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This is the page on the MSM wiki for people to find Tribes to join. If you're looking for a Tribe to join, or want to let people know that your tribe needs new members, this is the place. By joining a tribe and feeding your monster, you will unlock the StarShop where you can obtain Rare Monsters and exclusive decorations with Starpower.

To let people know about your Tribe, add a new empty row to the table. (For instructions, look here.) Add the Chief's name and ID code, the date, and whatever information you need for new recruits. This would include things such as which monsters you still need people to take over. To keep it all neat, please don't use capitals, different fonts or other gimmicks to make your tribe stand out.

This is a community project, so please be courteous to others. When your Tribe is full, so to speak, please remove your entry from the list to avoid clutter. (Old entries may be removed by other people, regardless, so you should keep yours up to date.) And don't keep bumping your entry up to the top of the list. Instead, when you update your tribe info, also update your tribe's "Last Updated" column. When people view this page, they can sort the list by clicking on the "Last Updated" column header, which will let them easily see the most current information. Don't add duplicate entries!

You can see the most recently edited tribes by clicking there twice \/ (YYYY-MM-DD)

Chief's Name Chief's ID Tribe Name (YYYY-MM-DD) Other Information
Charlie 18524152KM Denizen Dominion 2018-7-15 We welcome any new players. Would be great if you'll level your monsters up too and allow us to unlock the legendary monster. Any regular players welcome :)
Ezzion 18502258AG Prodigy 2018-7-14 Need committed and active players. You’ll get lots of Starpower and diamonds
Ippie:)) 30024535GB 50+ tribe 30024535GB 2018-7-11 50+ tribe, dont care which monster. Add me as friend then join my tribe.
ShatterMonkey 81122374EC Nano Orchestra 2017-7-11 👊Active and Aspiring Pro Tribe!👊 Join us If you want to be the best!
JJ29753 24247801NJ EMO 2018-7-10 NEW ISLAND! i light torches 😂
Mr. t-roxo2306 26032210FE rhythm heaven 2018-6-29 I've been absent from the game for years, so my tribe is not very up-to-date. If people could breathe new life into my tribe that would be great!
Fire Man 15802771CN Maccabees 2018-06-29

We need 3 more good players

We make level 1500 weekly

Fire Man will level 80 weekly

Derek 81304978GK Pickle 2018-06-27 we need to build up our tripe and you may duplicate monsters. any lvl player can join.
Jojo 74588570da Circular Symmetry 2018-06-20 Hello! I am attempting to start new tribe. I would appriciete if you fed 95+. Idea is to go on Top tribe, this moment we have 3 members, so you are welcome. Time to feed is 6 days, you can duplicate monsters. We are very friendly. This is my second tribe after pause in game.
Luiz Henrique 2 81072893ED Talentosos BRs 2018-06-14 Hello! I need your help here in my tribe!:Minimum level to stay:5:Time limit to feed:4 days:Can duplicate monsters:yes
Wubbazt 15837133JJ Ghox 2018-06-10 Hello!  I'm attempting to start up a new tribe, and I need your help to do it.  Duplicate monsters are welcome.  If you join, you have to feed your monster up to Level 10 or higher each week.  It's recommended that you feed to Level 30, but you don't have to.  However, if your level is lower than 10, you will be kicked out at the end of the week.  My goal is to make it to Tribal Level 900 each week.  That way, we'll unlock Kayna and get 10 Diamonds each week!  Help is greatly appreciated!  Thanks so much :D
Jack Morrison 11010049ML Join Overwatch 2018-06-02 I'm stating a new tribe and i need your help to make it bigger and better. Everybody is welcome here. Rules: no rules! No feeding required. Same Monsters are welcome. Be whoever you want and join NOW!
cokk3D 22640834HA Meh (still alive 2018-06-21 Why hello there, old sports!

We are a simple tribe, anyone who joins with a monster that alredy is in the tribe won't get accepted. No feeding required, but it is very accpeted, we are curretly looking for either a cybop or a dandidoo, but if you want to join as a monster that isn't in yet, you can. :)

PrototypeX 44309989BF GachiGASM Tribe 2018-05-21 Hi there!

I'm currently looking for some more people to join my tribe. You don't have to feed your monster, but of course this is still appreciated, I usually feed mine up to level 8. Please do send in a monster we don't have yet.

NOTE: We are currently full! I'll keep you updated.

yinoa001 78672435KB Vibe Tribe '18 2018-05-11 Hi, I am looking for members to join by tribe and it would really be nice if anyone joined! Anyone can join, but I would appreciate it if everyone could at least level up 5+! I know it can be difficult, but for anyone that's starting off in joining or can only put bare minimums (and preferable choose a different monster that hasn't been chosen), this is a great tribe to join! :) To get an idea of where I personally am at, I am a level 23 and can get to 30-35 in the weekly runs!
retr0reindeer 78335102KK cult of nerds 2018-05-10 (Updated 2018-05-11) Hello! The cult of nerds tribe is currently quite small, but it can grow to be one of the best with your help. We have a Riff, Maw, T-Rox, Entbrat, Thumpies, Congle, and Bowgart right now, and if you want to join, I will only accept if you are requesting a monster that the tribe doesn't have yet, but that should be pretty easy right now. Our goal is to get to at least level 100 each week, and I can give the tribe at least 15 levels each week, but that will increase soon when I have more ethereals on their island (I only have grumpyre there now, but I have a reebro and jeeode on other islands) so that I am getting more shards.

I am willing to help new players, but your monster must be fed to at least level three, or you will be kicked, not counting the first week that you are in the tribe. Also, if you are on vacation and won't be able to feed it, put vacation in your name so I'll know. If you are on vacation for over a month, you will be kicked, because most vacations shouldn't last that long.

I think these rules are reasonable, so uhh yeah, join! This can be a great tribe!

Wooly Mammotth 80515186FM Blaze Tribe 2018-05-07 Please join, we may be small, but we can become strong! Become a blaze trooper today on our journey to conquer every tribe and release the kayna! join us!
2fst4u 5 41739039BD flitty slots 2018-05-07 flooby XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


Fancyhat 67388003KJ Anthology 2018-06-24 We are near to or over 1500 every week, but a few are not hitting the minimum of feeding to level 20 so we have 3 new spaces because I had to kick out people who had been at level 1 for a couple of weeks, and maybe we'll have another couple of spaces tomorrow (people who have been feeding, but quite a bit less than the set amount).

Please put your user ID number with your name when asking to join (or add me to your friends list if you don't want to add your number in), and make sure you can feed to level 20 minimum (rising to 25 the week after), if you don't have active wublins or any activity on Ethereal island please get some going before requesting to join, Brumps and Zynths are good for a quick start. The aim is that everyone works up to feeding to 50. Several of us currently feed to 100 or over. Keys are sent in turn to people who are making an effort!

Big Bang 79606415NH Bermuda 2018-04-09 New tribe looking 4or active members who play daily. Come join us!
A24karatgd79 78102679IJ RythmicBeats 2018-04-08 New tribe looking for active members who play daily. Come join us!
Andrew Stewart 77698880GA Believers LVL 15 + 2018-04-07 We are an active tribe that was created and changed 2 months ago. So far, we've had a successul tribe, with reaching over level 600 last week! There is a requirement though, you need to be Level 15 by the end of Sunday or else you will be kicked and not get any rewards. We also allow duplicates, but encourage you not to. Please join!
Gigi 60687492JG Monster House 2018-04-04

Hello! Please join Monster House. 

I was recently promoted to chief when the creator of the tribe resigned. I am mostly keeping everything the same.

There are a few rules:

- No duplicates! I want to hear the full song.

- Level up to 15 each week or you'll be kicked. If you're going on vacation and you definitely can't make your levels, please put (Vacation) at the end of your username so I don't kick you out. (Options>Support>Display Name) With a full tribe of everyone doing their levels, we should get to at least level 450 each week with 7 diamonds.

- Before joining the tribe, have your friend code in your username. (Options>Support>Display Name) You don't need to have it there forever, just until everyone in the tribe has friended you. If you're already a member, please keep up to date on who's joining the tribe and friend new members as soon as possible. Why make friends, you ask? So that you can light each other's torches! You should light everyone's torches, so that breeding can be easier for all of us.

- (Optional) The requirement is level 15, but if you can do more than that, please do! High contributions are appreciated. At the end of the week, the top contributor will get a key. I will put the top contributors on the podiums, so you know who you are.

I do not know how to give the extra keys as Teh Monkey did. If I figure that out, I will let you know.

If you leave your monster at level 1, it will be kicked right away. I will not enforce the 15+ rule until our tribe is full.

I am the bowgart. I hope you join, and happy monstering!

MAGAtron 77213292AI ~MAGAville~ 2018-03-31

Wanna help make Tribal Island great again? Join ~MAGAville~!!!

We are looking for a few good, committed monster handlers that will feed their tribe member to level 30+ MINIMUM every week.

Lately, we've been able to get ~MAGAville~ to level 1000+ (15 diamonds weekly), but we're always looking to add a few more strong members to help take ~MAGAville~ to the level 1500+ promised land (and weekly 20+ diamond glory). As an added incentive, once we can get ~MAGAville~ to level 1500, I will gift a key to the highest weekly leveled tribe member (just make sure you've 'friended' me).

We currenty have 30 members, but I'll be weeding out the weaklings, ie: those who don't feed their monsters SHARDS and struggle or fail to get to our minimum 30+ level requirement, for the start of the new cycle (Monday-Wednesday). All monster types are welcome, but if you wanna join with a 4-Element monster, you'd better be able to feed it a lot.

If you're interested, please send a request to join. Be sure to have your Friend Code included in your Display Name so I can confirm that you have enough Ethereals to produce the shards needed to get to level 30+. You can also 'friend' me (77213292AI) and we can light each others torches. Thanks! #MAGA

Luner 72208990FA Mc 2018-03-29 Hello everyone! My tribe (Mc) is a very and competitive tribe! We reach level 1500 almost every week and do go for WD every couple of months! Due to that we have reached a level above 4000! You must be able to reach level 50, or more if you can. If you are inactive for more than a week, you shall be deleted by me. Also, please show your friend code so people can add you and you must communicate with the tribe because it is helpful if you do! My tribe is full at the moment but I can make spots due to people being level 1 for awhile. I really hope to hear from you and to see you in my tribe. Bye, Bye and thanks for reading!
breadCrumb 22475958LE ^-^~KEY~ Tribe 2018-03-27 Hey, everyone! :D

This is a brand new tribe that I have launched, and it has been going really well considering the amount of time it has been up for. Our tribe offers GREAT pay, star power is going extremely well, and our goals have been doing well too. Currently, anyone new who would like to join the tribe can join, I'll be handing out keys to to our tribe mates. Kayna can be easily unlocked with us. Our tribe is extremely active and I am almost never off the game.

EVERYONE is welcome to join our tribe! No feeding goal, but no one will be kicked if you don't feed. A good tip is to feed your monsters with shards. Preferably, it would be good if you could feed your monster, but there is no goal. Brilliant rewards handed out. You can earn lots of star power, and as I said, I'l hand out keys to anyone who would like that. Lets make an AMAZING tribe island for all of us, lets all earn BRILLIANT rewards. ANYONE who wants to join may join :D.

Gecko 33596138HI Cinnabombs! 2018-03-26 Established tribe always hits at least 1000 every week. Looking for new member to replace some dead weight members that don't feed. New players welcome, but you must feed your monster - hopefully to level 20 - each week.
em 44166001BN Melody 2018-03-26

Brand new tribe looking for active members. New players are welcome, just make sure to feed your monster to level 2 or higher every week to show that you're still playing.

My Reedling is the ony monster on the island at the moment, I can feed to level 30.

Please add a unique monster, let's hear the full song together :)

Jaxson Beard

30321465MD Deez Nutz 2018-03-20 I need more people to join this crappy little tribe and maybe actually make something out it.
natz 65094336HK DeetzNuts 2018-03-17

Got eeem! DeetzNuts gets its name from one of the default names given to the Maw. We need active players who can get their monster to lvl 25+ A key will be gifted to whoever gets the highest level each week, so make sure your ID is in your name when you first join. 

I will allow two strikes - after the first week of not making it to 25, your monster will be silenced. After the second week of not making it, you will be kicked out when the week resets. 

Note: Recently there have been a lot of people joining and barely feeding, not feeding at all, or trying to rejoin after being kicked out. This isn't fair to the players who are doing their part. If you have been moved to the front, this means you need to step up your game!

Let's make it to level 1500 at least! *Please try not to duplicate monsters so we can have the full song!*

~ natz

Balefactor 14573775ND N/A 2018-03-07 I don't lead a tribe. I'm just looking for one to join. I can reach lvl 100 each week.
Ender _Steve 79411618GK


2018-02-27 Everyone is all welcome to my brand new clan I had just created, Believers! There is no level requirement, just try to feed your monster as much as possible! I won't be upset if you copy monsters, but I encourage you not to do repeats! My new player account, (my better one), always at least reaches level 20, but my weak account is brand new (the one you will friend), so it will only get about to level 4. On the top is a riff and a reedling. Hope you join! :) Our tribe is almost full! Quickly join so we can have a full tribe. We get about level 150 in total each week.
Beau 68119053BB Ol dancin Goofs 2018-02-11 All that is required is a unique monster and at least attempting to feed as much as possible. I feed lvl60 every week!
Joweechao 9903185NN hrey 2018-02-04 No minimum level required, all that is desired is a unique monster and at least attempting to feed once a week.
Lauttamush 79077156JC Coco 2018-02-04 Im looking for more members, i will accept everyone.
REAPA 77947311NL BuzLightYear 2018-02-02 Looking for members to join my brand new tribe. All will be accepted but, Minimum level is 10 so, if you don't reach the level by the end of the week, you shall be kicked. ;) REAPA
pixie ethereal pls 73825941IH Fabulous 2018-01-30 Looking for new members. We consistently reach lvl 150, but the three of us were the only ones leveling. Looking for members who are willing to level 30 at least, then higher as we each get more ethereals/wublins.
joannaw 68080658DI Beatles 2018-01-30

Looking for new members, very active leader, see you around!

