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Castle upgrade or new island?

  • Hey just wondering, I've managed to save around ten million so far (level seventeen, dont laugh;) ) but I can't decide whether to buy the next castle upgrade for my water island and finish that one off completely first, or to buy the earth island and finish them both at the same time? Just wondering how you guys are doing yours, whether you think one step at a time or whether to get it all and built each up slowly together.

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    • I try to make as much food as I can, then feed my big earners (Deedge,Entbrat,Riff,shellbeat,Spunge and my Quarrister on Earth island with that done I can Easily collect enough coins to upgrade castles and buy islands but thats just me. Also make sure there likes are 100% as long as they don't cost 10,000,000 for one item

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    • It depends. How important are diamonds? Option #1 if diamonds are important, new island and new mine. If diamonds are not so important, I would go with option #2 castle upgrade. When you see the price for castle upgrades on the new island you will wonder how you can ever afford. The answer, getting more income on the islands you already have, usually that is best accomplished with getting as many three or four bed (depends on how often you play and your musical preference) monsters as you can. I feel you get more bang for the buck upgrading castles on existing islands. Remember, there is a law of diminishing returns when you start feeding 3 or 4 bed monsters above level ten or bringing one or two bed monsters to too high a level. I tend to keep my 1 and 2 bed monsters at level four (exception are limiteds which I always bring up to level 15). Three and four bed monsters level 10-12. I will bring certain 3 and 4 bed monsters to level 15 only if I know I will keep them. In the past too often I wasted money bringing monsters to level 15 just to end up selling them off to make room for the limiteds. Now, I am referring to the strategy I use on my secondary account based on the lessons learned from my primary account.

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    • Well im level 30 and when i upgraded to a luxorius castle the turkey was doubled for thanksgiving so i spent my money on baking. then after i saved up to upgrade luxorius on water which just finished a couple hours

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    • I would go with the new island. I'm still building up my Cold Island, but I've bought Air and Water, just as a place to put more mines and ovens. The castles there are small, each just upgraded once, so I am not placing many monsters there yet, but it does allow me to farm 3-element and 4-element monsters on those two islands, just for added cash.

      The 6.5M gold for the first castle upgrade on the Water Island was a nuisance. The second castle upgrade costs 7.5M, and for the same price I can get the Earth Island, so the next time I save up for something big, it'll be the Earth Island. I'll have another mine, more ovens if I need them, and another hatchery where I can breed monsters for cash.

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