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My Singing Monsters
Monster eggs must incubate. Some will hatch quickly while others need a long time. The Nursery can only accommodate a single egg, but it will receive the tenderest of pampering.

A nursery is a Structure used to hatch Eggs. Each island comes pre-equipped with its own nursery, which can be moved if so desired, but not sold or purchased. An egg must wait in the Breeding Structure until it is ready to hatch. This incubation can be sped up with Diamonds.

Eggs that are ready to hatch can either be placed on the island (which awards Experience), or sold straight from the nursery (without placing).

With the update to version 1.1.3, a Scratch Ticket game was added to the Nursery sub-menu. Prizes are various monsters, including limited time monsters such as the Punkleton on Plant Island. Users get one free ticket per week, which can be played on any of the Natural Islands. Additional tickets can be purchased for diamonds, 10Diamond25px per additional ticket.

When a monster that has achieved Level 15 is teleported to another island, it is removed from the original island and is reborn as an egg in the destination one, thus returning to a nursery once again.

Bonus Nursery

Market Icon
Spent cash and got this.
The following is about a premium structure.
Please only edit this if you are eligible of obtaining it on your island(s).
It's especially advantageous to have a Bonus Nursery on hand when seeking special Monsters to add to your collection. The Monster-Handlers would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you for your support of My Singing Monsters! They couldn't do it without you!

Beginning with Version 1.3.3, it's possible for users who have previously purchased at least one item for the game to buy a second Nursery for each Island, at a cost of 60 diamonds. Note that there is little reason to buy a Bonus Nursery without also having a Bonus Breeding Structure on the Island.

Enhanced Nursery

Cutting-edge advances in Monster-Nursology [sic] have culminated in this brand new structure upgrade! The Enhanced Nursery Features a warmer lamp, gnarlier toadstools, and shorter incubation times... 25% shorter that is!

As with the old Nursery, some monster eggs will hatch quickly while others need a long time. The enhanced Nursery can accomodate only a single egg, but it will receive the tenderest of pampering.

With version 1.3.0, it became possible to upgrade the Nursery by spending 25 gems, and doing so reduces incubation wait times by 25%.

The visible differences in the Enhanced Nursery are that there is an added metal ring around the "bed", there is an added golden wire, the light is a lot stronger, and the large mushroom has larger and leveled spots.

This upgrade is available in the mobile-device versions of the game, and does not require any real-money purchase.

Since the breeding and hatching times for any given monster are the same, and an egg must go through both processes one after the other, there is no benefit to enhancing the Nursery unless you also enhance the Breeding Structure.


  • Gold IslandWublin Island, and Tribal Island are the only islands to not have a nursery, because monster eggs cannot currently be brought there.
  • The nurseries of special islands, such as the ones in the Ethereal and Shugabush islands, do not have the "Scratch Ticket" functionality. Since it's very expensive to get a monster ready to teleport to these islands, or to purchase a monster there, the scratch ticket would make it too cheap and easy to develop these islands.
Luxuriouscastle200 Breeding Nursery Bakery Mini-Mine IMG 1107 Wishing Torch
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Fuzer Time Machine Recording Studio Unity Tree Storage Structure Hotel Structure

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