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Vitamin PIll is the sixth Apothecary Crafting Item and overall 43rd Crafting Item to be unlocked in the game. Its market price is 1,942-3,236 Coin25px-DoF. It is unlocked at Level 43.


The Crafting Item Vitamin Pill is an orange-and-beige vitamin pill with a notch in the center.


As an end-product, no Crafting Items require Vitamin Pills. However, Vitamin Pills can be used to feed monsters and fill out Skyship orders.


To craft a Vitamin Pill, it must be crafted in the Apothecary. Each Vitamin Pill requires one Pumpkin, one Lemon, one Apple and one Log.

Market availability


It often sells out before you can even try to purchase it. If you must need it, try to buy without thinking once you see it with your eyes, and do this as you search the public Market.


It is very easy to sell when advertised. It is also fairly easy to sell if not advertised but spied upon by other players.

Skyship requirements

The Skyship requires three sets of three orders of a number of Crafting Items per shipment. For every order, a certain number of Crafting Items is required. The Vitamin Pill is a rather complex secondary Crafting Item, due to the amount of time required to craft them. Thus the Skyship may ask for 3 orders of 1 to 2 Vitamin Pills per order. The amount required will rise after many, many shipments are completed.


To make heaps of Vitamin Pills, you don't just need one Apothecary or just three slots, you'll probably need a considerable number of Apothecaries (for large numbers per 16 hours) or one Apothecary with six slots or more (for just sustaining large production of Vitamin Pills). Craft some Pumpkins in one Garden Patch (or purchase some at the Market, if you are lucky), some Apples in the Fruit Tree (or purchase from the Market if lucky to find a small number of Apples per slot), some Lemons in another Fruit Tree, and Logs in a Bog.

An idea is to start up the Vitamin Pill production at day, with Pumpkin production while you sleep at night, or another idea is to perhaps just rely on the public Market to give the Pumpkins you need. But you must have all the Lemons and Logs needed for the production, since those two types are not commonly found in the Market.


  • It is the longest Crafting Item to have guaranteed production. This is also longer than Amber, since Quint-Element Monsters give 100% chance for Amber, which takes 12 hours to craft.

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