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Likes chart

A relationship chart showing monster likes. Blue text = monster Black text = decoration Red lines = monster likes decoration Green lines = monster likes monster

So, not sure if anyone is going to notice this, but for now I'll post it here anyway. Out of interest, I thought I'd make a chart showing the likes of every monster, shown at right - if nothing else, it can help to plan island layouts (before you get the Unity Tree, anyway.

It's... very much a first draft. A zeroth draft, even. I just started in the middle and went from there, and obviously everything wound up in the top-left corner. Short lines with letters written over them connect to corresponding lines in the rough direction the line indicates - I drew them like this to avoid crossing lines and winding up with a scribbly mess. For example, the Quibble (in the centre top) likes the Mammott (in the centre bottom), so there's a little line coming off the Quibble reading "MAM" and one coming off the Mammott reading "QUI".

Is it worth continuing with? If so, any suggestions for how I could manage things better would be helpful. And is there an easy way I could do this all on the computer rather than handwritten? I looked into MS Word's smart art, but they're not complex enough. Or is it possible to do through plain old wiki code? That'd let me include links as well.

There's some layout bits that could be easily redone - for example, it'd be fairly simple to position on Pipes of Cicado so that there isn't a line between them and the Reedling. Even more simple for Dandidoo and Spunge. However, is it possible to do this for everything, without requiring a three-dimensional image? ... Or four-dimensional? I could simplify matters by doing it one island at a time - this'd cut the monsters I need to include in half, but I'd then have to do five drawings.

So, yeah. Suggestions are welcome. =)

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