123Orla:) 21826743DL Groovy Monsters 2018-01-28

Hi! I'm looking for monsters for my tribal island. We regularly level up to about 1200 per week and would like to find people who have monsters on their Etherel island and /or Wublin island so they can easily feed up to level 50 and we can reach the target. Many of our monsters level up to over level 60-70 per week - 

Please add my friend ID and I  will invite you to join:)

Look to see which monsters are missing, we dont mind duplicates but a full song would be FANTASTIC!

Really sorry but INACTIVE players will be removed after a reasonable time.


gurkenkunst 41526079 MOONsterRay 2018-01-29 looking for new tribe members. We reach about 600 every week thanks to 4 strong supporters who can feed 80+, but we take also beginners who feed at least up to level 5. The 4 strong ones do not need keys anymore, so who is the 5th strongest at the end of the week will receive a key.
MissToast9901591HH 9901591HH ToastyBones 2018-01-22 Currently have 11 members reaching 800+ each week. Only requirements are to add me and at least reach level 35 by the end of each week. If you do not reach the minimum requirement, you will be kicked after the timer resets, as to not waste your materials. No duplicates, so if you are declined, you are welcome to try again with another monster.
Mehzabeen Rahman 77941562EK Diamond 2018-01-21 Hi there! I can't wait to add you into our tribe :) right now theres only Seven of us,

but i hope that soon it will grow until we can release the mysterious monster. >.<

Monsters in tribe: Deedge (me) , T-rox, Entbrat, PomPom, Mammot, Maw, and Bowgart

Citrus 78776397EH Clouded Vision 2018-01-21

Heyo <3

Looking for new members, everybody is welcomed. Please make sure to try and be active. We have 2 members so far. Our goal is to unlock Kayna. Here, we are friendly and welcoming. Hope to see you there! <3

Josep Adasa 78230142CC Monstermagic 2018-01-21 Need more monsters!

Lvl 20+ every week! 

Monsters:Bowgart, Cybop, Riff, Noggin, Entbrat, Toe Jammer.


Fire 31819236GE Fire's Tribe 2018-01-14 Looking for an oldest Tribe to join and checked everyday that keeps only level 5 or more?

This is your place. Come and fire-up your monster!!

Hypercharge2 72925449EG Sing out Loud 2018-1-19 looking for anyone to join, all are welcome.
Veronika 7449536FK Broesel 2018-1-11 Hey, new unique (and active) monsters are required. Please try to feed you 20+ and you will be welcome c:
R1forestR1 69571057BF We know de wae 2018-01-08 Members: Just me

As long as you add me and bring a unique monster and contribute at least a feeding a week, you'll stay.

Monsters: Noggin

SpeedDemon5244 23298209HJ Lunar Academy 2018-1-7 Currently have 1 member including me. If you would like to join just add me as a friend and i will invite you accept if you would like, if not that is just fine. Thank you, hope to be playing with you alongside me soon.
Simon 7197897AH Simon diamond's 2017-12-30 This is my five year old son's new tribe. He absolutely loves this game. He's wearing a t-shirt about it. He really wants to start a tribe, and so far I am the only member. I promise that I will help him out.
3104AS 43755395MN 3104TRIBE 2017-12-24 Hello fellow MSM players! Come join our tribe! Any type of monster is welcome. Preferred feeding level is 40+ but not mandatory. See you soon!
My Display Name 77307981DB PleaseJoin(help) 2017-12-10 Hello. We are an active tribe whose current goals are to: A. Unlock Kayna, and B. Get one of each of the 30 natural element monsters on the island. Anyone can contribute, as long as they have a unique monster and level theirs up to level 4 weekly (which is ridiculously easy if you have any Wublin). Our one stipulation is for you to, if you can, please offer a unique monster unavailable to get until a later island (Quarrister, Reedling, etc.), so that more inexperiened players can still have a part and donate their own monster, even if they only have a Plant Island. We currently have a Clamble, Entbrat, Mammott, Tweedle, Fwog, Shellbeat, Shrubb, Bowgart, and a T-Rox, so anything else is welcome!
Hesus0430 44709778DE 442nd Infantry 2017-12-05 I'm looking for members to join my new tribe. There is no minimum XP required to join, just as long as you have unlocked the "Tribal Island". I also don't have a minimum for how much you should level up your monster, but please assume that it is between 5-10 (as in the future; if more try to join that may become official.) I also understand that some of us have our favorite monsters, so I will allow dumplicates, ( as each tribe should can be unique) I will have a minimum number of duplicate allowed, though at the moment I am not sure what that number will be. Also if want do add a duplicate I expect you to participate.
Xabidar 4342447KJ Cryptids 2017-11-28 Freshly recruiting some new monsters for more starpower! Our primary goal is a complete song with a choir of 30 unique monsters! More information and a list of available slots can be found on this forum post.
MagicalMaggie 74897469FF Magical Monster Fam 2017-11-25

Join the Magical Monster Fam! We are looking for active members, who are able to play frequently. We are a growing group, and need more members! If you would like to join, please add my ID and request to join the tribe. The only requirements are that you must continue to feed your monster very frequently, so the star power and level can be increased. I will even accept level 5 at the end of the week, but please try to get your monster to at least level 15+. If you do not feed your monster, I'm sorry, but you will be kicked. We need to grow the best possible tribe, and if you cannot be active, then this tribe isn't for you. Also, I would not like to have any duplicates on the island. If you get declined, please request to join again with a different monster. I'm not the type of person to kick monsters very often, so if there is a problem, I will give a warning by muting your monster. If no change occurs, your monster will be kicked. The Magical Monster Fam needs you, and would love to have you in our group, so please consider joining! I light torches for my members, and I send a key to the highest fed monster each week! So please join the fam and I'm excited to see our wonderful tribe grow! :)   

11/25 We currently have a Noggin, Maw, Fwog, Potbelly, Furcorn, Quibble, and Pom Pom. Let's get some more members!!

Mini-Pants 72773669HF New Friend Friday 2017-12-14

Update: NFF is going on tour!

Reserve your tour stop spot now & follow along at:

New Friend Friday (NFF) is for all Tribes & Players.  Many top level Players & Tribes of all sizes.  NFF is part Lottery, Part Co-Op of Tribal Chiefs & Players.  You can help Change the Game by Joining NFF.  Many Tribal Chiefs & Players follow NFF.  For more information on how you can be a part of NFF and see if NFF fits your Tribal goals or Join a NFF supporting tribe; Visit the NFF wiki wall:

NFF: Many ways to join & participate, Everyone Wins!

Bon 10637660HG Bonveon 2017-11-05 Hey, currently have only myself in the tribe so you're pretty much free to choose whichever monster you want. I would eventually like to have a high level tribe, but for now will be pretty relaxed about members. 
Two Trainz (light plant) 37984965dj MekaDeka (at least lvl20) 2017-11-02 Hello! My name is two trainz and I created a tribe just recently. I only have two rules. One rule is that you have to get level 20 by the end of the week. That is the minimum. If you get lower than that or inactive I will kick you out. The second rule is no duplicates. If you place a duplicate i will decline and you will have another chance to put in a different monster. My goal is to get at least level 600 per week. Thanks in advance.
Monkey Bug 75937869ch Anthology 2017-10-30 Hello! Please join our tribe if you're new! Absolutely everyone is welcome, just try to feed to at least level 2! (I give keys to the highest feeder) Try to wake up your brumps and zynth wublins, as they're easiest, to begin earning shards. I don't have ethereals yet, but have been able to reach level 20 on my own with coins and shards from wublins until others began joining! We are finally able to reach 30++++ this week to begin earning diamonds along with our starpower! As our own islands grow, so will our tribal abilities.. Eventually, I'd like our tribe to make it into the top 30!!!
Rico Rel Del 76244808EM Spiral Tribe 2017/10/24

Hey there, I'm Rico (from the Netherlands) and recently started to play MSM.

I'm a level 16 player currently, and 2 days ago I've started my  first own tribe; Spiral Tribe.

I have one member at the moment, and I'm hoping for more people to join me!

I'm pretty addicted, and playing every day since I've started.

So actually my first tribe is kind of an experiment, through which I'm trying to get the hang of it.

Hope there are some more people like me around here, just started the game and figuring out the ins and outs of tribe island.

So if you are, check Spiral Tribe and join me, and let's see what progress and tribe island knowledge we can achieve together.

I'm accepting everyone sending me a request.

Next week I'll change my post here and update it!


Nocturnal 65598760AM Evening Tribe 2017-10-24 You may see a few inactive people, and they will be kicked as we get more active people. Looking for Daily players on average we usually exceed level 100 between just 4 active people. If we had a full camp of active people, we could really do well! Join us, and help us grow!
I Love Pies 14707786NI Monsters of the Caribbean (MotC) 2017-11-02

Another tribe looking for more users to join!

The only rule is to get to at least level 15 each week.

No duplicate monsters too, if declined, try again with a monster listed below!

(Thumpies, Pango, Potbelly available)

If you don't reach level 15 for some weeks/did not even try to level up your monster, your monster will be muted for a week until you've levelled it up. If you haven't done so by then, you will be kicked out.

Highest level monsters get a key!

Barrelz 73669620GM Potato Island 2017-10-21 Hi, please please please join our island. We fluctuate between 5-7 members at a time and try to keep our island above Level 30. Please, if you join, please level up your monster to at least a 2 or 3... it's not fair to the other members to carry the lower levels. We've reached level 50 several times before the weekly reset. We're now at Level 36, but with only 10 members at the moment, it's very expensive to feed the monsters. Please join our tribe. I also light torches, upvote islands and gift keys. Thanks for the support!!
Nathan Perone 19935471GF yeet 2017-10-21 Hey, didn't see you there. Just kidding I did. Anyway looking for fairly active members to get this tribe going, if you're interested you know what to do. We want a minimum monster level of 5 and no duplicate monsters, thanks! -DarkessAiden
ZoeTSZorua 64459945NJ Monster Madness 2017/10/17 Hi all!! We are currently trying to build our tribe with dedicated members. We would like one of every monster, no duplicates please!  New players are welcome as long as you attempt to feed your monster to level 5.  No other rules except have fun!!  Happy Monster Madness!!!! 
Penelope 61211854CC Real Reedlings 2017-16-10 We currently have 7 spots to fill. Be sure to put in a monster we DONT already have. If you do, you will not be accepted. You must get your monster to at least level 10 by the end of the week or you WILL be kicked. Thanks for reading!
Monkey Bug 75937869CH Anthology 2017-10-30 Please join our tribe if you're new! Absolutely everyone is welcome, just try to feed to at least level 2 (wake up the brumps and zynth wublins first, as they're easiest to begin earning shards! I've been feeding up to level 20 on my own (with coins and wublins) until others began joining and we are now finally going to be able to reach level 30+ to begin receiving tribal diamonds along with our star power every week! As our own islands grow, so will our ability as a tribe! Eventually, I want this tribe to make it into top 30!!! I'll give keys to the highest feeder
Ally of Justice 34462642MC Good Vibes 2017-10-11 Hi! If your looking for a casual tribe Good Vibes is open. There's no restrictions or requirements; just level up once in a while.
Teh Monkey 20691786JM Monster House 2017-10-09

Hello! Please join Monster House, the new tribe I made. There are a few rules:

- No duplicates! I want to hear the full song.

- Level up to 15 each week or you'll be kicked. If you're going on vacation and you definitely can't make your levels, please put (Vacation) at the end of your username so I don't kick you out. (Options>Support>Display Name) With a full tribe of everyone doing their levels, we should get to at least level 450 each week with 7 diamonds.

- Before joining the tribe, have your friend code in your username. (Options>Support>Display Name) You don't need to have it there forever, just until everyone in the tribe has friended you. If you're already a member, please keep up to date on who's joining the tribe and friend new members as soon as possible. Why make friends, you ask? So that you can light each other's torches! You should light everyone's torches, so that breeding can be easier for all of us.

- (Optional) The requirement is level 15, but if you can do more than that, please do! High contributions are appreciated. At the end of the week, the top contributor will get 2 keys, and second place will get 1 key. I will put the top contributors on the podiums, so you know who you are. If you plan on becoming a top contributor, add the following friend codes: 41290810FE, 20780763EF

If you don't add these friend codes and you become the top contributor, you would get 1 key, and I would have to give the 2 keys to second place. 

I am the Potbelly on the center podium. I hope you join, and happy monstering!

María 16191581CH Tribal love! 2017-10-06 Hello! Please, join our tribe to get starpower. We are looking for someone who achieves weekly lvl 65 or higher.  ;-)
My Best Friend Is Finny 74891190NM Rules 2017-10-03

Join Me And We Will Rule My Singing Monsters!!!

I Have A Level 9 Cybop!!!

A.pylypenko1 74845377LN I got a Ghazt 70+ 2017-09-04 Join my tribe!!! It is just starting and we need members!!! I accept anyone, but please do NOT join my tribe if you are not able to feed to level 70 each week. I will not kick out any members when the tribe has less than 20 members. When we have 20 members, if I move your monster to the bottom of the screen, you must contribute to the tribe more, and feed your monster more. I am Potbelly on the Centre Podium, and if I move you to the left or right of this podium, you are feeding lots and contributing lots. The general rule of thumb is that bottom of the screen - feed more! This, in theory, should bring us to 20 diamonds and a very high level! I DO NOT TOLERATE duplicate monsters, so please use another monster, one that we don't have if I decline your request!!! I DO NOT ACCEPT DEEDGES!!!
Bushi 67860438NI 67860438NI Elite 100+ 2017-09-19 Elite Tribe is recruiting again! Here's your chance to join!

