Given the Mammott's range across several habitats, one can expect to catch the common cold element many times. The Rare Mammott is a monster of a different color; it is a master of Hide-and-Seek and uses its stripes to camouflage seamlessly with its surroundings. It's even been known to taunt other monsters by using its talent to throw its rumbly voice halfway across an island. The most resourceful will learn that the Rare Mammott can be caught when given the cold shoulder.


The Rare Mammott is similar to the original Mammott. Its fur is blue with white stripes on its arms. It has two small gray horns on its head, and its eyes are now lime green. The Rare Mammott retains the original Mammott's hands and feet.


Audio sample:
Memory Audio E

The Rare Mammott's contribution to an island's song is a deep, rumbly bass vocal line that goes "bum" or "heyyooo" (Air Island Song). When the Mammott sings its first part of the Plant Island song, it sings the word "hum" before the word "bum".


Any pair of three-element monsters, as long as they both have the Cold element, can potentially breed a Rare Mammott. The Rare Mammott may be produced by combining the following monsters on islands where both can be found:

In addition to this list, it's possible to breed one on Shugabush Island using a regular Mammott and Shugabush. However, it may be easier to breed a second Rare Mammott on a different island and teleport it to Shugabush Island (after feeding it to Level 15). This is because the Shugarock could be made in Shugabush Island, and Shugarocks take a very long time to push through the Breeding Structure and the Nursery.

Just as the Mammott + Shugabush combination in Shugabush Island is not the best solution, it is not advised to breed a Clamble and Bowgart on Plant Island since it is the same combination as a Shugabush, which takes a very long time to get through the Breeding Structure and the Nursery.

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

Earning rate is in coins per hour and depends on Happiness % (Likes increase Happiness), also each monster has a limit to how much income it can hold at a time. Increasing the monster's level increases the limit.

Level Per Minute Coins 2.0 Maximum Coins 2.0
0% Happiness 25% Happiness 50% Happiness 75% Happiness 100% Happiness
1 3 3 4 5 6 240
2 6 7 9 10 12 384
3 8 10 12 14 16 576
4 12 15 18 21 24 768
5 15 18 22 26 30 960
6 17 21 25 29 34 1,152
7 21 26 31 36 42 1,344
8 23 28 34 40 46 1,536
9 27 33 40 47 54 1,728
10 30 37 45 52 60 1,920
11 32 40 48 56 64 2,112
12 36 45 54 63 72 2,304
13 38 47 57 66 76 2,496
14 42 52 63 73 84 2,688
15 45 56 67 78 90 2,880
16 47 58 70 82 94 3,024
17 49 61 73 85 98 3,144
18 50 62 75 87 100 3,239
19 51 63 76 89 102 3,304
20 52 65 78 91 104 3,337

Feeding Monsters

Each monster needs to be fed four times before it reaches the next level. Increasing the monster's level increases the coins earned per minute. The food per level is the same for all single element monsters and can be found in this article.


  • NogginGo to Noggin
  • MammottGo to Mammott
  • Toe JammerGo to Toe Jammer
  • TweedleGo to Tweedle
  • PomPomGo to PomPom
  • PotbellyGo to Potbelly
  • DeedgeGo to Deedge

Every monster has different things that they like. For every unique object that they like that's placed near the monster (if not using a Unity Tree), the monster's happiness will increase by 25%. Placing two of the same liked item near a monster will still only increase happiness by 25%. Below are the things liked by Rare Mammott:

See the Likes page to view a complete list of all monsters' likes.

The Rare Mammot has a different style of likes from the other monsters. Decorations have no effect on it; it likes only other monsters.

The PomPom and the Deedge are only liked on Shugabush Island.


Some items to take into consideration when designing your island by strategy are number of beds for the monster, rate of income per bed, max income per bed, and time for max income to be reached. The income below is for level 15:

Number of Beds 1
Rate of Income High 90
Rate of Income Low 45
Max Income 2,880
Rate of Income per Bed High 90
Rate of Income per Bed Low 45
Max Income per Bed 2,880
Time to Max Income @ High 5:00 minutes
Time to Max Income @ Low 10:00 minutes

Special Occasions

Main article: Special Occasions


For the Halloween Season of 2015, the Rare Mammott joined its common counterpart in painting itself to look like a skeleton. However, to make itself stand out more, it also gave itself an eerie green tint. Repeated for 25th October 2016.

Name Origin

The name "Mammott"  may come from the already extinct Mammoth, because of the furry coats and affinity to cold that both the monster and the ancient creature have.


  • The Rare Mammott is the first single element rare to be released.
  • On Plant Island the breeding combination is the same as the Shugabush.
  • During the first few days of its release, its maximum income was relatively close to the amount of the Mammott. A few days later, the Level 1 maximum income raised from 37 to 240 coins.
  • Some of Rare Mammot’s possible names are references to Star Wars: Hawth (Planet Hoth,) Layuh (Princess/General Leia,) Shkywok (Luke/Anakin Skywalker,) Solo (Han Solo,) Tonton (tauntaun,) and Wompuh (Wampa.)
    • It is also worth mentioning that the regular Mammott has the possible name "Chewy," which could be a reference to Chewbacca.

Breeding Eggs Feeding Likes

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