Can you spot the Rare Potbelly? ... No seriously, those weights are pretty heavy, and it needs a spotter. This Monster is focused on self-improvement wherever possible, which sets it apart from the garden variety that's more than happy to remain languid and pudgy. Maintaining its six-pack and getting regular braces adjustments are of the utmost priority. Because of its fixation on fitness, the Rare Potbelly is hard-pressed to stay in one place for too long, but if you plant the idea in their multiple heads that it can exercise on your islands as much as it wants, it will stick around.


The Rare Potbelly is notably different from its original counterpart. It has grown a third head, and its lips are bright red, similar to lipstick. It now has 4 leaves instead of 3, and its entire body is reddish orange. The Rare Potbelly also has braces, a six-pack instead of a pot belly stomach, and different leaves.


Audio sample:

The Rare Potbelly's contribution to an island's song is a two-part harmony of nasal, staccato vocals that go "bup" or "bawmp". The Rare Potbelly's two smaller heads frequently take solo lines, riffing on the larger head's steady line.


Similar to the Rare Mammott, the Rare Potbelly (when available) may result from a combination of any two triple-element monsters who both share the Plant element. These include:

(Try to avoid using Bowgart and Clamble together on Plant Island, as this is also the combination for a Shugabush.)

In addition, it may be possible to produce one on Shugabush Island by breeding a regular Potbelly with a Shugabush. However, it's probably easier to teleport one from a different island after feeding it up to Level 15, since "failed" breeding attempts on Shugabush Island are likely to lead to either a Shugabush or a Shugabass, which take a long time to get through the Breeder and Nursery.

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

Earning rate is in coins per hour and depends on Happiness % (Likes increase Happiness), also each monster has a limit to how much income it can hold at a time. Increasing the monster's level increases the limit.

Level Per Minute Coins 2.0 Maximum Coins 2.0
0% Happiness 25% Happiness 50% Happiness 75% Happiness 100% Happiness
1 3 3 4 5 6 240
2 6 7 9 10 12 384
3 8 10 12 14 16 576
4 12 15 18 21 24 768
5 15 18 22 26 30 960
6 17 21 25 29 34 1,152
7 21 26 31 36 42 1,344
8 23 28 34 40 46 1,536
9 27 33 40 47 54 1,728
10 30 37 45 52 60 1,920
11 32 40 48 56 64 2,112
12 36 45 54 63 72 2,304
13 38 47 57 66 76 2,496
14 42 52 63 73 84 2,688
15 45 56 67 78 90 2,880
16 47 58 70 82 94 3,024
17 49 61 73 85 98 3,144
18 50 62 75 87 100 3,239
19 51 63 76 89 102 3,304
20 52 65 78 91 104 3,337

Feeding Monsters

Each monster needs to be fed four times before it reaches the next level. Increasing the monster's level increases the coins earned per minute, as well as the maximum coins earned.  The food per level is the same for all single element monsters and can be found in this article.


  • NogginGo to Noggin
  • MammottGo to Mammott
  • Toe JammerGo to Toe Jammer
  • TweedleGo to Tweedle
  • PotbellyGo to Potbelly
  • EntbratGo to Entbrat
  • QuarristerGo to Quarrister

Every monster has different things that they like. For every unique object that they like that's placed near the monster (if not using a Unity Tree), the monster's happiness will increase by 25%. Placing two of the same liked item near a monster will still only increase happiness by 25%. Below are the things liked by Rare Potbelly:

See the Likes page to view a complete list of all monsters' likes.


Some items to take into consideration when designing your island by strategy are number of beds for the monster, rate of income per bed, max income per bed, and time for max income to be reached. The income below is for level 15:

Number of Beds 1
Rate of Income High 90
Rate of Income Low 45
Max Income 2,880
Rate of Income per Bed High 90
Rate of Income per Bed Low 45
Max Income per Bed 2,880
Time to Max Income @ High 3 min.
Time to Max Income @ Low 6 min.

Special Occasions

Main article: Special Occasions
Rare Potbelly Xmas 2015


Just as the Rare Potbelly's common cousin dresses up, the Rare Potbelly also wears a Santa hat on the top head. Its terracotta pot becomes the same as it would for the common Potbelly. The only other major difference is just the added red leaves, which appear as the common Potbelly's leaves.


  • The Rare Potbelly is the second single element rare in the game.
  • The Rare Potbelly was hinted in the start screen rather than in the news.
  • The third head of the Rare Potbelly sings along with the other small head.
  • This monster was the third monster to be featured in the 5th Anniversary Month's "In Rare Form" Promotion. It was presented on the 3rd day.
  • Ironically, Rare Potbelly doesn’t actually have a potbelly.
  • Rare Potbelly’s pot has the same design as common Potbelly’s.

Breeding Eggs Feeding Likes

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