• Sooo... now that we've removed all the categories that got added to all the decoration articles, I've noticed the game now sorts the decorations into categories in the market. Not really sure what to call those categories, though - Structures, Plants, Instruments, Misc?

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    • I think what you said sounds good. I can't think of any other words that would fit for the 4 categories, anyway. It's not necessary to add a Path category, is it?

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    • Not really, no - there's only the one page. Mind you, the "wall" decorations (which I lumped in with the path tiles) all appear in separate categories now...

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    • Wait a minute. A new Structure category would conflict with the already existing one. lol

      Wonder what else to use then..

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    • Oh yeah, whoops. It's not really buildings because there's stuff like the reflecting pool in there...

      Also, now that you've started, a category called just "Miscellanous" seems kinda generic...

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    • Is there any other word fitting for the category? I can't think of anything that the misc. decorations have in common.

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    • Plus, the icon itself is kind of miscellaneous. A spanner and a bone? =P

      Anyway, was kind of hoping for some manner of consensus before we started, since we just reversed a similar (though far more complex) series of edits.

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    • Sorry. I went through with it because I took what you said from the other conversation and thought it sounded appropriate.

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    • What's with the obsession with categories? Is it all for badges?
      I think both EvilMummy and I are anti-page bloat and anti-category bloat also.

      The idea behind a category should be that if one wants to see a grouping of a substantial number of things not immediately otherwise available.

      E.g. all the monsters. But the Plant Island Monsters doesn't need to be a category because it's either all part of Monsters, or on the Plant Island Page.

      I realize the game now groups the decorations by category, but they haven't helped us out by actually telling us what the categories are. And "Misc" is a goofy category name - it means you really didn't have everything grouped well.

      Who really is going to go looking for the Statues page without wanting to look at the decorations in total?

      Here's my compromise: a new page titled Decorations by type, just take the list and arrange it into several tables by type. Structures, statues, etc. Then we avoid the duplicate "structures" category, and then if BBB ever decides to tell us what they actually CALL the types, then we don't have to go around changing 40+ pages because we put a category type on there.

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    • I think it is. If only there were some way to validate any contribution made towards badges - that way people wouldn't try to make unnecessary edits/categories. I don't pay much attention to badges myself really; it's more like a side bonus to me. i was getting pretty bothered with the addition of small/unnecessary categories as well - it makes the wiki an unorganized mess.

      I'm all for your compromise if it helps sort out the category issue and also makes it easier for visitors to find information about any decoration, as opposed to making the 5 separate categories seen in-game.

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    • Although I confess to chasing badges early on (particularly the consecutive days badges), I would argue that we should just turn them off completely - but I haven't talked with EvilMummy about it.

      For that matter, I think a lot of the activity that is occuring here (comments, etc.) these days really belongs over at the Mojo Farm forums - I thought this was always meant to be the reference site for information, not the forums for discussion. Then we could get back to making the reference info the best it can be.

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    • I haven't seen EvilMummy recently, come to think of it.

      Anyway, I suppose there just isn't enough activity on the MSM board to encourage people to join the forums, as opposed to this wiki. Not to mention, this website is only dedicated to My Singing Monsters, as opposed to the forums, and it seems that the pages themselves (especially ethereal/limited monsters) are great topics to talk about already.

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    • Nothing a good forum title couldn't do as well - what's wrong with "Hoola" as a forum post title?

      I'm guessing EM has hit the point of the game where the only thing that brings her around is to try for the rare stuff (Ghatz or Reebro or Hoola). I know I have, and she's been playing longer than I have. But I suppose I'll let her answer for herself.

      There's also life outside the wiki of course... mine has gotten MUCH busier with my new job which is why I only blast in once in a while...

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    • It sounds so short.. personally I'd rather a longer, more descriptive forum title.

      It's bound to happen sometime. I suppose I'd feel the same way if I had been playing since last Fall. That's the very unfortunate part about games - it loses its magic as time goes by. You've experienced everything, so you wind up having little/nothing to do. I love this game so much though... I really hope I don't get to that point anytime soon.

      I was wondering why you don't barge into the wiki too often now. I thought you had reached that point to where you're not even motivated enough to open the game anymore.

      Oh by the way congratulations on the new job. lol

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    • If you don't have time for the wiki pass the torch to someone who is willing to handle it (not me) But please don't cripple the wiki by removing article comments, having to visit a separate forum to see what someone might say about a certain monster is way too much of a hassle. Not only that, nobody is going to make a forum post about "Eerie Remains" but someone posted a great image and observation about what people have been doing with the decoration on its article comments, an excellent excellent example of what you are destroying by merely shutting something down because you personally have no time for it. 

      The time you put into it is admirable and appreciated but don't kill the baby once it gets older just because you can't handle it, plenty of others can.

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    • The wiki was originally meant to be the repository of facts collected from the various early forum posts. Think of it as a reference manual or encyclopedia. The conversations and comments were meant to stay at the forums - that is, after all, what a forum is, right? A place for discussion?

      And you're saying no one would make a forum post about "eerie remains", but why not? If it is well titled, it should attract the attention of those interested. How else would you have seen those comments and pictures here at the wiki except by looking at the Eerie Remains page? If you are interested, why wouldn't you click on a forum post titled, for example, "Look at what I did with the Eerie Remains?"

      Perhaps the real issue is that the majority of forum posters can't title posts well enough to encompass continued dialogue. I fail to see how a forum post titled "Hoola" or "Ghazt" wouldn't generate the exact same posts and conversation as they do here.

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    • Thanks for the response, I did not mean disrespect although I do know I was angry and obsessive over the issue and apologize for taking a wiki on whats essentially a childs game way too seriously, I'm here for entertainment after all and I overstepped. My gratitude for the dedication of the community here hasn't changed and will always be there.

      I really just like that this one place was a one stop shop for everything I needed to know about whats going on the game, what others are thinking included. It effectively made it easy to fit through busy schedules of work, kids and actually playing the game, luckily it seems to be working the same way now that people are adopting the use of blogs and wall posts, I can still search for something such as eerie remains or shugabush and find the info on them as well as what people are saying about it by selecting to search for everything in the wiki. 

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    • Spleenr, you aren't the only one with a busy schedule, and kids (I'm a system admin, a mother of 2 kids, and often terrible work hours, e.g. 7am - 1:30am yesterday, and still working now at 11pm).  I've thought about what I can do to alleviate the challenges, but the chats are often harder to keep track of than edits, and the forum has a far deeper group of mods that I trust, having joined when my youngest was a baby and I was on mat leave.  The admin there is also a bureaucrat here who has stopped playing the game, and would step in and help if totally necessary.  

      If a group from here came over and really started chatting, rather than posting on walls and blogs and talk pages, the forum would more than compensate for the lack of comments on the articles.  

      I've pondered enabling the forum on the wiki, but, again, that just brings back the level of work.  Just a note, the DragonVale wiki has the forum not the comments, and I believe it is for the same reasons.  I have posted that I have not disabled the blogs and talk pages, but if they start getting abused, that is still an option.  

      I would prefer that users go over to mojo-farm, explore beyond the MSM section, and strive past the initial 5 painful posts.  Some employees from BBB come the the forum, and if there was more activity from people here, they would frequent it more.  The forum could complement the wiki so much more, and the chatting of the comments could be so much more productive too.

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    • I understand why the forums potential is so important to you given that it is essentially the beginning of all of this, it's close to heart and worry free in terms of moderation but the monster you've created here sings a beautiful tune and it would be a shame if you have to hit that mute button =] that being said it's completely understandable if it ends up getting to that point as painful as it would be for many of us here.

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