Yesterday (2017-09-18) Elite Tribe finished in the #top10achieving tribe level 3540. Some of the ancient Elite tribe members don’t play anymore so we need new warriors for the tribe.

Here’s what to do:
STEP #1: Grow a full ethereal island with lvl 13-15 monsters (to have at least 400 000 shards/week)
STEP #2: Friend me & add BBB ID at the end of your username
STEP #3: Then I’ll check your ethereal; if OK I let you join

Here are our rules:
#1 No duplicates in the tribe – ‘we are individuals’. Check what monsters are missing, if any. I usually put replaceable members at the left side of the island.
#2 By default you should reach lvl 100+ every week, unless the Chief has other orders (e.g. sometimes we collect shards for few weeks to fight to be in the top10!). Members under lvl 100 may be replaced… Only the bests can stay: that ensures all the other tribe members that we are really Elite.

Oh, and here is our forum:
Join now the Legendary Elite Tribe!

LethalMinimum  7402711DL Percussive 2017-09-16

Looking for percussion monsters ONLY.

To clarify, "Drum Monsters"

Not kicking "No-Feeders", but if you can, please level up your monsters.

Meru-Senpai-13102140ci 13102140ci 50+ or deleting 2B fair<3 2017-9-15 Looking for people who're active and follow the minimum level requirement which is currently at 50(though it does rise after a while sometimes). You can choose whatever monster you want and you can go as high as you want as long as you put it to the minimum. For people on the verge of deletion i place them huddled in the middle and mute their monster as a form of warning. You can always request to rejoin but the rules will still apply. I also request that you raise your monsters level to the minimum as soon as you get accepted. Please join !!! <3<3<3
Moya 69964280KE JourneY

ID# Required

50+ / 1500 + goal

2017-09-09 Just started Tribe. Join with Fwog, Fucorn, Oaktopus, Reedling, Scups, Pom-Pom, Gongle, Bowgart or T-Rox

We will aim high to be top guilds so 50+ instant goal everyone, means you have to have Ethreal island occupied with monsters.

MonsterMan_01 69185482JI Need Rares 2017-09-07 Please join my tribe. I will not tolerate duplicate monsters. Mine is the Congle on the right podium. Try to level up your monster as much as you can.
Hamstav 70772205GH Hamstavaria 2017-11-13 Join Hamstavaria, we are looking for tribe members. We welcome everyone that can feed their tribal monster to level 5 each week. Inactive players are placed on the bench and eventually kicked! Use friend code 70772205GH to find the tribe. Please try to choose a monster not already on the island.
Yoshikid2004 69681202JM Hobbitshire 2017-09-08 The only rule is no duplicates, no one is going to get kicked out and no one is going to get muted, just please contribute and have fun.


WonkoZSane 32189395JH OutsideZAsylum 2017-09-02 Hi, Wonko here - We are looking for experienced members who will level to 60+ consistently for max diamonds and Star Power! Members who don't make it to 60+ during the week will be moved to "The Corner Of Shame" until their level reaches at least 60 - or kicked (sorry!) if inactive for more than a week. Top 3 players will get podium (or front and center if you don't fit) each Monday! Please only add monsters that are not already on the island if at all possible. Thanks! (Add "Wonko Z Sane" on GameCenter - I play SuperCell games as well!)
YakWublin (Remodeling) 19052517ML My Singing Masters 2017-21-10 be active(it does not matter what your level is) and only be new monsters that are not in the tribe!
MightyMike 64642533DJ Tribbles 55+

ID# Required

2018-05-15 Hi we are a strong tribe looking for experienced members who want to play and get the most out of a tribe. We have 1 spot open this week. We average on or over 2000 per week. Looking for people who can feed at least 55+ per week. We had a feeding frenzy this past week and we made TOP 25 spot! To all Tribble members Great job!


***********A HUI HOU A ME KA Pōmaikaʻi !!!!!!!****************

Please note: YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO JOIN WITHOUT YOUR FRIEND CODE IN YOUR ID. IF you want to take it off AFTER you join that is fine.

We need your friend code to send keys to the highest feeder of the week. We have had several people who were the highest feeders and did not get the key because we didn't have their ID number. Don't be that person! NEW WITH HIGH WEEKLY FEEDER... WE NOW HAVE THE HIGH FEED SHELF ON THE TRIBAL TREE. GET YOUR MONSTER ON THE SHELF BEFORE SOMEONE KNOCKS YOU OFF FOR THE KEY!

Also NOTE: You will be kicked off if you don't feed. If your monster gets silenced your in danger of getting kicked out.

OK. To be fair to our high feeders (we require 55+) per week if you do not meet that minimum you will be let go after the reset. If you don't feed at all you will be kicked out BEFORE reset. Any monster welcome!

Come join us and we will get to the top together!


SPECIAL SHOUT OUT to PANTS for helping make Tribble Tribe Great!!! Check out Pant's New Friends Friday for new players to add to your friend list. For past winners and updated info go to:

mmartinkonikei 71235542BA The Voice 2017-17-08 Hi, join to my tribe and lets get to top. Monsters must be able to get level 50. I take Quarristers and Bowgarts. See you in my tribe :)
DewritoEthan 44679276FG Monstrumologists 2017-13-08 Hello, we need some people that could join our tribe. I would like to hear the full song, and I want your monster to be at least level 5 or higher!.The highest level monster gets a key! Please do not choose a monster we already have. Thanks, and have fun.
LavenderLady 41815762NI Psychedelic Psychos 30+ 2017-10-08 We need some more people to fill in! You must be able to get your monster to at least level 30. We reach 1500 every week!
Plant Mage 1665012HK Monster Madness 8/08/2017 Hi! We are a friendly tribe that needs more members, we have two rules, feed your monster to at least level 5 and pick a unique monster, failure to follow these rules will cause your monster to be muted or kicked. Anyways, pick your favorite monster and join the madness :3
Jenni AL 67707803KB Pom-Pei 08/07/2017

Come on,come on lets go! I know we can get others to join!  I just want to try out a tribe of Pop-Poms, but I might consider other monsters, to fill in spaces, maybe we can change things up from week to week.  I want players that are learning like me, and can feed to al least a level 30. The highest feeder will get a key. Lets have fun! You must have an etheral island !

James Sharpe 6019355ND Jimmy's Jammers 2017-08-05 New Island that I will feed my guy to at least level fourty each week! Let's fill it up and get some Star Power!!
Sparrow Singing 25539772HK yay for monsters! 2017-07-31 Please join our tribe! All are welcome to join!! 
jorova 7910180JG sing with me 2017-08-21 Tribe looking for contributors. must contribute and feed their monster and earn starpower and diamonds. all will be accepted.. 
Kabwax! 29875849Ki Kabwaxer Dudes! 2017-7-28 i am somebody who plays MSM and DOF pretty frequently. and if you do want to join my tribe, please join as a monster that i don't have on Tribal island yet, if you don't mind. i promise i will not decline any requests to join and i promise i will not remove you. unless its a monster that i already have. and no, i'm not trying to be mean at all i would just like to have the full song. i will also be having some sort of a contest! whoever's monster is at the highest by the end of each week will be given a key. plus they will also get one of their torches lit by me. thank you! =D

- Kabwax

sunday eve 11496601FJ Awesome tribe!!!! 2017-07-17 no rules and anyone is welcome to join!!! :D I am very active so I should accept requests quickly! this tribe has about 8 players in it (3 active) and we are currently level 58. We usually get over 100 star power per week. I would prefer no duplicate monsters but i will accept any requests! :)
homesweetmonster 72991250JM 4 neu pl4yr 2017-07-17

Brand new tribe made especially for new players to be able to join. No rules or requirements,  this is the tribe to get started earning your star power.  Add whatever monster you like and let's make some music together,  all levels welcome . Will accept your request to join fast. 

Akina 17459582HA KAKE 2017-07-16 Hi!!! We're an extremely friendly tribe. All that is required from you is that you feed your monster to at least level 10 or more every week. Not being able to do this will result in your getting replaced or possibly just muted. We aim to be a good tribe of course, good enough to receive enough starpower for all of us to use! I hope you will consider joining us. We do it for the music and the diamonds and star power. Let's grow as a tribe together! Thanks for reading and have a great day.


Miami 72867392GM Racin2 2017-07-07 Hey guys, our tribe is just developing just as our players are. This means we're heading for the lower diamond rewards right now so if you just started a while ago this is the perfect place to start your tribe journey!
Emily Kristina 3772952ee Disney Land 2017-07-03 Hai! I have 9 open slots. Level 20+ would help us a lot. Try to join in with a monster not already there, but if you'd like, choose whatever you want. We meet level 400 by the end of the week, hoping to get a lot higher with more people!! Thankies! -Emily

Sooza Empire

67710523FD Level 4+ or kick 2017-07-02

Looking for people who are willing to feed to at least level four and want the full song. We have 1 slot open right now in the tribe and if you're a monster that's already in the Tribe, you will not be accepted. We usually over 350 every week and get plently of diamonds and even though the current minimum level is low, it is reccomended you feed your monster more.

The monster currently needed is Scups.

Kanrapocalypse 72251692MI Unicorn Wizard 8-9-2017 We hit at least 150 every week, and right now we are at 250! WHOEVER GETS THE HIGHEST LEVEL AT THE END OF THE WEEK RECEIVES A KEY FROM ME. Our winner for over 5 weeks in a row: Party Monster! You must level your monster up to at least level 2 to stay in the tribe and claim rewards. I will keep you in the tribe until reward day so you have until then to get your monster up. Due to not wanting more than two of one monster at a time, We are currently not accepting Riffs, Dandidoos, or Bowgarts. Any other monster will be accepted.
Meow9068 6168002FE M&mM 2017-06-20 We are a consistently lvl1500+ tribe! Last week we had a round of member change so this week we will be recruiting about 7 members who can commit to lvl50+. Do add me as friend/show ID(you can delete later) so I know you are from this recruitment and that you would be able to reach lvl50 each week. Inactive members will be silenced then removed. 
Bushi Bushi Emerging Elite Tribe
2017-06-25 Yes, we did it! In 3 weeks! 1500+! Amazing tribe, luv U all guys! However we need 3 more monster master (T-Rox, Clamble, Tweedle) who can get their monster 50+, so (Emerginged) Elite Tribe needs you!

We have now 10 15 28 28-30 27 members, most are 50+ elite heavyweight players. At the moment we can get our tribe to 300+ 450+ 750+ 1250+ 1550+ (20 diamonds/week). We want to (we do) grow very fast: firstly fill the land (done) then replace weaker players with elite members (who can get their monsters to 50+). Our goal is to reach 1500+ EVERY week(done) (20 diamonds/week), and we want to get there in a few weeks(done).

Emerging Elite Tribe has some rules:

(#0 Friend me, add BBB ID at the end of username, then join)

#1 No duplicates

#2 No one will be kicked up until the island is full, so you can join freely! (update: we are full, so rule #3 is applied.) Only palyers with habited ethereal island can join now!

#3 When the island gets full, to join please select one of them: T-Rox, Clamble, Tweedle and feed it 50+

#4 Who can get 50+ every week won’t be replaced

Our new joiners did an amazing job in the last 3 weeks, thanks to all buddies! Nicely done!

Join now to (Emerginged) Elite Tribe, we need you too!

(created: 2017-06-06, edited: 2017-06-09; 2017-06-14; 2017-06-17; 2017-06-25)

ELY WOLF 61311259AB blondes 2017-06-06 Hey! We're looking for members who can feed their monster to at least level 3 each week. We are a very chilled out tribe but we WILL kick people who are inactive or their monsters are under level 3 each week. Requests will be accepted very quickly and almost anyone can join. we currently average a weekly level of 90. Try to place a monster that we don't have or have little of. I hope together we can build an amazing tribe! :) thx yall!
Tenshi Nevermore 67604492JC A Tribe Called Q 2017-06-03 Level 50 (consistently) tribe looking for people to join.

Monsters must be 25+ within 2 days after you've joined.

Monster must be unique (no duplicates).

If your monster doesn't meet the minimum it will be removed from the tribe.

Join for the money.

Stay for the song.

Maeron 71393930CK Treble Makers 2017-05-25 New tribe looking to grow and expand! The rules are simple, just have fun! No member will be kicked under any circumstances, there's no level requirement, and no monster will ever be muted! The only thing I ask is that everybody work together and have fun!
Brenna 16672726DA The Krusty Krab Pizza 2017-05-29 We are just trying to get to level 100 consistently and want to hear the full song. I'll try not to kick anyone, but I would like some contribution. At least level 5 every week, please. Please only new monsters. Thank You! :)
littlebee.pup 69035348LC Musical Endeavor 2017-05-25 Wanting to take on Tribal Island from the start to the unleashing of the ambered monster and beyond to benefit all :) Looking for players who are active - so please level up your monster weekly (shards are best for this) Try to add a new monster so we can hear the whole song!

Excited to have an active member join and more monsters to fill out the song. Come join our Musical Endeavor ;)

(If you are at risk of being removed from the tribe, I will mute your monster.)

WhenPBAttacks 65522371MN EtheReal Whisperers 2017-05-24 EtheReal Whisperers currently levels up to 1000+ weekly through active teamwork. We are a fun and awesome group that is searching for more monster handlers who are establishing/growing their ethereal islands to farm shards (monsters on the tribal island love shards above all others), or are at least lvl 20+ and will be able to feed monsters weekly to above level 20. Teamwork is our trademark as we would not want to burden any one monster to carry our tribe. That said, if you are an active team player who is looking for a familial tribe, who wants to have fun, and who wants to grow in great company, look no further and join us!

