In My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, the monsters still celebrated Christmas and other real-world celebrations. Special Occasions started in the 1.3.0 update, and from that day all the monsters on Continent dress up in costumes and decorate to celebrate Christmas, similar to how the Christmas Special Occasion was celebrated in the original game.


Young monsters dress up during the Festival of Yay. However, as they grow up in the Outer Islands, they might have lost their Christmas spirit. Below is a list of different changes to the game representing each different aspect of Christmas. (Please try getting more images of Christmas costumes for DoF at Christmas time. Thanks.) (Please check for differences at Continent, Outer Islands, etc.)

For an unknown reason, they only dressed in 2015, not in 2016.

Changes in Monsters

Monster Name Usual Appearance Altered Appearance
B potbelly baby
DoF Potbelly baby Xmas 2015
CE Dumpler baby
Young Drumpler Xmas 2015
BE furcorn baby
DoF Furcorn baby Xmas 2015
BD oaktopus baby
DoF Oaktopus baby Xmas 2015
F kayna baby
DoF Kayna baby Xmas 2015
CF stegosynth baby
DoF Stogg baby Xmas 2015
DF angler baby
DoF Phangler baby Xmas 2015
CEF crabstack baby
DoF Ziggurab baby Xmas 2015
CDF stretchneck baby
CDF thrumble baby christmas
ADF duckfeet baby
ADF whaddle baby christmas
ACF trumpet baby
ACF floogull baby christmas
AEF lyresheep baby
DoF Woolabee baby Xmas 2015
Object of Change Usual Appearance Altered Appearance
Cold Tree
Obs tree cold
Cold Rock
Rock cold christmas
Wondermine Wondermine
Str cave of wonder christmas



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