Teleporting Sooza

Teleporting a Sooza

You use the Teleporter to teleport monsters to an Outer Island. Like in the original game, doing so requires the monster to have a specific level, and the places to where it can go depend on its species.  


This table lists the monsters that are part of Dawn of Fire, and shows which Outer Islands they can be Teleported to.

Barrb Checkmark
Boskus Checkmark
Bowgart Checkmark Checkmark
Candelavra Checkmark Checkmark
Clamble Checkmark
Dandidoo Checkmark
Deedge Checkmark
Drummidary Checkmark
Drumpler Checkmark
Edamimi Checkmark
Entbrat Checkmark
Floogull Checkmark
Flowah Checkmark Checkmark
Flum Ox Checkmark
Furcorn Checkmark Checkmark
Fwog Checkmark
Glowl Checkmark
Kayna Checkmark Checkmark
Krillby Checkmark Checkmark
Mammott Checkmark Checkmark
Maw Checkmark
Noggin Checkmark Checkmark
Oaktopus Checkmark Checkmark
Pango Checkmark
Phangler Checkmark
PomPom Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Potbelly Checkmark Checkmark
Pummel Checkmark
Quarrister Checkmark
Quibble Checkmark Checkmark
Repatillo Checkmark
Rootitoot Checkmark
Shellbeat Checkmark Checkmark
Shrubb Checkmark
Sneyser Checkmark Checkmark
Sooza Checkmark
Stogg Checkmark Checkmark
Thumpies Checkmark
Thrumble Checkmark
Toe Jammer Checkmark
Tring Checkmark
T-Rox Checkmark
Tweedle Checkmark
Whaddle Checkmark
Woolabee Checkmark
Wynq Checkmark
Yelmut Checkmark
Ziggurab Checkmark Checkmark

Differences from the original game

  • It costs coins to teleport a monster. In the original game, teleportation was free.
  • it takes time (minutes or hours) to teleport a monster. It used to be near-instantaneous, though in the original game monsters had to be in a Nursery to incubate (in this game, the Nursery is not required).
  • Teleportation is required for a baby monster to age to its adult form. In MSM, there was no "baby" form to begin with;
    • In fact, teleported monsters in MSM do the opposite of aging: they revert back to eggs, and reset their levels.
  • After the Monster is Teleported, the player is awarded with Diamonds. In MSM, there is no reward (at least in the form of Currency).


  • There are no Quint-Element Monsters on Cave Island.
  • Only one monster, the PomPom, can be teleported to three islands.
  • Party Island and Cave Island have the lowest number of teleportable Monsters, while Space Island has the highest.
  • If you teleport a monster on an island; You recieve a portrait avatar.

Monsters (Dawn of Fire)
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