*Please include your friend code or add me... I'll be lighting your torches daily; we're all about teamwork and growth! :D

mrrob436 68788345FF joinus4diamonds 2017-5-31 It's all about diamonds. If you are level 20 or higher and can commit to level 30 or higher per week, we want you. We're currently capable of reaching lvl 300 (6 diamonds) we want to go MUCH higher. Let's get rich together! I won't start kicking people until we have a full island, because even one level helps. However, at 30 if you aren't producing you'll lose your spot to someone who will.
Tycoon 68068060DC OoD 2017-05-28

All are welcome :) but please feed your monster as much as you can (level 3+).

Muted monsters are in risk of being kicked at the end of each week.

Requests will be acted on fast.

We try to be level 400+ every week.

  • Please forgive me for being away the past few weeks.
Digital Lynx 70103130EK The Frost Tribe 2017-05-10 Rules:

  • Feed your monster to at least level 2 or you will be kicked out.
  • Only one of each monster species.
ArrQue 1259252EE Tribe - Simple! 2017-05-06

People haven't been feeding past Level 1, so I need members to join. You can join and stay under the following conditions:

*You feed your monster past Level 1. It's kind of easy, and even just at Level 2 is fine for me. Not following this gets you kicked out right before prizes.

*You choose a unique monster. In a join tie, the top choice gets picked. If there's less than a day before prizes though, you won't be accepted until after the prizes.

That's all I'll say for now.

Gmsti 19266010JE Mantua Rendo 2017-04-30 Recently made a new tribe! I'd prefer that if you join you add a new monster so that we can hopefully manage to complete the song, but getting new people will be good too! If you do have a monster that isn't in my tribe as of yet, please consider jonining! Thank you! ^^
-Sara- 60383879CF Let's Jam 2017-04-30 I would like to have a tribe that gets to 1500 each week. I would like people to join who can get to level 50+. I figure if there are 30 monsters on the island and we each get to 50, that is 1500 and everyone gets the maximum number of diamonds possible. Does that sound good to you?
TopoyShadow 14554454IG Nonexistent 2017-04-28 Please join my tribe, all I need is that we at least get Tribal level 100 and no duplicate monsters so we can hear the whole song! Feel free to join.
FearMe 69192570GK Fear 2017-04-26 Please join my tribal. We accept anyone who wants to join. I'm a new tribe and we just want to level up and have fun.
Iron-Ham 6459456AC Ironham! 2017-04-25 New and varied  monsters welcome!  Just do your best, and earn some star points!
BellaBoo 68723613GH BellaStonia 2017-04-22 New players welcome, all I ask is no pick an unused monster so all monsters can be represent. Convert a million into shards and level up so we can all get good rewards.
JakeMSM 66259587EB Monster Inc. 2017-4-20 New tribe I'm trying to get started. Add any monster you would like. Prefer that you be able to reach at least lvl. 30 with your monster every week. First few weeks may be slow but join and stick around we'll grow.
Ziro2k 69859691ND House of Hurt 2017-


We're not really hardcore, so don't worry about getting kicked if you don't feed your monster enough. We're just looking to add some variety and complete the tribal music. To that end you are very welcome to join if you would like to be a part of a growing tribe and get some rewards too as we gradually improve the song. Try to avoid duplicates, but other than that who you choose is up to you.
SKF2003 68499030EG Join Our Tribe! 2017-4-19 We don't kick mute or anything like that. We appreciate any and ALL monsters especially Cold island and Air island. Wublins are AWESOME, TOO! We have tons of people already in the tribe but we would extremely Love to have many more. We accept all, and just wanna have fun. No level requirements, JUST FUN!
Raptart 22520780EI DandiSpungeOnly 2017-4-16 There are only two monsters that go on my island. Spunge and Dandidoo. Also you need to get them to level 20 each week.
+ me I lite u 41268275JD 41268275JD Nemo'sMtWanahockaluggi 2017-04-16 I solely bring my tribe to level 100+ every week! Goal is to get our team up to level 1500 weekly, eventually. Just show that you are serious about feeding your monster weekly (level 2 or greater the better). We all start somewhere. Bring your favorite monster. Building your Ethereal Island is the best way to get your Tribal Island monster fed.
Dakota Parallel 18117053FF Join Our Tribe! 2014-4-15 We play all the time. Our tribe is rapidly growing with awesome monsters! So far we have got about 10 cool members of our crew. We specifically are looking for Cold, Air, and Wublin island monsters, but even Plant monsters will do! If you cannot feed your monster currently, that is okay! All we want to do is grow our tribe and make great music. You will never be kicked or muted. Just play MSM and HAVE FUN!
Theyoshiguy 44104521KD TheYoshiSquad 2017-04-02 I play pretty frequently getting my tribal monster up to around level 15 sometimes higher and would like others to join my tribe. The only thing I ask is people do there best to level there monster. I understand if you can't level beyond level 1 as it costs so much if you don't have ethereal of wublins (for shards) although if you can level it would be appreciated. Also add me as a friend and if you light a torch i'll light one back. Thanks :D
MasterSloth 69489888JK NinjaSloths 2017-04-08 Our Tribe is very chill and we accept requests very quickly! We are a very new tribe so are happy to let in almost anyone. Try to add new monsters but it's okay if ya can't :) All I ask is that you get your monster to at least level 2-3 each week and stay active. Inactive members will be kicked or muted! Hope to see some requests soon! :D
Captain Skizzy 69282915MB Skizzy Nation 2017-04-07

Hey, I'm Skizzy! My tribe is small right now (just me and my bro) but with help from you we will grow and earn tons of starpower! There are no requirements for leveling and feeding. All I ask is that you do what you can and don't use a monster we already have.

Monsters we have: Potbelly, Toe Jammer 

Hope to see ya!

Lucario 13973995LH Ivy Ghazt 2017-04-03 Hiya!~ Have you ever wanted an easy tribe to earn star power without having to feed your monster up to level 100? Well..Fear no more! Ivy Ghazt is a perfect place to stay..the ONLY requirment is that you are feeding your monster to 5+ or higher..(I recommend feeding your monster up to at least 7 but thats your choice!) Of course I will be feeding my monster as well.. Please join us! send a request to join and i'll accept it! Try not to use the same monster..It'll make it more fun!

(Notice: If you do not have your monster up to level 5 by will be kicked from the tribe)


F4k3y0urd34th 68795921HN join_in_my_tribe 2017-04-01 hi! New tribe offering low level monsters and new players somewhere were everyone is welcome, all I ask is you are active and level up to at least 10. Hopefully we can get it better and bigger over time!
Dagnirath 61073365LF ChaoticHarmony 2017-08-27

Hi. ChaoticHarmony is a very easy-going tribe where my only rule is that you feed you monster SOMETHING during the week. Inactive players get muted and possibly kicked to make room. I also save my weekly key for the most-fed monster, so I need your friend codes and an original name so I know who's who.  This week's key goes to Mr H for his stunning high score of 120 (please come back!).  Will you be next week's winner?  

 k euitarLegend 19918676ME Masters Of Music 2017-03-26 This is a new tribe looking for active members, you should have your monster fed to level 10 by the end of the week minimum. The tribe will get bigger and better so come and join us! Thanks!

Click this link to go to a youtube video about our tribe! leave a sub and like while your there!

link -


MissToast9901591HH 9901591HH PieknyBursztyn 2017-03-26 New tribe simply looking for active members. Only requirements are that your monster be a minimum of level 10 by Sunday each week and no duplicate monsters on the island. I would like for all members to add me, as I will send a key to the highest level each week. Currently have Cybop, Pango, Quibble, Riff, Pummel, Entbrat, Thumpies, Bowgart, Deedge, Quarrister, Reedling, and Tweedle. It is first come, first serve. If you are declined, please try again with another monster. I will update as often as possible.
Natalie D. 68354680AI Di Tribe 2017-03-17 This is a new tribe that has been recently created. No requirements, we just want new users and monsters to help us grow our tribe. Don't feel pressured to do anything every day. Try to get new monsters; duplicates are OK, but diversity in our tribe is better. Join our tribe ! Lots of love,from the the chief, Natalie.
Kidthatcandostuff 68228531DH Monstrous 2017-03-15 A new tribe. Must be at least Level 5 at the end of the week or you will be kicked. Try to have a monster that is not on the island. (Duplicates are fine but new ones are always better.)
Bo 67623853DF Fire Island 2017-03-12 New Tribe! All we ask is for you to level up your monster as much as possible per week! Look us up and I'm sure you'll be a good fit! Thanks!
Melanie 60990876ei
2017-03-11 Very new tribe. Please feed your monster to at least level 15, that's all i ask :)
Swuge 44567860GE Swuge 2017-


Please Join this new tribe!

Only one type of monster is allowed in the island

so our tribe can be diverse with different monsters.

Also be an active user.

Currently Have:

Scups, and Tweedle.

65579153FJ 65579153FJ Monster Fun 2017-03-09

Please join my tribe!

ZooKeepeR 11650998HI The Zoo 2017-03-07 We are looking for members capable of leveling their monsters to 118+ per week on tribal island, and we need one this week. We have many users that level in the 130 per week range.

We level the tribe to 3700+ every week and that keeps us in the top 10 and many times on the first page of the top tribes leader boards.

Rules are be any monster you want to be, feed your monster something by weds so we know you are still playing the game and reach the minimum of 118. If you want to contact us you can reach us here [1] on Reddit.

Sourss 67959911IN Love 2017-03-02 Brand new tribe looking for members of any level! Accepting everyone wanting to help grow the tribe. :)
beta.rambo 36979948DG Tribal Friends 2017-02-27 High Ranking tribe looking for some heavy hitters to get back into top ten if you have 2 accounts going I will accept them both as long as they total 150 or more individual need to be 75 and get to about 100 by the end of 4 weeks thanks contact me on line app user beta.rambo just set up group for members
Gabriel Pierre 22102548BK Monstopia 2017-02-17

This place is free to join, but there ARE some rules...

1. NO duplicates

2. The minimum level of feeding your monster is 4 WEEKLY. (I will check every Saturday)

3. If you can feed them more than that, that's GREAT!

4. If you join, you need to tell me your friend code.

5. The highest feeder of the week gets a key(that's why I need the friend code. It would be recommended to add your friend code on your nickname)

Avi-bendavi 36634040AI Monster Masters! 2017-05-30 We level over 2000 each week. We need members that will level to a minimum of 60 each week. Please add me as a friend or include your friend code in your tribal name before requesting to join. All monsters welcome.
ChaosMonkey76 67120768ME Honk-Honk-Squeek 2017-02-06 New tribe for new players. Contribute what you can and feel free to make friends with each other for torches and gifts, support, etc. No duplicate monsters please.
Kauv 62722991MB Kyto 2017-02-04 No strict rules, please just join and feed! No duplicates, and if I declined you but you had a new monster I mis-pressed. Join again. :)
tmartn0624 66459106LA Biscuitville 2017-01-29 Join at minimum be a 10+ feeder but more is appreciated
Jmarti075 66344246HM join me,I accept 2017-01-27 Just join and contribute anything
Mat__2000 3979897GH Issaboodoo 2017-01-22 Brand new tribe looking for more members to fill out the island! Only requirement is to feed your monster past level 1. Looking for any monster that isn't a congle or a pompom; I just don't really care for the island's vocals. Top three members that have out leveled me will receive a key at the end of the week from my three accounts:



Paeony 37762715AJ Monster Legends 2017-03-07 We have openings for players who want to be in a good tribe. Minimum is 90+ levels per week and we have many members who level above level 90.

Rules are simple feed something by Weds so we know you're still playing and make the minimum.

This is part of LegendsTribe [2]

Key trade 1743409FF Key Trade 2017-2-13 We all trade keys each week and get least level 750+. Need 6 good players (25+). Members work on Ethereal monsters and we will get to 1500.

To join:

  1. Add BBB ID to game username first, then request.
  2. Be any monster you want.
  3. After acceptance, Friend all tribe members. (from the BBB IDs in their usernames)
  4. Each week give a key to a different tribe member, you keep track.
A Major VY Canis 44056503LL Feed to Fifty 2017-1-12 New Tribe. Feed to fifty is the only requirement. Goal to reach 1000 regularly then to 1500.
Raymond Serrat 65813223DH S2 Mountains 2017-01-11 We accept everyone , No requeriments at all , We just want one of Every Monster (That Means No Duplicates), But if you can feed your monster constantly , that would be great.
Pokemonandkirby 64632999CJ The Ghazt Club 2017-01-09 A new tribe that will accept all monsters that we don't have. You have to be at least level 2 or 3 to stay. If you do join then Thank you! We need the help to make the best tribe!
43373799LH Always Change

I live messages for Tribe. Must Reed !

2017-01-08 TOP TRIBE of 90-100-110+ feeders.

(80 is mimimal to join & to stay,then increase) Sometimes we go to TOP Tribes. So we feed 50 only, 2 weeks, we SAVE. Show in your name : Friend code & Feed lvl when ask to join (80+min) Welcome ! Don't forget to reed messages in tribe and shief name lines.

Guppy! 63031962BA Minniebug 2017-1-5 Looking for members who are able to feed to level 20+ every week. Any member that does not achieve this goal consistently by Sunday will be removed.

Looking for Entbrat, Scups, Shellbeat, Furcorn, Quarrister, Pommel, Drumpler, Bowgart, Oaktopus, Maw, Congle, Pango, Tweedle, Dandidoo, Cybob, Potbelly, Shrub, Thumpies.

dmr 21401053HB Hope Feed2 Lvl10+ 2 Liv 2016-12-29 A 6 month old tribe that reaches at least 450 every week. Join as a monster we don't have or you will be declined. You need to be at least level 10 to not get removed. If you can do 20+ do it!! We are a good tribe hoping to get better. Only request if you feed to the requirements. :)

If you do not feed by the Sunday of the week, you will be kicked out.

