Dawn of Fire

Baby Bio:

Shrubb seedlings babble and drool, constantly experimenting with novel vocal sound effects. They possess innate musicality and rhythm control from the moment they hatch. While young, Shrubbs remain firmly planted in pot-like capsules, the knotted, bark-like texture of which hinting at a long-leggedy stature.

Adult Bio:

​Gently pas-de-bourree-ing into graceful adulthood, the adult Shrubb can finally stretch its springy legs, possessed of incredible tensile strength. This Monster produces enough saliva to water itself, hence its vigorous greenery. In fact, over-watering would be an on-going problem but for the fact that it so throughly enjoys spraying its neighbors - whether or not they request it. The Shrubb is generous that way.


Shrubb was added to Dawn of Fire in update 1.9.0. From the returning original game, the baby Shrubb has a green bush as a body and a tiny twig on its back that is similar to a sprout. The Shrubb's twiggy fingers are not sharp and doesn't have its vine-like beard on its chin. The Shrubb is inside the pot to rock back and forth while it starts playing.

As an adult, it appears as its iconic Shrubb look of the original game, My Singing Monsters.


Baby Shrubb

The Shrubb produces by beat boxing and even buzzing its lips together to make a fantastic sound. On the continent, the Shrubb plays its part as the Oaktopus's part the Whaddle's second part or the Phangler's part.

On Party Island, it plays in the fast pace. It plays during its part where the Mammott, Potbelly, and Oaktopus do their parts.


The Shrubb can be bred with the elements of Plant and Earth. The only possible combination is:

Feeding Monsters

The Shrubb will request food and/or non-food items that are the products of Structures. If you cannot give the monster the food or items it requires, you can click the New Order button. After a 15 minute wait, it will ask for a new combination of foods or other items.


When given the wanted foods or items, like any monster, it will reward you coins.


Shrubb can be teleported to Party Island when fed to Level 5 at a cost of 300Coin25px-DoF and a reward of Diamonds (Dawn of Fire)2. Teleport time to Party Island is 5 minutes.

Name Origin

Shrubb is a pun on "Shrub", referencing the one on the monsters' back.It has two B's as in beatboxer. It might also be a portmanteau of "shrub" and "scrub"


  • The Shrubb is the first Party Island exclusive Monster to be released. The next four ended up being Maw, Edamimi, T-Rox/DoF, and Quarrister/DoF.
  • Shrubb is the only monster in DOF to be in an object as a baby, and fully stand on its own as an adult.

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