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"In a remarkable confluence of legendary energies, the dimensional fabric bridging our reality and the monster realm has revealed an all new island! Supervised by the Shugabush, a host of other monsters have been invited to join together with the band and create a musical experience like never before!"


Shugabush Island was unlocked in the 1.2.4 update on December 10th 2013. It is available for free, but only Level 15 monsters from other islands may be placed on it. It can be accessed, after purchasing Air Island.

Like Ethereal Island, monsters on this island can only be Teleported here from other islands, once fed to level 15. Teleporting will reset their levels back to one, and turn the monsters into eggs again. Teleportation is currently impossible to reverse, so the monsters will stay permanently on Shugabush island.

If a monster is fed to level 15 on Shugabush Island, they will appear in the "place" list on Gold Island, but "Because of conflicts in the interdimensional magic on Shugabush Island, this monster cannot be placed on Gold island," probably because BBB has yet to integrate the rest of the Shugafam into Gold Island's song.

Shugabush Island

Shugabush Island

Indigenous Monsters

The Monsters of Shugabush Island are mostly of the Legendary element, but a few others include monsters of Plant, Cold, Air, Water, and Earth elements. They include:

Monster Level Available Breeding Time Element(s)
Potbelly 9 2 hours Plant
Mammott 2 2 minutes Cold
Shugabush 9 35 hours Legendary
Shugabass ? 35 hours Legendary
Shugitar ? 35 hours Legendary
Shugajo ? 35 hours Legendary
Shugarock ? 35 hours Legendary
Shugabuzz ? 35 hours Legendary
Shugabeats ? 35 hours Legendary
Shugavox ? 35 hours Legendary
Quibble 7 8 hours Air, Water
Oaktopus 9 8 hours Plant, Water
Furcorn 9 8 hours Plant, Cold
Pompom 7 12 hours Cold, Air, Earth
Deedge 9 24 hours Plant, Cold, Air, Water

Rocks and Trees

Earn experience points by removing the trees and rocks from the island. Detailed information can be found in the article on obstacles.
Shugabush Island Button
Market symbol for Shugabush Island

Castle Upgrades

Upgrade the Castle to unlock more beds. Each monster requires a specified amount of beds, which is equal to the number of elements the monster has, excluding Non-natural  Monsters, which each take from two to six beds. For full details about the castle upgrades, please see the castle article.


While the song of the island is crucial, users may also want to use some of these numbers to help with planning which monsters to feed first and make 100% happy first, as well as plan frequency of coin collection. The numbers below are as follows:

Rate Rate of income per bed at level 15 and at 100% happy
Max Maximum income per bed at level 15
Time Time to maximum income at level 15 and at 100% happy

It should be noted that Rates are half the shown values for 0% happy, and Times are double the shown values for 0% happy.

Monster Rate Max Time
Potbelly 72 216 00:03:00 hours
Mammott 72 360 00:05:00 hours
Shugabush 145 22,571.5 02:35:40 hours
Shugabass 145 22,571.5 02:35:40 hours
Shugitar 145 22,571.5 02:35:40 hours
Shugajo 145 22,571.5 02:35:40 hours
Shugarock 145 22,571.5 02:35:40 hours
Shugabuzz 145 22,571.5 02:35:40 hours
Shugabeats 145 22,571.5 02:35:40 hours
Shugavox 145 22,571.5 02:35:40 hours
Quibble 36 1,350 00:37:30 hours
Oaktopus 60 1,800 00:30:00 hours
Furcorn 60 1,350 00:22:30 hours
Pompom 64 11,520 03:00:00 hours
Deedge 60 51,840 14:24:00 hours

Plant island Cold island
Plant Island Cold Island
Air island Water Island Earth Island
Air Island Water Island Earth Island
Gold Island EtherealIsland Shugabush Island Button
Gold Island Ethereal Island Shugabush Island

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