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The grimacing figure in this sculpture is based on a figure from monster bedtime stories, who would bathe and clean misbehaving monsterlings until there was no more dirt and grime on them. What a terrible fate.


It is a bust of a monster head mounted inside a bathtub. Water actively flows from its mouth into the tub.

Monsters who Like it

The following monsters will have their happiness increased by 25% when near one of these.

Monster Island(s)
Wubbox Active
Plant, Cold, Air, Water,
Earth, Ethereal
Water, Ethereal
Plant, Cold, Air, Water, Earth
Rare Congle
Rare Congle
Cold, Air
Rare Quarrister
Rare Quarrister
Rare Jellbilly
Rare Jellbilly
Rare Nebulob
Rare Nebulob

Click here to view a complete list of all monsters' likes.


  • The Tub Fountain went on sale from 22 July 2013 to 25 July 2013 at a price of 30,000,000.
  • At Level 29, a lucrative Goal becomes available for purchasing Tub Fountain.
  • The Tub Fountain is the most expensive Decoration in the game.

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