If you are always level 1, you will be removed immediatley

Piratelover12 60703262KC Super Singers 2016-12 We are a little over five month old tribe. We require you to level your to atleast 4 if you don't you will be removed on Saturday night if you are level four or higher you will be placed in the center and if you don't you will be on the side. Do your part and enjoy your prizes
MarshaltheSquirrel2213 2470751IF The Courage Shrine 2015-?-? The Courage Shrine is a humble tribe

with only 5 tribe members. We like

new members, but most of the members who joins this tribe moves to other tribes. So join us for a Life Supply of memes! And we Also recommend feeding your monsters 20+

Comodo5 61138217GH Clash of Clans Clan 2016-12-13

New tribe, only requirement is to feed to minimum level 6. Please add air and water monsters if possible. Others okay.

elvenwitch 22982629FN Sway 2016-12-13 New tribe. As long as you level your monster up to five or more each week you should be fine. Be sure to place a monster that is not yet on the island. <3
blockjok 7486896NC Blockisle 2016-12-11 A new tribe looking for active members! Currently hits 50+ every week. Would prefer level 20+ but beginners are awesome as well.
Illegal Seagull 60796383MJ Illegal Seagulls 2016-12-07 All Monsters are accepted into my tribe! Tribe fairly new, hits level 100. Please feed your monster to at least level 3
Beth3494155IN 3494155IN Funville 5+ 2016-12-04 We'd love to have you!  Fun tribe looking for members who can level up to at least Level 5 consistently. We would love Shellbeat, T-Rox, Cybop, Furcorn,  Bowgart, Mammot, or Tweedle. Come sing with us!
Toky 43434448IE Mokarran 2016-12-03 Hello out there,

we're a new tribe targeting overall level of at least 1500 for maximum weekly rewards.

So, level 65 is acctually the minimum for any new members. Missing monsters will be preferred. Please add your BBB-/Friend-Code to your name for the first week after join.

Within second week of not reaching the required level we assume inactivity. XD

APBYRNWATERS 4033555MB lvl 30+ in 2 weeks 40+ 12-1-2016

HELLO!!! We are looking for 8 new members to our minimum level 30 or higher tribe.

We are a progressive tribe that will, in 2 weeks from now, require a 40+ minimum level to remain.

The goal is to have a 50+ tribe in a little over a month to reach that 1500 mark.

We have, from the very first week, broken the 1000 team level mark (15 diamonds) and are looking for more active players to take on level 1500 and beyond!

There is no limit to what type of monster players can choose, the only real requirements are:

(1) be higher than Lvl 1 by Saturday

a) If players have not shown activity by Saturday, then those players will be removed from the island.

(2) Must be currant level or higher by Sunday that will be announced in the title of the tibe.

a) this is only for the time being.  We originally started at Level 10 or higher, but as we accumilate more contributing players we will ask that the level minimum be raised. Every month or so we will increase until all players that remain on the tribe are over level 50 and higher.

b) If players manage thier shards from etheral island properly, within a few months (if even that long) they will consitantly be at level 50 and higher each week.

We have a good group right now that considtantly will reach over 1000, and we only have 22 members!  That means if we can get 8 more members that can reach level 50 every week, we will be over the 1500 team level goal.

Thank you and don't forget to put your friend code in your name

Prometheus 30751487KJ Petchien 11-24-2016 New tribe, I am on level 77, if you want to join, you are welcome! And if you are willing to feed everyday, I would be the most grateful!
StuckyStarnes 64315575IB Marvel 11-19-2016 New tribe, accepting literally anyone who wants to be in a tribe.
WalkingDude02 5951963KF WalkingDude02 11-15-2016 New tribe! Accepting people who will feed their monsters on a regular basis! Try to feed you monster to at least level 2 each week.
Monster Master 63582624IA Hoenn 2016-11-14 New tribe!! Accepting people who are willing to feed on a daily basis!!
Ikakiddo 63917673EL IkaCamp 2016-11-13 New tribe for people to join! Please make sure to feed your monster.
ElySupulver 64226254JE Flappable 2016-11-13
enzo??monsters 29105754CK 29105754CK enzolovesmonste 29105754CK 2016-11-6 We are 5 High levels monsters!! we need you, doesnt matter if you are a rookie or a top level.Enjoy !!!
Dj spitfire 63463248MI DJ training camp 2016-10-29 I am staring at new tribe and it will be for active members only!!! every week if you do not grow 5 levels you will be kicked.let's go get it any one is welcome that I'll follow the rules
moviedgr 39209860fc Fuzz 2016-10-29 Just looking for active members. Tired of ppl not leveling up at all. Don't need a lot, 10 levels a week and we can clear level 450 to bring in the diamonds. We have several members who pass level 60 each week. If you are looking for an active tribe, send us a request. Thanks
Fire 23839981BJ Fire's Tribe 2016-10-27 We're used to have 30 users but recently, I made a huge purge.   I removed peoples who don't participate or keep level 1 only to get diamonds.  So if you're looking for a place that keep only participating members, you're welcome.  I understand when you can't upgrade for couples of weeks.  I put on left side those stayed at level 1 after sunday.  So it's easy to know which will stay and others will be gone.  We have solid members that put their monsters more than level 50...  Scratching your back and will scrathing yours in return!!  I check twice a day so don't be shy and see our gang!!  Thanks!!
KalamariDJ 61559056NK ActiveClanCanada 2016-10-18 (: Hi! We are a tribe looking for members the will feed level 10 or higher looking for more members! every week usually somewhere between level 700-1000 every week. if you are level 1 24 hours past when i accept you you will most likely be replaced. our highest member currently is level 81! also the person below me is breaking rules and sucking up everyones attention which is really annoying if your reading this read the rules! the person who feeds the highest every time i post on here will have there name up here or possibly in the name of the tribe! DER MENSCH is the top feeder of the month!
Cyraxgreen 39398413FN Monstermaniac's 2016-10-10 all monsters are welcome but please feed your monster. Thank you.
Gobah the Great 7341696EM Gobah's Gang 2016-10-06 I am looking for some new tribe members. I can level to 50 each week, but you need not. My requirement is 10+, but I understand if you are saving up :). However if you can surpass my 50 levels (and include your friend code in your name) I will reward you with a key at the end of the month!

With a little help I bet we can reach level 1000 and beyond!

(Remember, choose a new monster.)

Karin Mavridis

( I often change name - don't panic)

29832936GL HEAVEN 2016-10-05 Heaven Tribe is often in Toptribes

for maximum shards and starpower and honour:)

Looking for new members who are able to feed 110 or higher.

It would be great if you could also join our FB - Group

Heaven msm - so FB account would be very useful!

I would prefer "small" monsters!!!!

If you are interessted contact leader Karin Mavridis on FB with a short message and your friendcode

Renee 15909857BN Hatari 2016-09-29 We are an active tribe. In the past, we have gotten to the #3 slot on the weekly tribal board. We require level 50 on some weeks (when we are saving shards/coin/food) and level 120+ on competition weeks.

We also require that you post your friend code as a part of your display name when you request to join the tribe & leave it in for a few days so that other tribe members can add you, so we can help each other with gifting keys or lighting torches.

Elizabeth 28118596GI The Foxes 2016-09-25 We are a brand new tribe, looking for new members! We would love to have anyone that wishes to join. =)
invisiblesquid 3266555AN wannahawkalugi 2016-09-13

Everyone Welcomed. We are a new trible looking for members.

All we ask is that you help with feeding your monster when you can.

aPerson 10359739MN SHOOP DA WHOOP 2016-09-13 The Shoop Da Whoop tribe is a growing tribe, named after the famous internet meme. Anybody is that wants to join accepted into the tribe, even if they don't feed their monster they will not get removed! Suggested minimal monster level is 3 or 5 every week but this is optional. Join our chorus now to crack Kayna's amber!
Shaun Fryer 61895078FA Sonatra 2016-09-08 A new tribe looking to gain more members, , would prefere people that can get to at least lv3 but its ok if they cant, if you want to feel free to add and join the tribe
Jennifer Nybo Johnson 9208532FC SkyFire Are looking for a new tribe? Join the
Sky Fire Tribe. With only 18
members so far we are close to
hitting 1500. We get better every
week. Just click the link to join the
fun :-)

John Cleese 33160808KI Monty Python 2016-09-06 Welcome to our flying circus, resort&spa 50+!

Monsters required:
  * Spamalot
  * Mr. Putey
  * Johan Gambolputty de von ... awww.. forget it
  * A Minister of silly walks
And i don't expect the Spanish Inquisition!
(BBB ID Expected)

a_nuns_nasty 21950995IF Booyeh 2016-09-06 Hi. Just a new tribe looking for new members to join. Would prefer no duplicate monsters but not too picky just yet. If you could aim to get to level 5 each week that would be awesome! Let's all team up to make an awesome song and get some star power! JOIN NOW!
monster flinger 41467502KK the ninjas 2016-09-03 We are a new tribe. All we ask is that you get your monster to level 5 each week.
Elzen 44292712GI OogaBoogaWooga 2016-08-30 This is a tribe for players who can handle a few small requirements, one of the being you have to be able to get your monster to atleast level five each weak,we would prefer if you could do more.(we wont push to hard for this requirment if you just dont have the resources). The other requirment is no duplecate monsters, other than that have fun, thanks. :D
flaviusmironcatalin 61165627KN HelpEachOther 2016-08-20 Hey guys,how are you? I am recruiting for my tribe "HelpEachOther" would you like to join? to join us you have to do 4 levels per week,no duplicate monsters will be accepted! You are welcome to join us,only active people here,i will give 2 keys each month to the guy that has the highest monster level, who is inactive will be kicked,we are pro players! I am waiting for ya :D
New Player 60790463JD Lemonade 2016-08-26 Hello! Welcome to Tribe Lemonade! We are a laid-back tribe and we won't ask too much of you! Everybody is welcome in Tribe Lemonade, but no duplicate monsters will be accepted! Join us to earn diamonds and star power! Also, on certain weeks, I will gift a key to the monster with the highest level! See when those weeks are under the level section.

Level: Currently we are at 261!!! This week is not a key week :(

Members: We currently have 21 members!

Pompom Lv. 6
Riff Lv. 16
Shellbeat Lv. 8
Potbelly Lv. 10
Mammot Lv. 43
Furcorn Lv. 1
Toe Jammer Lv. 6
Dandidoo Lv. 10
Congle Lv. 11
Quarrister Lv. 35
Deedge Lv. 34
Bowgart Lv. 17
Fwog Lv. 12
T-Rox Lv. 15
Entbrat (Me) Lv. 12
Spunge Lv. 12
Pummel Lv. 3
Tweede Lv. 1
Oaktopus Lv. 3
Drumpler Lv. 2
Maw Lv. 4

We have 1 rule in Tribe Lemonade: You must get your monster to at least level 3 each week! If you fail to do so for 3 weeks, you will be kicked off the island (I hope this never happens though)!

Thinking of applying? We would like to have the following monsters: Cybop, Scups, Reedling, Quibble, Thumpies, Noggin, Clamble, and Shrubb (but other monsters we don't have are acceptable too!

One last thing, upon joining you will never be muted, but prepare to be moved to other parts of the island (I won't hide you behind another monster though!


Shedninja379 43373629DN

Island on fire

2016-08-26 Welcome to our tribe! We will accept everyone into our tribe as long as they do not pick monsters that are already in the tribe. We do this for better sound on the island, but if you really want to pick a monster that you want, you can... but we would prefer if you picked a unique monster. This is a casual tribe where we only expect you to get to level 3 each week so we are able to get levels and starpower. Please possibly level up as soon as you can so we know that you are active becuase we will be kicking unactive members so we can have more room for people who want to join. Thank you, I look forward to you joining our tribe!
Aerizab 18552685BJ ImmortalX 2016-08-23

We are looking for daily My Singing Monsters Players And would love you to join!

Requirements Include:

Level 10+ By the end of the week!

Feed before Wednesday so we know you're active!

If you're going on holidays please put " ( Holiday ) " in you're name so we know and we don't kick you out!

Join with a monster we don't already have! If you don't know which ones we don't have check out the monsters page on the wiki and go through them!

We really hope to see you soon! Have great fun in our tribe! - Aerizab

Epixly 42718840MM Asdinor 2016-08-16 We accept everyone! Can't feed your monster every week? No problem! You won't get kicked out for any reason until we have all spots filled! Please be able to at least feed your monster to level 3! Thanks! We'll see you there!
Hot AZ 9353209NN Kylie's Clan 2016-08-16 Just looking to collect all the diamonds.   Please be able to level to 50+.  Easy to do with shards.  Please join.
Macgilgri 3300399NH gimme gimme 2016-08-09

Looking for active contibutors, we pass level 100 each week with just a few members, join us to send us over the top!  We encourage you to be unique and pick a monster not represented, but we won't kick you out if you duplicate!

Leybra 28129081ML New Beat Story 2016-08-15

Please read until the end, there's a place for you in one of our projects! First, New Beat Story is for members who wants to play harder with some pressure, you must reach 75+ easily. The first target of 1500 is already in the bag (1750 with only 23 members) and next would be to reach 2000. Piece of cake!

Level 1 after 3 days will be kicked out so no easy stars without some decent efforts.

Very important: By experience, if you're under lvl 30, it would be impossible to reach elite standards, but if you have some monsters on ethereal island and think you can reach 60 in a tribe, please contact me at, I have opportunities for you. I have contacts for other tribes that would fit your level right now.

Ask to join with your ID. One of the reasons is that we can light torches daily.

Josh Turner 21582876MA Tribe Mystic 2016-08-13 Mystic is a casual tribe for players who aren't productive enough for the really competitive tribes but still want to play to the best of their ability. Minimum level of 10 per player per week for now but other than that no requirements. I will not accept duplicate monsters into the tribe.

Some important notes: I am the Bowgart. I also like to play around with the song parts so some days I'll mute some players. The island may have silent days, or days when only percussion is active, or days when only four-element monsters are active, etc as I try different random combinations. Most days the song will be full to our available monsters.

