The magic of the trees that connects the realm of Thingia with the Thumpieverse is also at the root of their shared relationship with the Monster World. That's how we end up with artifacts like this other Thumpies Totem, which tumbled across dimensions to arrive here. While prior incarnations featured other Thumpies, this one celebrates Izit, Tawooo, and Anyanka.

Thumpies Totem, Too is a decoration available from the StarShop, costing 200 starpower.


The decoration is a short totem pole, displaying a stack of three Thumpies, The Izit, Tawooo, and Anyanka.

Monsters who Like it

The Thumpies Totem, Too is liked by the Rare Wubbox.  The monster's Happiness will increase by 25% when it is near the decoration.


  • The Thumpies Totem is an exclusive PS Vita decoration, while the Thumpies Totem, Too is for iOS, Android, and Kindle versions of the game.
  • A Thumpies Totem, Too was mentioned on here on that Facebook link.

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