Exclusive to My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire
The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

Toy Car is the third Toy Factory Crafting Item and overall 44th Crafting Item to be unlocked in the game, along with Tire. Its market price is 1,785 - 2,975 Coin25px-DoF. It is unlocked at Level 44.


The Crafting Item Toy Car is a wooden toy car that appears a lot more like a toy truck. It has large tires on the Toy Car's wheels and a wooden car-like body.


There are no Crafting Items that requires Toy Car. However, Toy Cars can be fed to monsters or given to the Skyship (if its asks for some Toy Cars).


To craft a Toy Car, 1 Log (Log) and 4 Tires (Tire) is required to be made and be processed in the Toy Factory. Starting crafting of a Toy Car requires dragging the "Toy Car" icon into the Structure once.

Once finished crafting, it can be collected for 20 Experience.

Market availability





Skyship requirements





  • Toy Car is the first Crafting Item to require the second-to-last Crafting Item, Tire.
  • Toy Car is the third-to-last Crafting Item to require Log, second-to-last being Slingshot and last being Clockwork Monkey.

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