As a helpful hint on what we are looking for, I will try to update this list daily: Noggin, Pango, Potbelly, Quibble, Shrubb

ChrissyMae1974 286688IM Beastly Band 2017-02-05 This tribe was started for my special needs nephew, and he levels up past level 10 weekly. I'm looking for players that can meet or surpass that goal. With the 7 members we currently have, we get over level 200 every week, so just imagine what we could do if YOU joined us!

Please take a look at the island before requesting to join and choose a monster we don't already have!


Faith 60326866GG Monster Melodies 2016-07-25 Our tribe is currently at level 96 with a total of 20 members. We're looking for members who will feed their monster weekly to earn more Starpower. Unique monsters are also very much appreciated! Hope to see you there! :)
tch0rt 60056116EE We Rock! 2016-10-10 We rock, and we're growing! We have been hovering at 750-770 for a couple weeks now, and we are trying to climb. I started this tribe for my son, my whole family has joined, and then we started looking to fill the island. Check out the names, you'll find 3 "Jr"s in the tribe!

I don't expect much but I am NOW replacing people who stay totally idle. Level 1s will be removed. My 5 year old does better than that. ;)

As of today, I am looking for active players to join as the following monsters: Drumpler, Congle.



44218581AL Puggolandia 2016-07-21 We are Puggolandia. We have 7 members and we are at lvl 30 right now. We would like more members. More pugg means more good. Join tribe today.
Hussna 12024204KM Legendary 2016-07-22 Our tribe is currently at level 54, and we're looking forward to new monsters we don't have. We currently have 14 members in our group so come on in and level up your monsters so we could get loads of starpowers and gems!!! Please level up your monster to level 5 or higher to stay in this group :)
connie.9 39851804LK sleep&kick 2016-07-15 this is sleep&kick, Current tribe level 1126,

teamwork is a must!

You must have ethereal island to join

every week the minimum feeding level goes up by 5 we currently have a minimum feeding level of 25

if you can't keep up with the minimum feeding level first you are put to sleep as an indication that if you don't keep up you are getting kicked!

Jetpackwizard 41822523FL United We Stand 2016-07-14 We are a devoted tribe that constantly adds new members. We're looking for the most dedicated players that my singing monsters has to offer. Join if you can add over 15 levels, you will be kicked if you can not sustain this minimum. Join today to receive starpower and diamonds.
FarOff 2371076IE Singing Monsters 2016-07-12 just made this tribe yesterday or so. I was tired of being in a tribe where no one was active. Anyone is welcome, but have to level your monster up past level two every week, so we know you are active
ItsHero :D 44309989BF SwagSlukkieX 2016-07-09 We are looking for members! You don't need to feed your monster nor be active. All we're asking you to do is choose an monster not being in the tribe yet. I hope you join! :)
Patricia 43259486EC Ooga Chaka Tribe 2016-07-09 Looking for members that will feed weekly,prefer to at least level 5. Would like members with different monster than what is already in tribe but some will be removed for not feeding.
NaivelyBeautiful 44060873BF Siren's Muse 2016-07-04 New tribe looking for faithful members! If you are willing to take a couple minutes each day to help us grow and earn that star power then come join us! Open door policy. The more unique the monster you add, the better off the tribe will be, but whatever you can manage will do fine. We're friendly and fun, request to join and we'll be ready to take you!
PurpleMonkeyzzz 44373101BF SymphonyOfSounds 2016-06-23 Brand new clan looking for new active members. Aiming for one of every natural monster. Please try to feed at least 3 levels a week so the tribe can properly grow. Try to join with a monster that is not already there, if you can. Join, and let's grow together!
GraceSmoothie 44350704BK Sacred Toast 2016-


We just started our tribe, and we are looking for new players! Try to get to level 5 by the end of the week. If you don't make it to level 5, Don't worry! We will NOT kick people!!! Try your best not to have duplicate monsters. The monsters we want in our tribe are Oaktopus, Clamble, Drumpler, or any monster not from the Plant island. I hope to see you in my tribe!!
Kamillo 38089254DA Engineers 38089254DA 2016-06-16 Looking for good players who achieves weekly lvl 80 or higher. 87 is MINIMUM. We are kicking people who do not reach this level. Our lvl 2500+
Cheesepuff100 23973355FH xXStealMyPigXx 2015-06-13 Just started plz join need good players have congle Entbrat furcorn mammot and oaktupus!
Codias (Plant) 14491026MC MBS GO! 2016-05-25 Hello! please join my tribe to increase its low-level status. This tribe is open to all, as long as it is a new monster not already on the island. There are many people expected to join, so join now!
ShugaPopz Apply On FcBk 41218565LF The ShugaPopz 2016-10-17 ***Tribes for every level of player

Apply here:

Last week, our seven tribes earned a total of 108 DIAMONDS!!! We have plenty of room for new players as we are promoting several to advanced tribes today. Now is definitely the time to join!

Are you part of a family or group of friends that would like to be on the same tribal island? We can accommodate you!

Be a part of ShugaFlamez, our dedicated torch-lighting circle.

Join in on our ShugaPopz GO chat, specifically for those who gotta catch 'em all as well as make 'em sing!

Stay up-to-date and in the know with our BBB/MSM update posts, including community codes, new monsters and discounted goodies.

Enjoy our family-friendly, drama-free, active Facebook group.

Get in on the Luck Of The ShugaPopz! We have had SO MANY Punkletons and Rare Punkletons bred on the first try. You can check out our screenshots because we love to share our accomplishments with the community. We want you to share YOUR accomplishments with us!

What are you waiting for? Come join the FUN!

Check out our tribe's latest YouTube video!

Raxs Slayer 40624247DD Slayer Tribe 2016-05-14 Anyone can join for the time being! Even if you don't level up your monster! Just keep in mind, that once we need to make space, any non-contributers will be removed to make space for those who actually level up their monsters. If you have something on your Ethereal Island you will have a permanent place!

Feel free to join, ALL!

t3ddy b3ar 37426796GE tribe rocks 2016-05-11 this is a new tribe that i have made, i seek for people who can atleast feed their monsters to level 4,the level requirement will get higher over time,any monster is accepted,but i don't accept over than 3 monsters of the same kind
Eric B 32973386CG ETA 2017-01-10 We are a 1500+ / 20 diamond a week tribe. We need some new members to replace a couple of inactives. If you can consistently get to 30+ we would love to have you on board! Come join us!!!!!
Pinkjewlz 2403208MM Ace 2016-05-01 Trying to get people of level 14-16 to start our tribe up, although anyone is welcome. The point is to try and get everyone to contribute equally that way. The goal is to get as high a tribe level as we can!
Trey Like Plant Island 17986471LD Cake Tribe 2016-05-01 We are a very friendly tribe, wanting new monsters to join! Please try to avoid using duplicate monsters. We are aiming for a level for 100+ and we are really close to getting to that goal! We accept anyone and everyone!*

*Will not accept if monster is a duplicate. :-)

Rowdy 38843986IK Band of Brothers lvl 100+ 2016-04-26 The Band of Brothers Tribe is a tribe serious about Star Power and leveling up. I’m starting this tribe for serious MSM players that can reach 100+ level by Saturday evenings weekly. If you don’t reach level 100+ by Saturday evenings, you may be deleted. To join, add my friend code and request to join. Please select monsters not already part of the tribe to be considered.
SweetChocolate 39158814HI Thebesttribal!!! 2016-04-25 We search for players who can reach 40+lvl. Last week we reached 750lvl+. We want to reach 1500lvl with your help! Please join us with following monsters: PomPom, Furcorn, Quarrister, Congle, Oaktopus
Jhooks79 42074658LM Bella 2016-04-25 Please join us if you are an active member that will level up to at least 10-20 each week.
Cheezy Animations 43198196HK Muensters! 2016-


A perfect tribe for cheese lovers! We will accept anyone. Just try to at least level up to level 2.The higher level you are you get more starpower. If you want more starpower level up. We are are level 117. To learn more about muenster cheese, click here:

Audball 38313386AK Odd Balls lvl 10+ 2016-05-25 Active players only, please! Now that the inactives have been booted, I'm considering 10 the minimum level for each week. Strongly prefer no duplicate monsters, but if that's all you have, join anyway! I move the highest contributor up into the tree with me, so bust a move! Note: If you go a full week at level 1, you'll be kicked out. If you fail to reach the minimum two weeks in a row, you'll be kicked out. Rules is rules.
Serg 41666459KB Island Dr Moreau 2016-05-27 Island Dr Moreau tribe is seeking active members. Please try to feed your monster to level 5 or better. Inactive members will be given the boot.
GoldenMcNugget 8083074MK Supreme Tribe 2016-04-12 Welcome to the Supreme Tribe! We are looking for people to join our tribe! Everyone and anyone can join! new or experienced you are always welcome! For more information about the tribe, go here!
Awapuni 41594312JC beginner lvl 12 2016-04-14 Please level up to at least 12. Will increase over time.
Ryan G 40998809HN Monster Mashup 2016-04-12 We would love some new members to our tribe. Anyone can join, we just ask that you try to level up to at least 5 each week and please try not to add a duplicate monster, if possible
Dragonsnivy84 39314902IC Ghazt Gang 2016-04-10 We here at the Ghazt Gang are in a

new tribe that seeks active members.

No duplicates. Please feed your monster to level 5 or above. Inactive members will be removed. Have fun! Please consider joining us, for we are new. The Chief's monster is a T-Rox on the mushroom to the right named Dragonsnivy84.

Also, please do NOT friend me if you

are not joining the Ghazt Gang. I ask this because I see people adding me as a friend, and not joining my tribe. I want room on my friends list for people in the tribe, not people who just buddy me for no reason!

Check out our DeviantART group and have fun!

Denny 37224737FJ Monsta Mania 2016-04-15 Come and join our fun and relaxed tribe! We have been a tribe for just about 2 weeks now and we are doing great at 16 members strong! Our first week we reached level 400!! A fantastic accomplishment. Please choose a unique monster when requesting to join and all we ask is that you try and level up to at least level 10. Just do your best and make an attempt and I won't remove you. Thanks everyone!

Denny (Chief).

Malcon winsdor 38804368CE Giant Woman 2016-03-30 Join our tribe! We currently need quibble and cybop. (Please no duplicates) NOTE:I am not chief but he will accept.
Walrusking 4526319BH Dweebs Play Games 2016-03-31 Come join our tribe if you are a new player or experienced! Make sure that your monster is unique to the tribe, and remember to feed your monster or you may be kicked out of the tribe.
olansuddeth 33932652HG GooglyMoogly 2016-03-31 We are a friendly, casual tribe - if you are active, you are welcome. Even low level players should be able to contribute 5 or so levels per week; if you do that, you're fine. If you're a power player who can contribute 50+ levels... hey, we'd love to have you - but we're not limiting to high level players only. I personally get to 45-50 each week. If possible, please pick a monster that we don't already have on the island.
XiceForest 23498797AH Forest 2016-03-26 Hi We are a tribe that is friendly. We aren't strict about feeding everyday. However, please try to feed your monster at least level 3 each week. I understand if you can't feed your monster to level 3 each week. However, if the tribe is full and people wanna join, you may be kicked. I feed my mammoth 25 levels + each week. We currently are active and have 17 spots open. Please try to choose a monster the tribe currently hasn't got. I would like a quibble and a furcorn. For any information please message me here
Peter 41129887NL Super Singer 2016-05-15 Level +20 tribe.  Looking for players that are trending upwards.  Take a visit, if you want to join, please pick a unique monster.  Sometimes MSM will not allow me to accept you in to the tribe.  Try again.
Leslie G 38732173FJ Party Island 2016-03-14 we currently only have 2 members and are level 65 for now but I would like to have all the different monsters so please try to pick one that isn't already there also looking for active members that would try to level up their monster to at least level 25 and if more that would be great !
Sean Armenta 42172329FF Monsters Inc 2016-03-07 all welcome
kitkatkawaii 12857768GA Nok'ta 2016-03-07 Looking for: anyone! Casual players welcome :)
Piphybuilder88 25096877CL Epiphany Clan 2016-02-28 Hello, I am Piphybuilder88. Some people know me as a small gaming youtuber but, I love my singing monsters and I check on it every day. My clan is small but I hope that it can grow with the help of people like you. I can see our tribe become very successful with enough people.

Any monster is allowed until I run out of space. Thank you.

Also here's my youtube channel: [3]

Trisscar368 24880335EJ Gem Hunters 2016-04-01 Hi! Small tribe looking to expand our numbers. I would like to have the full song unlocked at some point, so please friend me to check what is free (I do not ask for torches). Don't worry overly if you manage to pick a duplicate; as long as you are willing to level, you are welcome. I have a 2 week limit on non-levelers.
lordfarqueef (Kali Walker) 41234550NA Huntley 2016-03-21 Hey there! We’re a tribe looking for friends to help us reach goals and get

tribal rewards! When you join your monster will be muted until you level up past 5! We do ask that you stay active, or you will be removed. We accept any monsters and we want you to come do your best and help us try to level up!! We currently have 26/30 spots filled!

101ANatureWalk 35393456GA 101Survival(LV10 Minimum) 2016-02-15 Were Looking For People That Somewhat Have a Good Formed Game Like 1 million Coins a Day.This Tribe Is good For People That play daily Ill Remove you if you don't reach the goal. Don't join if you think you cant reach monster LV 10. Ill have Another Tribe for those People Soon I have recently Started it so yeah.I have Tribe OCD SO that means one of every single monster or not you will not be accepted BYEEEEE!!!!!
Sean Levin To join, please come to our recruitment page.  See the "Other Information" column. Harmonious Bliss Tribal Team 2017-01-29

Join the most accomplished and organized tribal team. We have over 200 communicating members with over 300 game accounts.

