Tips on Loading Screen

Tips are shown in loading screen to give information to the user. Randomly, one of them is displayed while the game is loading. Some of them appear periodically. Some of them disappear permanently.

Available Tips

  • View Mode can be found in the lower left corner.
  • See how many "Likes" your Island has in the Castle's Stats tab in the Info Menu.
  • Decorations are ordered by price and categorized in the Market!
  • A monster's full information becomes available when it is placed on an island.
  • The more torches you have lit on an island, the better your chances to breed rare monsters!
  • You will gain XP from baking, removing obstacles, and upgrading structures.
  • Mute monsters to vary the song.
  • Visit Options menu.
  • Breeding for a rare monster and know the combo? Click Retry in the breeding menu!
  • The Shugabush is required for all breeding combinations on Shugabush Island.
  • Scratch Ticket and Memory Game prizes now scale as you level up!
  • Visit a torch's info to see how much burn time it has left!
  • Always place a monster before selling it to gain XP.
  • Group duplicate monsters together for some added volume!
  • Higher level monsters make more coins.
  • Ethereal Island has a separate family of elements - Plasma, Mech, Shadow, Crystal, and Poison.
  • Don't want to wait? Get some diamonds.
  • Hidden items will appear in menus as you level.
  • Check out the stats tab in Info Menu for monsters and castles!
  • Customize the size of your decorations by using the slider while moving them around your island!
  • Unlock the Wishing Torches at Level 12!
  • Reunite the members of the Legendary Shugafam on Shugabush Island!
  • When you light a wishing torch, it improves the chances of breeding rare monsters!
  • It takes 4 feedings to level up a monster.
  • Check out the Hotel and Storage structures in the Market at Level 15!
  • Unlock the amazing Wubbox monster at Level 20!
    • Note: The tip was changed after the update 1.2.9.
  • Permanently-Lit Wishing Torches now burn a brilliant blue!
  • Each island has a unique family of elements - Pay close attention to a monster's sigils to determine how to breed the monster you want!
  • Some monsters are hard to breed, but with a little patience, you can breed all the monsters for free.
  • Some objects in View Mode make sounds when clicked.
  • Think you have what it takes to play the Memory Game? Play for free daily from the castle!
  • Ethereal Monsters are rare and valuable. It takes a lot of luck and patience to breed one.
  • Remove obstacles to make more room.
  • You can teleport Ethereal Monsters to Ethereal Island once they have reached Level 15.
  • The castle produces a bass sound.
  • There are five classes of monster: Natural, Supernatural, Ethereal, Seasonal and Legendary.
  • Check out View Mode in the bottom left corner.
  • Try your luck at the Monster Scratch Ticket in the Nursery menu, for free once a week.
  • You can adjust the volume of each individual monster!
  • Muted monsters still earn coins.
  • Record the BBB ID of your account in a safe place. This is helpful if we need to assist in recovering lost progress.
  • Monsters purchased with diamonds do not require incubation.
  • Import your Facebook friends to update your My Singing Monsters avatar!
  • Want all the latest updates? 'Like' our Facebook page:
  • You can save the tempo of each Island's Time Machine for when your friends visit!
  • Want to rock out to My Singing Monsters tunes anytime/anywhere? Tap the Get Remix button under the island's portrait in the Islands section of the Market!
  • Sort your friends using new tabs Favorites, Torch Requests, Alphabetical Order, and Level Order.
  • Earn coins and diamonds by tapping the Free Currency button in the Market menu!
  • Upgrade to the new premium Paradise Castle for more beds than ever before!
  • Double the size of your favourite singing denizens with the new Biggify feature!
  • Tap Bind Account in the Options Menu to secure your anonymous account!
  • Want all the latest updates? Follow us on Twitter: @SingingMonsters
  • Use headphones for 3D sound!
  • Access the FAQ from the Help section of the Options menu.
  • Introducing super-valuable, ultra-coveted Rare Monsters!
  • The previously inconceivable and impossibly bodacious Ethereal Wubbox is now available on Ethereal Island!
  • New 'Enhanced' upgrades for your Breeding Structure and Nursery which shorten waiting times by 25%!
  • Join together with your friends to create a Tribe to discover an ancient secret about the Monster World on Tribal Island!
  • Missed out on a Rare? Check back often - it may be available for a limited time in a special promotion or in the Starshop!

Former Tips

  • The Extravagant Castle is the maximum castle. For now.
  • Didn't manage to get a Hoola? It's now a Monster Scratch Ticket top prize on both Air and Earth Islands!
  • Missed out on a Rare? It may return during a rerun or reprise promotion... Or you can get the ones you're missing anytime in the StarShop!

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