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My Singing Monsters: Official Guide is an app published to the App Store and Google Play Store by Big Blue Bubble on June 21, 2017. Its purpose is to provide information and insight on the content of the My Singing Monsters universe. The app provides information on the games' various currencies, monsters, breeding combinations, decorations, and structures. 

The app covers the content of both My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, making it a useful resource for both old and new players alike.


My Singing Monsters Official Guide is an official guide of all monsters, breeding combinations, structures, decorations, and currencies in the game My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.

In iOS, it is compatible with all devices running iOS 7 or better. On its slowest compatible device, iPhone 4, it runs very slowly but is reasonably stable.

More information TBA.

Comparison with My Singing Monsters Wiki

Compared with this wiki, My Singing Monsters Wiki, My Singing Monsters Official Guide is easily accessible with mobile devices, as it loads faster in these apps than it is to look at pages around this wiki. However, one limitation with My Singing Monsters Official Guide is that the content is limited to only the monsters, currencies, breeding combinations, decorations, and structures. My Singing Monsters Wiki, on the other hand, is capable of discussing strategies and describing aspects of each game aspect with open sentences, rather than words limited to a simple in-game summary. One major drawback of My Singing Monsters Official Guide though is that it does not mention the songs of monsters directly.



  • Rare Potbelly's leaves aren't red like they should be.
  • Rare Pummel's upper hands move really randomly.
  • Adult Maw in DOF looks exactly like the original Maw, but still has it's DOF animation.
  • Wubbox's eyelids are grey instead of red.
  • Rare Whisp's eye animation is incorrect and it doesn't have its creepy smile like it does in MSM.
  • Rare Wubbox Castle is shown as Wubbox Castle.
  • Poewk's eye animation is incorrect.
  • Vegidian Crystal and Polished Vegidian Crystal has the old version of their images.
  • It sometimes show codenames instead of actual names.
  • Vault had a leaked upgrade image which was removed almost quickly after the first release.
  • Other possible breeding combinations are missing like (Pummel + Kayna = Edamimi) or (Edamimi + Tweedle = Candelavra)
  • Drummidary is missing.



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