Very few have actually witnessed it, but it's said that the Rare Dragong has limited flight capabilities! The coloration of its plates is actually owing to the fact that they are hot to the touch. Then, it simply heats the air below it, and surfs around on the updraft. The ingenuity of Rarethereals never ceases to amaze.


The Rare Dragong appears similar to the regular Dragong except it has blue skin instead of its counterpart's pink-ish skin, 2 pairs of horns instead of ears, horns on its knees, a mohawk hair-style on its back and head, and red cymbals instead of yellow.


Audio sample:
Memory Audio KM

The Rare Dragong plays the same tune as its counterpart the Dragong.


Rare Dragong can only be bred on Ethereal Island. And, like all other Rares, it is only available for breeding during short time periods announced in the game. During these times, Rare Dragong may also be purchased for a price of 2,000 diamonds.

The Rare Dragong can be bred using a combination of a Mech and Poison. It can be bred using either their common versions or their Rare counterparts. Possible combination(s):

It can also be bred using a combination of a regular Dragong and any other monster. When a Rare Dragong is available, breeding it with a regular Dragong is recommended.

Failed breeding results in a parent monster or Dragong. It is assumed that the Rare Dragong's chances of breeding are less than the common Dragong's. It is unknown if any factors other than Wishing Torches might affect the chance of success, such as breeding using Rare parents.

Earning Rate and Maximum Income

Earning rate is in shards per hour and depends on Happiness % (Likes increase Happiness), also each monster has a limit to how much income it can hold at a time. Increasing the monster's level increases the limit.

Level Per Hour Shards Maximum Shards
0% Happiness 25% Happiness 50% Happiness 75% Happiness 100% Happiness
1 4 5 6 7 8 39
2 6 7 9 10 12 63
3 9 11 13 15 18 93
4 12 15 18 21 24 124
5 15 18 22 26 30 155
6 18 22 27 31 36 186
7 21 26 31 36 42 218
8 24 30 36 42 48 248
9 27 33 40 47 54 279
10 30 37 45 52 60 310
11 33 41 49 57 66 341
12 36 45 54 63 72 373
13 39 48 58 68 78 403
14 42 52 63 73 84 434
15 45 56 67 78 90 465

Feeding Monsters

Each monster needs to be fed four times before it reaches the next level. Increasing the monster's level increases the shards earned per hour. The food per level is the same for all Ethereal monsters of the same element count and can be found in this article.


  • DragongGo to Dragong
  • Fire BushGo to Fire Bush
  • CastanevineGo to Castanevine
  • Eerie RemainsGo to Eerie Remains

Every monster has different things that they like. For every unique object that they like that's placed near the monster (if not using a Unity Tree), the monster's happiness will increase by 25%. Placing two of the same liked item near a monster will still only increase happiness by 25%. Below are the things liked by Rare Dragong:

See the Likes page to view a complete list of all monsters' likes.


Some items to take into consideration when designing your island by strategy are number of beds for the monster, rate of income per bed, max income per bed, and time for max income to be reached.

Number of Beds 10
Rate of Income High 90
Rate of Income Low 45
Max Income 465
Rate of Income per Bed High ?
Rate of Income per Bed Low ?
Max Income per Bed ?
Time to Max Income @ High ?
Time to Max Income @ Low ?


  • Current teaser
  • Rare Dragong release
  • The Rare Ethereal Monsters are nicknamed "Raretherals".
  • Rare Dragong is the 4th Raretheral, first available on July 8, 2016
  • As all Double Element Rarethereals appear in Ethereal Island only, they can be bred with a common Dragong as well.
  • Currently, it is not available from the StarShop.
  • Rare Dragong is the second Rarethereal hybrid to be released.
  • Rare Dragong's ability to fly, limited or not, defies Earth physics.

Breeding Eggs Feeding Likes

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