To join, please come to our recruitment page. Request to join, and then enter your information. Go to:

nziperovich 40687607CB The Elements



A new tribe, striving to be the best Anybody is accepted in our tribe, as long as its one that isn't already on the island. We want people to earn Starpower and buy rare monsters. If you join, you are sure to be accepted and you will earn Starpower. See you there! =D

CrazyEpicOverlord 15387764AA The Elementals 2016-02-14 We are a small tribe looking to improve. Any monster will be accepted in this tribe, just make sure we don't already have it. We are looking for people who like Starpower and can feed their monsters a lot.

However we also accept the people who don't really want to feed their monster. Basically, we accept anyone! We hope to see your monster in our tribe!

riot 36704870ck wakkawakka 2016-02-11 Looking for members that will level themselves to 50 each week.
amdragongirl 39517603JD Tribal Choir 2016-02-09 New tribe, looking for people to sing along with. Accepting anyone:)
Mostly Harmless 41290892NK The4C's 2016-02-08 New tribe, will accept anyone!
DSmith 4525536CE Da Bosses 2016-02-05 Looking for active StarPower-hungry members. Please level up to at least 10 weekly, but the more the better!! Several of us level up to 50 weekly. Lots o' diamonds and StarPower! Thanks for joining!!

Misred2u or


Game lvl: 54


fb our Group,

The Shoom Ba-ga-la Tribe™ or Nicole Moores (Red)

Shööm ba ga la Tribe 2016-08-18

We are a 115+ Tribe and we make the Top 30 Tribes every week!!  We recieve the max 20 diamonds + over 3000 StarPower and once we have the needed monsters we have the Full Tribal Song!!

wanted now* Clamble, Pummel and Oaktopus

29 Monsters, current tribe lvl 2615. #30 on the charts!!

Come join The Shoom ba-ga-la Tribe™ in a song and enjoy the rewards!! 

Beckyhsv 19831384LK Monster Fun 2017-01-29 I am a level 51 player and level up to 90-100 each week on Tribal Island. Need three more players, please only apply if you can level up to at least level 80 each week. Currently we get to level 2500 each week. Need the following monsters: Potbelly, Shrubb, Thumpies, Dandidoo, Quibble or Spunge.
Strozer Kat 8386001ML Kat Monster Crew 2016-02-01 Everyone is welcome as long as they feed their monster! We can work together to reap the benefits! I started the tribe after getting frustrated at the lack of effort in my old tribe. I just want everyone to contribute what they can.

I am a level 26 player and get my tribal monster to about lvl 60-80 each week. I play A LOT. During the week, I play during my breaks at work, lighting torches and checking on the tribe. After 4pm during the week and all day on weekends, I'm on pretty much all the time.

Strozer Kat :)

Protoplasmic Pus 1908495FL helo döturs 2016-02-25

I know the tribe name is kind of odd, but that's an inside joke between my siblings and me (the first 6 members of the tribe)! I know, that's a bit of a big family. But I digress. We all get very excited when we get new members! We are almost at 30 members!!! YAY! We need 3 more monsters, and we request these: 2 Reedlings (first come first serve!), and 1 Congle!

Feeding your monsters to level them up is not at all a necessity, but don't be surprised when the T-Rox, Quibble, Shellbeat, and Furcorn get in a leveling-up race... ;)

Of our 28 members, the majority hardly or never level up! Despite that, we wouldn't dare kick any of them out! So don't let those first 4 intimidate you. Currently we get to about level 450 every week, if that interests you.

Please consider joining! We'd love to have you!

P.S. -- I try my absolute hardest to keep the torches of my tribe-members lit! If you need those torches to be lit often, consider it done! :)

jessyla 34681127KN C'MAN LETS GO 2016-01-28 We are a laid-back, relatively new tribe whose main goal is to unlock the whole song. All we ask is that you participate by leveling up to at least 4 or 5 (though of course more is appreciated!) The main monsters we'd like to add are Pompom, Entbrat, Deedge, and Quibble but we'll accept anyone who'd like to join. Can't wait to jam with you!
goldenboy 20234372HC Tribal Buddies 2016-01-27 I'm a level 40 player who has only just begun with tribal island. I contribute about 50 levels per week to the tribe. Please be willing to contribute weekly.
Bibpityboo 38000024FK Bompton 2016-01-28 I'm a level 23 player who would like to get a tribe set up, if you join soon we can develop the tribe together, all players welcome
Josh 32315592CE Monster Marchers 2016-01-24 I am a level 29 player with most monsters. I just keep breeding and breeding. I'm on 5 times a day roughly. I have just created a tribe so join that as well MUST level your monster to join the tribe but apart from that I will accept anyone straight away. Have fun and spread the word!
m.w.r.arts 38815252AA Come on Let's go 2016-01-23 New tribe looking for active and feeding members. Just starting? That's allright, but feed what you can. We want (mostly) different monsters. Add 38554210JI for tribe info.

Come on, let's go!

Robert10theboss 39984276GM Robert10theboss 2016-01-18 Please join my tribe, and if you do, please try to not use monsters we already have:)
Jennifer Neppl-Beery 39928397FN Zbot 2016-01-12 Any monsters welcome. Everyone is welcome.
 crazy storeman 38241113ML stars for all 2016-01-12 Perfect place for beginners, if you can level up to level 3, that would be appreciated. All monsters welcomed
Qwertyxp2000 3 43158871HH Qwertyxp2000 2016-11-08

A good intermediate feeder's place. Be sure to level up monsters to at least Level 4, and even if you are planning to become relatively inactive on MSM (like it is just a matter of 5 odd minutes just to feed with up to 400,000 coins!). Anyone above Level 4 is welcome, although a recommendation of Level 20 and Ethereal Island is strongly recommended. At the moment, I am at the stage where I could ask for replacements of smaller inactive monsters. I am Qwertyxp2000 the second by the way. I do give you second chances but some may not last long.

We now have spaces for PomPom, Shrubb, Cybop, Riff, Reedling, Pummel, Maw, and Scups. We need reliable 4+ players.

ceohill81 8497374GC Watch This 2016-01-08 Level 48 daily player. Looking for help on my Tribal Island. Let's go and do this !!!
Damian 37421550AG Windmere 2016-01-08 Intermediate tribe, We really only boot players that don't feed their monster at all. Regularly above level 350. Please pick a monster that hasn't been chosen to expand the song! Thanks! :)
Zephni 19737192HK Heroes 2016-01-06 Anyone and any monsters can join, so you don't have to worry about being kicked out. :)
Dryanon 36258629AL Dryanon 2016-04-26 A tribe of friends where you don't have to worry about being kicked out. I only have to see that you are doing the best you can. Strongest shoulders carry the heaviest loads. We can reach 450 and almost 500 at the moment.

Hint: One week being inactive gets you a muted status, the week after being inactive again gets you kicked.

Edward 232657146HI Potato People 2015 2015-12-31 Go to the bottom for a good tribe.
Potato 35873548FC Lili 2015-12-28 Anyone and any monster welcome to join.
Claire 10920554DE Voodoo 2015-12-26 Welcome to join the tribe! We

get to 100 weekly, so there are many diamonds to be had!

LeCristof 36686901KD SymphonyOfMagic 2016-01-28 Hello! We are a tribe barely starting out and pretty much accept anyone that wants to join. Though the rules are a bit loose, here they are! You must have unlocked Cold Island and be above Lv. 10. We don't accept duplicate monsters either. You must also feed your monster to at least Lv. 4, or else you'll be muted and eventually kicked out if you don't feed them for a week.

Monsters that are already in the tribe (remember, you can't pick these!):

Cybop, Congle, Bowgart, Quibble, Deedge, Mammoth, Dandidoo, T-Rex, Shrubb, and Drumpler.

Have fun and enjoy! :3

JoeDilsaver 13872879ND Aaronteen 2015-12-17 Hello! We are a relatively new tribe looking to recruit new members. we are fairly relaxed about feeding to a high level however we would like people to contribute what they can each week! Send a request and hope to get singing with you soon!
Dorvaan 31522996KE Mystery Machine 2015-12-16 Started a tribe with my son. He's 8 so we're casual. We'd like to see people level to 15+ each week, but I'll probably be going much higher, so don't feel like you can't :) Add me and send a request.
Candy Leigh 35035595FH Shebbies 2015-12-16 Hi! My name is Candy and I'm starting a new tribe, looking for active experienced members, who are serious about getting ranked up higher in the tribes! Please no duplicate monsters, must be willing to level the monster up to level 10-15. Add my friend code if you are interested and request an invite to my tribe. If not, just add me and we can light eachothers torches. Thanks ~Candy :3 (LOOKING FOR 25 MEMBERS, JOIN TODAY!)
~Mr Sunny~ 5144557BN SingUrHeartOut!! 2016-01-02 Hello!!! If you're looking for a fun, awesome tribe, join SingUrHeartOut! We're looking for experienced players that can feed their monsters to at least level 4. Currently, we have 29 members but we're looking for more members due to some of our members being currently inactive. If you to join, look at the monsters below ;)

Recommended monsters:

-->Maw<-- (Most Priority),

Shrubb, Dandidoo, Drumpler, Cybop, Spunge, Tweedle, Entbrat (?), Toe Jammer, Clamble (?), Bowgart, Congle, Deedge (?), Scups, Noggin, T-Rox, Potbelly, Pango and Oaktopus.

KingAnthony722 33291464GM The Bossatronian 2015-12-15 8 people have joined you can join I won't kick anyone who joins but don't choose these monsters Trox, Maw, Furcorn, Potbelly, Bowgart, Noggin, Tweedle, Quibble and PomPom if you chose these monsters I will decline that monster.Please don't choose them I'm also a level 18
John Wayne Matthews 11792168EM Mt. Olympus 2015-12-15 Looking for people to join. Already have 4. Level 50+. Need more.
Dr. Spock 36498104NK Bogart&Friends 2015-12-08 Looking for people to join. We are awesome!


27603091AN SharkbaitHooHaHa 2015-12-06 Fast Growing Tribe! If we accept you and you feed then you can stay. Non-feeders will have a day or two then be MUTED followed by removal. Join us and Get Starpower!
New Player 23072761LN Starfall 2015-12-05 Looking for some players currently empty please help :D
Ape, The Great Ape 32212801DN Hyperion 2015-12-05 Looking for any adventurous players to join. As of this morning we have a Mammott & an entbrat. We want a variety of monsters (though, I especially want a Pom Pom and Congle, hehe) Every week I get my mammott to

lvl 40+

Hyperion (tree)- a coast redwood

that ranks as the tallest tree.

superdragons :-) 33670890LE superdragons 2015-12-04 hi plz join this tribe. Also look at the island first and see what monsters aren't on it cos i dont want 2 of the same monster :)
Olivia 35811370LA Terrific Tribe 2015-12-04 Anyone can join!( Unless it's full.)

Try not to do a monsters again

because I am trying to get a full tribe.

There are currently 22 slots left.

Noah 8325277NB The Epics 2015-12-03 My name is Noah and I am a tribe leader. You are welcome to join my tribe at any time (unless it's full). There are still many spots open. The tribe name is "The Epics". My friend code is 8325277NB. I expect you to get to at least level 5 each week, but it's ok if you don't. We are trying to beat all of the top tribes for some major diamond rewards. So if you like diamonds then join the tribe. Remember: all are welcome! You can email me at the following:
KittyHawk 7602079EB kuromi kitty 2015-11-27 |Looking for new members, currently only have two monsters (Oaktapus and Bowgart) and would help a lot if people would join c: 28 more slots left, thank you!
Maxx 31351852KA Dragons 2015-12-17 Active tribe. We hit 750 every week. Looking for members to help get us higher. Minimum requirement is that you add a level each week so we know you are active and benefiting from the diamonds and star power. Pick whichever monster you like. Hurry we only have 8 slots left.
Kaori Kisaragi 26640033MH KK's Kritters 2015-11-25 Open to any who are willing to level up. No minimums currently. Members who do not level at all for the week are evicted by Sunday evening. This is a "all-must-participate" tribe.
Melswimms 34361403BD Mel D World 2015-12-03 Open tribe, anyone is welcome. We have 9 members right now and are looking for more. Prefer you to not add duplicate monsters. Enjoy!
($'.'$) 27258949NJ Acapella (feed!) 2015-12-12 Tribe for anyone to join! We currently have 4 people! You are free to join, feed as much as you can!

No dupes, please!

If you join, please try to stay commited!

Superior Dad 36033875EF 36033875EF Fardy Mammotts 2015-11-23 We are a mammott only tribe, and Fardy Mammotts is supposed to go "Bum!" a lot. HF!
Rafael Martins (Facebook) 21932444GI Rafa´s 2015-11-20

hi guys who can by any monster without being repitido (What he means is: "Hi guys. You can choose any monster to represent yourself as long as it is unique to the island.")

Slimeproductions 18777226MK Slimebo's Tribe 2015-11-17 Slimebo's Tribe is where all monsters sing in complete harmony meaning no duplicate monsters

That is all...HAVE FUN!!!

(LDM) SPFC+ 33422602DM SPFC+ 33422602DM 2015-11-16 SPFC+ is the Second Tribe of SPFC.

We made this tribe because we have more than 30 100+ lvl/week in our waiting list at SPFC and we want to embrace everybody in a chance to lead the game.

If you qualify and wish to join us, please add 33422602DM as a friend and go to our facebook pages: 143654282660109 1513741992257483


MasterMSM 34646519GN Awsome Sauce 2015-11-15 We just have two members and the only requirement is you must be a monster that no one is already.
Purple People Eater 37221130NI

UNITE & SING (Sunday: lvl 350)


We are a relatively new tribe looking for members. Right now the only requirement to join, is that you give one of the monsters we still need. The following list includes the monsters we still need on the island:

Check Island to see which monsters are still needed.

Contact the tribe at: uniteandsing.

