The Spunge Plant's body is filled with inflatable chambers that can be filled with Air or Water. While singing, it uses Air to produce a pure whistling sound, but this Monster loves to aim and shoot a powerful jet of water at unsuspecting passersby.


The Spunge is a large, fat light green monster. Its body is just one big blob which squishes outwards where it's in contact with the ground, as if it doesn't have enough strength to hold its shape. It has two blue eyes and a green leaf on its head. It has two spindly arms (very small in proportion to its body), and no visible legs.

When this monster is idle, it stays in tempo by dancing and bopping its body upwards similar to the Toe Jammer.


Audio sample:
Memory Audio ABD

The Spunge Monster's song is a smooth whistling sound. On Cold Island, it sings " G# B C# B D#-----, G# B C# B D# F# D#, C# B".


The Spunge can be bred using monsters that combine to provide the elements of Air , Plant and Water . Possible combination(s):

Because the Toe Jammer takes much less time to hatch than either Potbelly or Tweedle, and all of the two-element monsters require the same amount of time, the first combination will provide more breeding opportunities in the same time period (on average).

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

Earning rate is in coins per hour and depends on Happiness % (Likes increase Happiness), also each monster has a limit to how much income it can hold at a time. Increasing the monster's level increases the limit.

Level Per Minute Coins 2.0 Maximum Coins 2.0
0% Happiness 25% Happiness 50% Happiness 75% Happiness 100% Happiness
1 6 7 9 10 12 2,880
2 10 12 15 17 20 4,608
3 14 17 21 24 28 6,912
4 19 23 28 33 38 9,216
5 24 30 36 42 48 11,520
6 29 36 43 50 58 13,824
7 34 42 51 59 68 16,128
8 38 47 57 66 76 18,432
9 43 53 64 75 86 20,736
10 48 60 72 84 96 23,040
11 53 66 79 92 106 25,344
12 58 72 87 101 116 27,648
13 62 77 93 108 124 29,952
14 67 83 100 117 134 32,256
15 72 90 108 126 144 34,560

Feeding Monsters

Each monster needs to be fed four times before it reaches the next level. Increasing the monster's level increases the coins earned per minute, as well as the maximum coins earned.  The food per level is the same for all three element monsters and can be found in this article.


  • DandidooGo to Dandidoo
  • Stritch SkinGo to Stritch Skin
  • Barbloo StatueGo to Barbloo Statue
  • Bloofi TreeGo to Bloofi Tree

Every monster has different things that they like. For every unique object that they like that's placed near the monster (if not using a Unity Tree), the monster's happiness will increase by 25%. Placing two of the same liked item near a monster will still only increase happiness by 25%. Below are the things liked by Spunge:

See the Likes page to view a complete list of all monsters' likes.

Wublin Egg Consumption

While trying to breed other monsters (particularly monsters with a very low chance of breeding), the following Wublins can be used to "dispose of" Spunge eggs immediately instead of putting them into a Nursery and having that Nursery not be available.

Monster EggWublin 1Wublin 2Wublin 3Wublin 4Wublin 5Wublin 6
Spunge Egg
Fleechwurm Statue 400x400
MySingingMonsters Maulch statue
Screemu asleep
6 eggs3 eggs6 eggs2 eggs6 eggs4 eggs

Note that bred monster eggs can only be "disposed of" into inactive Wublin statues; active Wublins do not accept monster eggs. Also note that inactive Wublin statues to which you have already disposed the number of Spunge eggs that Wublin accepts, will no longer be available as a "recycle bin" for such eggs.


Some items to take into consideration when designing your island by strategy are number of beds for the monster, rate of income per bed, max income per bed, and time for max income to be reached. The income below is for level 15:

Number of Beds 3
Rate of Income High 144
Rate of Income Low 72
Max Income 34,560
Rate of Income per Bed High 48
Rate of Income per Bed Low 24
Max Income per Bed 11,520
Time to Max Income @ High 4 hours
Time to Max Income @ Low 8 hours

Name Origin

The Spunge's name may come from the Sponge, probably because the two creatures are able to absorb air and water, and spray it when necessary.

Rare Version

Rare Spunge

     Main Article: Rare Monsters

Rares are special versions of monsters that are only available to buy and breed on weekends. Each weekend a different rare is available to buy or breed. The breeding combination is the same as a regular monster, but the breeding time is longer, the "likes" are different, and the earning rates are higher. They are not yet available in the Windows version of the game.

Find out more about the rare version of the Spunge on the Rare Spunge page.

Special Occasions

     Main Article: Special Occasions

Christmas Spunge


During the Christmas season of December 2013, all Spunges on all islands wore a layered turtleneck sweater as part of the Cold Island Christmas celebration.

This outfit didn't return in 2014.


During the 2014 Halloween celebration on Plant Island, all Spunges on all Islands dressed up as vampires. This was the result of a Facebook contest to determine a new costume. The Spunge is the second monster to dress up for Halloween but not be on Plant Island, after the Pompom.  Its costume appeared the day before Halloween, long after the other monsters had dressed up. (NOTE: The vampire Spunge was NOT included for PC players.)

The bloated bloodsucker returned for the Halloween Season of 2015, this time bringing its mutated, three eyed, six armed pal with it. The Spunge was also the first monster to not have a brand new costume for 2015.


  • The Spunge appears on a T-shirt, on which the Spunge blows the seeds out of an unsuspecting Dandidoo. The Dandidoo then starts to cry, so the Spunge, in sorrow, gives the bald Dandidoo a hug. This is presented in comic form, and this may be the reason why he likes her.
  • The Spunge's arms are similar to that of the concept Maw.

Breeding Eggs Feeding Likes

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