After scouring the World for what felt like forever, the Rare Noggin has been unearthed. Not satisfied with a simple existence as a musical rock, this capricious creature reinvented itself as the building block of an exotic edifice. Because of their limited maneouvrability [sic], it's unclear whether a group of Rare Noggins could ever actually cooperate to build anything... perhaps a more down-to-earth goal would be to just keep the rhythm for its fellow monsters.


The Rare Noggin is very different from its original counterpart. It has gold colored hands and feet with purple toenails. It has two golden small tusks with a small portion painted purple as well. The most notable difference is that the Rare Noggin is cube shaped with gold trimming on the edges and corners, along with its purple eyes.


The Rare Noggin Monster's contribution to an island's song is a percussive tapping, similar to the skin of a bongo being struck with a drumstick. Their hands beat a rhythm onto the top of their heads.


The Rare Noggin may result from breeding any two distinct triple-element monsters that share the Earth element. These include:

It takes 6 hours to breed, and 6 more to incubate.

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

Earning rate is in coins per hour and depends on Happiness % (Likes increase Happiness), also each monster has a limit to how much income it can hold at a time. Increasing the monster's level increases the limit.

Level Per Minute Coins 2.0 Maximum Coins 2.0
0% Happiness 25% Happiness 50% Happiness 75% Happiness 100% Happiness
1 5 6 7 8 10 240
2 7 8 10 12 14 384
3 12 15 18 21 24 576
4 16 20 24 28 32 768
5 20 25 30 35 40 960
6 23 28 34 40 46 1,152
7 27 33 40 47 54 1,344
8 32 40 48 56 64 1,536
9 36 45 54 63 72 1,728
10 40 50 60 70 80 1,920
11 43 53 64 75 86 2,112
12 47 58 70 82 94 2,304
13 52 65 78 91 104 2,496
14 56 70 84 98 112 2,688
15 60 75 90 105 120 2,880


  • NogginGo to Noggin
  • MammottGo to Mammott
  • Toe JammerGo to Toe Jammer
  • TweedleGo to Tweedle
  • DrumplerGo to Drumpler
  • PotbellyGo to Potbelly
  • ShellbeatGo to Shellbeat

Every monster has different things that they like. For every unique object that they like that's placed near the monster (if not using a Unity Tree), the monster's happiness will increase by 25%. Placing two of the same liked item near a monster will still only increase happiness by 25%. Below are the things liked by Rare Noggin:

See the Likes page to view a complete list of all monsters' likes.


Some items to take into consideration when designing your island by strategy are number of beds for the monster, rate of income per bed, max income per bed, and time for max income to be reached. The income below is for level 15:

Number of Beds 1
Rate of Income High 120
Rate of Income Low 60
Max Income 2,880
Rate of Income per Bed High 120
Rate of Income per Bed Low 60
Max Income per Bed 2,880
Time to Max Income @ High 24 minutes
Time to Max Income @ Low 48 minutes

Special Occasions

Main article: Special Occasions


Rare Noggin Halloween 2015
Rare Noggin Halloween 2016

For Halloween 2015, Rare Noggin became candy along with its common companion, but instead of candy corn, it became a caramel.

In October 20th 2016, it dressed up as a white gaming die with black spots.


  • The Rare Noggin was the last natural single element rare to be released, and overall the last natural Rare released. Rare Whisp is the last Rare ever added to the game.
  • The texture of its body is similar to that of its normal counterpart.
  • The Rare Noggin has a golden outlining and horns pretruding from it's chest.

Breeding Eggs Feeding Likes

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