Relics are currency in My Singing Monsters. They can be obtained through daily scratch tickets, the Daily Login Bonus, or by trading Diamonds for them. 100 are needed to purchase a Werdo.

Exchanging diamonds

The diamond exchange rate prices are as follows:

  • first – 3 diamonds per 1 relic
  • second - 6 diamonds per 1 relic
  • third - 9 diamonds per 1 relic
  • fourth - 12 diamonds per 1 relic
  • fifth - 19 diamonds per 1 relic
  • sixth - 27 diamonds per 1 relic
  • seventh - 39 diamonds per 1 relic
  • eighth - 50 diamonds per 1 relic

The maximum cost of a relic is 50 diamonds per 1 relic. This counter resets daily (at precisely 12:00pm UTC), first exchange on the next day costs 3 diamonds again.


  • Relics are apparently what make Werdos be able to sing comprehensive full lyrics. Link.

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