - 2016
Rare Pummel Also in October 2015, the Rare Pummel wore a pirate's outfit but not just any pirate's outfit! It was Captain Hook! Arrrrr! Rare Pummell Halloween 2015
2015 - 2016
Spunge The winner of the 2014 Halloween dress-up competition ended up being the Spunge which then dressed up as a vampire on October 30th, 2014. This outfit was repeated for the 2015 season. Vampire
2014 - 2015
On December 21st, 2012, the Spunge donned a copy of Cousin Eddie's semi-see-through sweater and accidentally-visibly-fake turtle-neck from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. The Spunge also donned this costume for the 2013 Christmas season. Christmas Spunge
2012 - 2013
Rare Spunge In October 2015, the Rare Spunge wore the same vampire costume as its common counterpart and its eyes turned blue. Rare Spunge Halloween 2015
Scups On December 15th, 2014, the Scups became Rudolf the Red-nose Scups-deer. In iOS, The Christmas Scups appeared much later. This outfit was repeated for the 2015 season. Scups Reindeer
2014 - 2015
Rare Scups In December 2015, the Rare Scups turned green and its spike red to match the colors of the holiday. RareScupsChristmas2015
Reedling On October 14th, 2016, the Reedling put on a pumpkin mask. Halloween Reedling
Rare Reedling Also on October 14th, 2016, the Rare Reedling put on a skeleton mask as a nice complement to its regular counterpart. Halloween Rare Reedling


Water Island

The Market Symbol for Water Island

The full Water Island song is available on iTunes for download. The Water Island's song, like that of Cold Island, is in the key of B major. The song plays at 140 beats per minute.

Castle Upgrades

     Main Article: Castle
To be placed on an island, each monster requires a specific number of beds. For Natural Monsters, this is equal to the number of elements that monster represents. Ethereal, Supernatural, and Seasonal Monsters each have varied bed requirements. Upgrade the Castle to unlock more beds.

Cost of each upgrade: Castle: Water Island


While the song of the island is crucial, users may also want to use some of these numbers to help with planning which monsters to feed first and make 100% happy first, as well as plan frequency of coin collection. The numbers below are as follows:

Rate Rate of income per bed at level 15 and at 100% happy
Max Maximum income per bed at level 15
Time Time to maximum income at level 15 and at 100% happy

(shown as Hours : Minutes : Seconds)

It should be noted that Rate is half for 0% happy, and Time is doubled for 0% happy.

Monster Rate Max Time
Noggin Noggin 96 216 00:02:15
Toe Jammer Toe Jammer 48 360 00:07:30
Potbelly Potbelly 72 216 00:03:00
Tweedle Tweedle 48 480 00:10:00
Fwog Fwog 60 1,350 00:22:30
Shrubb Shrubb 72 720 00:10:00
Oaktopus Oaktopus 60 1,800 00:30:00
Dandidoo Dandidoo 48 1,800 00:37:30
Quibble Quibble 36 1,350 00:37:30
Cybop Cybop 60 1,800 00:30:00
Pummel Pummel 64 7,488 01:57:00
Spunge Spunge 48 11,520 04:00:00
Scups Scups 56 11,424 03:24:00
Reedling Reedling 64 25,920 05:00:00
Shellbeat Shellbeat 66 155,760 09:50:00
Jeeode Jeeode 62.4 300,000 16:01:32
Wubbox Active Wubbox 60 86,400 24:00:00
Blabbit Blabbit 144 34,560 04:00:00
Rare Noggin Rare Noggin 120 2,880 00:24:00
Rare Toe Jammer Rare Toe Jammer 60 2,880 00:48:00
Rare Potbelly Rare Potbelly 90 2,880 00:32:00
Rare Tweedle Rare Tweedle 60 2,880 00:48:00
Rare Fwog Rare Fwog 150 3,375 00:22:30
Rare Shrubb Rare Shrubb 180 1,800 00:10:00
Rare Oaktopus Rare Oaktopus 150 4,500 00:30:00
Rare Dandidoo Rare Dandidoo 120 4,500 00:37:30
Rare Quibble Rare Quibble 90 3,375 00:37:30
Rare Cybop Rare Cybop 75 4,500 00:45:00
Rare Pummel Rare Pummel 240 28,080 01:57:00
Rare Spunge Rare Spunge 180 43,200 04:00:00
Rare Scups Rare Scups 70 42,840 03:24:00
Rare Reedling Rare Reedling 80 33,400 02:19:10
Rare Shellbeat Rare Shellbeat 82 194,700 09:50:00
Rare Jeeode Rare Jeeode 78 375,000 16:01:32
Do Do 120 16,200 02:15:00
Re Re 120 16,200 02:15:00
Mi Mi 120 16,200 02:15:00
Fa Fa 120 16,200 02:15:00
Sol Sol 120 16,200 02:15:00
La La 120 16,200 02:15:00
Ti Ti 120 16,200 02:15:00


  • Water Island was unlocked in the Version 1.0.3 Update on October 10th, 2012.
  • As of November 1, 2017, Water Island is the only Natural island in the game ( not counting Rare Wubbox) to not have a monster that says words ( or anything close to words ).
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