• Anyone have any luck breeding these yet? Haven't seen many.

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    • Not I. Nor a Whisp or Boodoo, or Nebulob. Not for lack of trying either. I understand that BBB wants you to have a challenge, but this not challenging, it's frustrating. I wanted a Ghazt on Plant is. So bad. I must have made over twenty on Ethereal. Just about to trash the whole game!

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    • Aw, sorry to hear it, Frantastix. I have given up expecting to breed the Ethereals. I did manage to breed a Reebro and a Grumpyre but that's it! The rest I have had to use diamonds. I'm saving for a second Jeeode to transport and a Boodoo. I really feel that they are priced way too high and just about impossible breed. Good luck to you!

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    • The same to you Nanster. Like you, those are the only 2 i have been able to breed. I did get an Arackulele on the first try but i'm sure it was a fluke, LOL. Haven't been able to get another since. I just don't understand the logic that BBB is using. I have seen some islands that have MANY Jeeodes, but I doubt they were bred.

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