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Sugar is the third Masher Crafting Item and overall 10th Crafting Item to be unlocked in the game, along with Slime and Tropical Slime. Its market price is 158 - 263 Coin25px-DoF. It is unlocked at Level 10.


The Crafting Item Sugar is a cyan bowl of overfilled white sugar with a purple scooper inside the pile of sugar.


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To craft a Sugar, 3 Sugar Cane (Sugar Cane) must be made or purchased, and processed in the Masher. To start crafting a Sugar, drag the "Sugar" icon into the Structure. It takes 15 minutes to complete crafting of one Sugar, down to 10 minutes, 20 seconds on a max-level Masher.

Once a Sugar has finished production, it can be collected for 2 Experience.

Market availability


Sugar will likely sell much faster than can be bought. If you need Sugar via the Market, any time you see a Sugar item, quickly buy it as soon as you see it, even if you meet a messagebox that says that your Vault is full.


Sugar will sell very well when advertised, especially in groups of less than 5. It will sell reasonably well if not advertised, as long as other Crafting Items are advertised too, and/or if other players spy on your Market.

Skyship requirements

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To craft lots of Sugar, you'll need to craft lots of Sugar Cane. Please see Sugar Cane #Strategy for more info on crafting lots of Sugar Cane. You'll also need to be reasonably active to produce lots of Sugar.

Producing from scratch

The following table shows the list of Crafting Items involved in production of Sugars. It shows what Structures are required, what Crafting Items are being involved in each Structure, what recipes are required in each Structure, the total Crafting Items required to make the required ingredient Crafting Item(s) from scratch, the crafting time of the Crafting Items, and the total time required to make each ingredient Crafting Item from scratch.

Total cumulative time to craft a single Sugar is 30 minutes.

Ingredient Crafting Item(s) involved Recipe Cumulative
Crafting Time Cumulative
Garden Patch
Garden Patch
Crafting Item Sugar Cane
Sugar Cane (x3)
N/A N/A 5 minutes 15 minutes


  • Sugar is the first major intermediate Crafting Item to be unlocked.

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