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"How remarkable! Half tree/half transmission tower, having one of these makes it possible for a monster's happiness to be affected by their "likes" placed anywhere on the island! You should be happy too, since you can now decorate your island however you'd like!"

The Unity Tree is a Structure that allows for Decorations and Monsters to be placed anywhere on the island and still affect the Happiness of the monsters that like them.

Decorations inside the Storage Structure and monsters inside the Hotel Structure are still affected by the Unity Tree's powers. However, if all of one decoration is sold, the monsters will still get sad.  An indirect benefit of having a Unity Tree on an island is that you can sell off any duplicate decorations, freeing up the space they occupy.

This structure cannot be sold or otherwise removed from an island once it has been purchased.

Luxuriouscastle200 Nursery Breeding Bakery Mini-Mine IMG 1107 Wishing Torch
Castle Nursery Breeding Structure Bakery Mini-Mine Maximum Mine Wishing Torch
Fuzer Time Machine Recording Studio Unity Tree Storage Shed Humble Hotel
Fuzer Time Machine Recording Studio Unity Tree Storage Structure Hotel Structure

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