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Torrt is the rock that all Earth Elementals lean on: dependable, unwavering, and grounded. The steady beat of its drum actively defies the laws of physics, resonating throughout the Monster World and within each Earth Elemental regardless of distance or acoustics. This enduring rhythm has been harnessed by the Monsters for many surprising purposes, including lulling rambunctious young Monsters to sleep.




Torrt uses its drum to make an electric kick drum sound. Its shell is used to make a crash cymbal sound, ride cymbal sound, or a clap sound.


Torrt cannot be bred. Like all Celestials, it can bought for 175 Diamond25px at the Market as an inactive statue that must be woken up.


Inactive statues bought on Celestial Island must be woken up in a similar fashion to the Wublins. Like all statues, Diamonds can be used to fill any any missing eggs and automatically wake up the statue. All statues have a time limit and must be filled within said limit, or the statue will reset.



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  • As of June 27, Torrt is the most expensive Celestial.
  • From September TBA to September TBA, the Torrt was discounted by 20% for 30 days.

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