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    02:19, January 5, 2014

    MSM PC game's files is looking for some new things...

    I also found this old decoration about 4 months ago, at the left. But they still didn't put it in the market. Its name is Jarhead!

    I rarely see this skeleton head on MSM Facebook Fan Page, at the right!

    Here its location on Windows 7:

    C:\Program Files\My Singing Monsters\data\gfx\structures\anim_jarhead_sheet

    1382021 416374958463849 1758050982 n


    Anim jarhead sheet


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    • I ran into the .PNG and .XML files yesterday, too, when I was looking into your other tip (on the unavailable ethereal creature). From the appearance of it, it seems like it belongs primarily to the water island, but since it's a decoration, it can probably go anywhere.

      I'm thinking I might tweak the resource files and try to fake the game into displaying one for me. Yes, I know that's kind of risky, but the result could be fun.

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    • Yes, I thought that. I wanted to do it, but I have a problem about the PC version. Before I do this, I need to fix this problem, below.

      I also found this text file. It has all texts of the game! But it is so complex.

      C:\Program Files\My Singing Monsters\data\text\en.utf8

      You can open it with notepad and see all texts.





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