If you have any of the monsters listed above, you can join! The monsters with a '+' sign in front of them are of higher priority so please choose one of them if you can. You will NOT be accepted if you apply with a monster that is absent from the list above. I can't wait to meet you! As of 12/18/2015 we were 100.0% full; So 1-3 low ranking members are kicked every week to make room for new members!

(PS. I will try to update this list daily, so keep in mind each day you wait, the tribe level will grow and your chances of acceptance will shrink.)

Forovakil (Air) 10472402LM Palmus LVL: 10+ 2016-02-22 We are a mid-high level tribe looking for aspiring players willing to contribute to a growing soon-to-be-community of diverse, hard working individuals.

As of 2/22 we have 30 members and are currently full!

Tribe level last week: 1421

Currently, submitting an application is the only way to get accepted. You can do so by messaging the tribe leader on their message wall. Tribe applications are reviewed on Wednesdays and Mondays. Requirements for membership: Level 10+ every week

Reminder: Using shards to level up is beneficial, because it will allow you to level up your monster without wasting a large amount of coins/food.


Weekly Address:

Not much to talk about this week, I'm still working on the secondary tribe. I takes a while to get to level 10 from scratch, y'know? Don't forget, the poll ends at 12 PM EST, so got your votes in before then!


Palmus, though divided, we still stand.

Poll: N/A

Apply here:

Message Wall

Community Chat (No account required):

Blackwidow 32756118HM Ancient Aliens 2015-11-07 We have one "GOAL" in mind. To be #1. We need serious players that will feed there monsters everyday. If you are  NOT serious you will be replaced or kicked out. We want monsters we dont have on the island yet and will be fed pass level 25 and up. Lets assemble an elite tribe and become a top tribe. Thank You in advance to all of you and the members in my tribe that feed everyday!
Kayli 11849211KF Unique Monsters 2015-11-03 Goal of the tribe is to assemble all monsters without having duplicates. We want to hear the full tribal sound. Please look at the tribe first and then choose a monster that is not in the island yet.    
Emily 7889744KI Sweet Sugabush 2015-10-16 My tribe is just now starting out, and it would be great if someone would like to contribute to it. We are not a big tribe, but with the help of others we could easily be a big tribe. Please join! Thanks.
bacongirl 26565648DC kats&dogz luvrs (bacongirl? actually im joining with a spunge..k?) 2015-10-16 trying a brand new tribe need lots of ppl!!! ALL newcomers will at first beon the mushrooms, no one will be left out! everyone is welcome!! please try to join using monsters we don't already have.i also would like it if you could get to at least level two to show you care, but if you cant, its fine.
CHASERiXeRz 5082116LC Harmonic Monster 2015-10-27 We are a quite small tribe looking for some more active members! Right now we only have a PomPom, Tryll, Furcorn, Entbrat, Deedge, T-Rox, Shrubb, Mammott, Oaktopus, Maw, Pummel, Quibble and a Riff. We aren't very good because we only reach about level 12, so we hope you guys can join!
EZI 18080220DC AWESOME 2015-10-10 We are a small tribe looking for new members.  No pressure to feed daily but we are excited to be able to rank up with more monsters.  Currently we have only a Shellbeats and a furcorm.  Join and have fun!
slashstar666 36102144KE zone out 2015-12-17 We are a small but responsible tribe "zone out". With just 6 people our average level every week is around 200, but we want more :)

So is you're looking for a tribe where you don't have to feed A LOT and risk getting kicked out if you fall behind - you're welcome!

P.S. We really need a quarrister)

adin 19364861FN Loud and Proud 2015-09-26 This tribe has the dream of reaching the top. We want players that can get their monsters to at least level 15 each week. We also want one of each monster so please request what we don't have yet. I check the island daily for requests. One rule is to feed your monster regularly. I will mute your monster if you havent been feeding and you will have one day to feed before you get removed. Please be active! Let's get to the top!
Phoebs_169 34337035GN Monsters Inc. 2015-09-26 In this tribe we are looking for co-operative, enthusiastic players, we want to have fun and be a family, but at the same time earn lots of prizes and rewards like diamonds. So Join and we will be on the top charts in no time.
The Z Monster 28390809KD Uber Mojo 2015-09-25 New tribe looking for active players. It is preferred that all of your islands be unlocked. Please check island to see which monsters are already there before picking yours as I would like to have every monster on it. All slots are currently available so act fast to be able to pick your favorite monster first.
berryjac 34598352DG The Golden Light 2016-02-16

We're trying to get 30 players in our tribe and so far we have 15, If you're not in a tribe yet feel free to join. First visit our tribe, then request a monster that we do not have.

If we do not have 30 players you will most likely get in!

Oaktacornicus 14850157CH Minionaise 2015-09-14 We are looking for active, level 30+ players to help us break our previous record of 750. With your help, we hope to reach 1500 very soon. Unique monsters preferred, but all are welcome. Thanks!
Chewbacalove 26834633EH Moto 2015-09-14 We are looking for tribe members who can get to at least level 5. Be the Monster you want to be and earn some diamonds with us
Chris 28952179CJ ElectroChips 2016-01-24 A low effort tribe, focused on unlocking the whole island song (including Kayna).

I will not be able to accept any monsters that are already on the island, so please view the island before selecting a monster. My only other request is that members get their monsters to level 4 (hence low effort).

If you need to message me, message me on my wikia profile.

There is only one slot left!


tmplrdr 33942267CB Squid tribe 2015-09-17 my tribe will be a complete one. I only ask for level 30 every week, and remember to help. I will not accept repeats.
1726956aa 1726956aa Doodletopia 2015-09-09 Plz new members. We have a pretty good start. 7 members so far
mblase 10715115GN Ultra Rares 2015-09-09 Looking for new members who're ready to contribute! Level 30 once a week is all this Tribe needs to get the most diamonds! I'm trying to keep the Island diverse, so please try to Visit the tribe and don't choose monsters who are already contributing. Muted monsters are slated for removal if they don't chip in. Currently auditioning for: Bowgart, Cybop, T-Rox, Maw, Oaktopus, Pompom, Drumpler, Scups, Pummel, Furcorn, Pango, Deedge. And leave me a message on this site with your username so I know to look for you!
Skywalker 5838330FE SPFC 2015-08-15 SPFC is designed to be the number 1 Tribe. We have been top 30 every week and we need to find very active Friends who wish to feed monsters above 80 Level every week.

Anyone with a good ethereal island can do that easily with less than 120,000 shards/week. It will be easier if everybody contributes equally.

Every week we are going to raise +5 level until everybody contributes 100+/week.

If you wish to lead in starpower and want to contribute strongly, you are welcome to join us! See you there! Tks!

BlackWidow 32756118HM Ancient Aliens 2015-09-03

Brand New Tribe, We want to grow and become a top 5 tribe. We are very sensitive to the fact that not all players have a lot of gems/coins/food. Lets be friends, you are most welcomed to join us. Remember you get points each week!!! Lets show everyone what this tribe can do!!

Amanda 28753642LE


2015-09-01 We created our tribe because we are sensitive to the fact that not all players are literally rolling in gems/coins/food/hamsters. We won't kick you out, we realize you can't level your monster to a trillion, but we don't care. Let's be friends. Right now. No really, right now. Join us. One of ussss. We'd love a Furcorn!
GamerNerd_i 14999459FD OrchestralChaos 2015-08-18 Fairly new tribe, still missing several monsters. Would appreciate active players, who are willing to feed their monsters to at least level 15 or higher weekly. I will make room for more active members if need be.
Cesar The Sanchez 2562558AG Everything Tribe 2015-09-02 I'm Cheif Cesar The Sanchez and.... Yeah I know it's spread around and spammed alot that you want really HIGH level monsters but I really am in need of them. Particularly high leveled players to Play their part in my "Everything Tribe" I'll definetly try to get us to the top! Either you contribute or be removed! We conciderably need someone who can contribute to at least level 10. We are not looking for 4 Element monsters. They all contribute nicely. Any other monster who is 3 to 1 element is allowed as long as it is not a monster we have on the Tribe yet.  

*NOTE: I somethimes change my username to little messages for the tribe.

x2poy 14554454IG a random tribe 2015-09-09 Hello, I am looking for active members who can level their monsters up to 10 or more to join my tribe. Please look at what we have before submitting an invite. Any members who remain New player for few days, selects a monster already in, or still at level one by end of week will not be allowed. Thanks, Chris
AngryBirdsFan 31448934CK Gamer Central :D 2015-09-06

Hello! I'm looking for active experienced members to join my tribe. Please look at my tribe and its current members before joining, because I'd like to get one of every monster in my tribe. I'm looking to hear the full song.

Adagio 21977682EK 21977682EK Adagio 2015-09-11 Hello, I am looking for fellow players who can level their respective monsters up to at least 10 to join my tribe. I currently have one member who is an Entbrat while I am a Bowgart. I would like to hear the full song (Kayna included). Therefore, I would like only one of every monster. Thanks and hope to hear from new members!
kirby_meows 2974121NF S.T.A.R.S Tribe 2015-10-05 Tired of joining deadbeat tribes? Me too!! So I made my own tribe called S.T.A.R.S. Starving your tribal monster is animal cruelty so I will enforce 3 strikes your out rule. If you have not fed your monster for 3 days straight don't be surprised if you are kicked out. To be fair my email is if you are not able to feed for a few days, email me. I won't count these days against you. It'd be a good idea to write down my email right now if you want to join. I don't care what monster you choose as long as you participate in leveling up our tribe. Lets make it to 1,500!!!
PinkandGreen 35188980KE Ethereal Island 2015-10-18 Hello Everyone! This is a small tribe with three members. This tribe was created so people with lots of shards could join, or just starting players looking for a tribe to go to. I'd like everyone to feed their monster 4 times a week 4X30=120 in order to hear Kayna with the rest of the song. So please no repeats. We've got a drumpler, a clamble, and a dandidoo, love a maw or an oaktupus. Hope to see everyone joining this tribe with a dream of just seeing Kayna.
Monster Mash 22126834BI Monster Mashers 2015-10-19 Great fun tribe to be in. Everyone is supportive and loyal. If you are prepared to contribute, feed your singing little monster matey, then join us, stick around, have fun and collect your well earned weekly rewards. Looking forward to welcoming you!
1Somebody5(gm) 34131816BG sir 2016-


Hello all are welcome to my tribe. This tribe is currently very very small. we have the following monsters: mammot, spunge, quibble, pompom, and potbelly which is a total of 6 monsters. please please please try to feed your monsters on the island because we don't get as much rewards (starpower and diamonds). we are looking for the following monsters:

tweedle shuggabush ghazt pummel rare pompom Quarrister drumpler But... we are still allowing anyone. you also get weekly rewards the more monsters we have the more we get. what are you reading this for?! kayna is waiting...

jcc 3467 2726 ec

Nik Nacks 2016-01-12

We are only a few weeks old and have 14 members. Please join us. We will do best if you are willing to feed your monster regularly. Not necessary to be able to reach high levels to begin with.


40483063IN Julzy

Looking for people who are willing to feed their monster to level 45+ or higher weekly.It is required to feed your monster to at least level 45 by Sunday or you risk being removed + replaced. This is out of fairness to all tribe members. Me and my husband feed our monsters to level 100! Please join my tribe and let's make some starpower and gems! Today's date is 10/8/2016 and there is still plenty of spots available.

Cariboo 38551421CD Oops!AllMonsters 2016-04-06 A non-serious tribe for non-serious people. Don't care what monsters you have, just make sure you contribute by the end of the week.
piranhazombie 42423106IG 2016-04-20 New tribe so far I only have a potbelly and cybop get your monster to at least level 3 if you can please no duplicates
Lilly16 43407232CE Happy Monsters 2016-05-07 Tribe Happy Monsters is open to anyone. Any kind of monster at any level is allowed to join and no one will be denied! I hope to see lots of happy, hardworking monsters on Tribe Happy Monsters to boost everyone's starpower!!!!!😀
Julia Cara 43154532AE Carazila Fair 2016-05-08 Just looking to expand the tribe, hear the full song and increase everyone's rewards :)
RDZ (for short) 12337642JI The Trio 2016-05-08 Looking for members who can level up personally to level 3 (at least) every week. Make sure to visit my Tribal Island before you join, for I want unique monsters.

For more info, visit

Wiiboy-U 11300180KM Kayna's Party 2016-05-09 Hello, I am the leader of this tribe. I really want people to join this tribe that can at least level up to level 6/7 minimum.

All the treats you can possibly eat! There's lots of treats, coins and shards to be eaten at Kayna's Party! Let's open the amber and get the new element of 🔥!

alex 34729524NC sticks resume 2016-



this tribe is determined to work together, and get some stars!!!!! Rares are allowed, and not rares are allowed, Just GO AND JOIN THIS TRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14180454LE (Meowgan) 14180454LE Rawr xD 2016-06-15 Everyone welcome! This is an easygoing tribe that prefers level 10+ per week, remember the more levels you do the more starpower you earn. Only 1 of each monster please! We typically reach 30-50 levels higher every week, last week being level 100. Our goal is to get 1 of every natural monster on our island eventually and get to level 500 weekly eventually.
New Player 60178960LL :):):):)?!?(:(:(:(: 2016-07-?? This is a tribe of 15 people (as of 9-27-16), but we are looking for people to help us grow! We would prefer you use a monster that is not already on the island.  
Omar Martines 61836639IJ Party Island 2016-08-10 Please join my tribe and let's get the party started
FunnHydra 63431598IK MonstRs 2016-10-?? Little tribe just to make friends, and music of course ! Try to level up your monster when you can, but don't worry if you can't ! Hope I'll see you soon 😀 !
charles1111sanders 20729445DB Flamepkmn (thats the tribe name) 2016-10-29 A new tribe lookibg for people but no duplicate monsters and must be active and would help if u could atleast get ur monster above lvl 5
Nocturnal 65598760AM Evening Tribe 2017-10-23 Looking for active players to join our tribe. Hard to find an active tribe? join ours!!

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