My Singing Monsters is a unique musical world-builder game developed for the mobile platform. It unites a passion for music and play with the irresistible challenge of collecting. Each charming character adds its own unique voice to a growing musical menagerie. Its appeal is universal - players of all ages relish the excitement of discovering a new monster’s musical talent and adding it to their symphony. My Singing Monsters is much more than just a game - it’s a window to a world of limitless imagination in which creativity and music are the building blocks of a rich and engaging mobile experience.

Bring the Monsters to life and into your home with our fun collection of apparel, accessories, books and Plushes.

~ Amazon description of My Singing Monsters
My Singing Monsters is a beloved and critically acclaimed top-grossing game on the App Store and Google Play. The free-to-play family-friendly title explores rich intriguing worlds as players are engaged in discovery, creativity, and delight by breeding and feeding Singing Monsters to build unique melodies.

Big Blue Bubble has transformed My Singing Monsters into an award-winning franchise that now spans gaming, licensing, books, merchandising, and digital media.

~ Facebook long description

My Singing Monsters is a franchise of My Singing Monsters and My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, as well as games based upon them. It had first been developed from the making of the game My Singing Monsters, in September 2012. Since then, from popularity of the game, the game had further developed, adding new features to the game, expanding to games based upon the original game, and to official My Singing Monsters merchandise. The popularity of the game had also created a My Singing Monsters community, which includes fan images and videos of My Singing Monsters, within and outside the game.


From the popularity of the original game My Singing Monsters, games based upon the original game had been released. My Mammott was the first spin-off of the game and was released at 15th July 2014 (?). A similar spin-off of the original, My PomPom, was released on 15th November 2014 (?).

In August 2015, the release of the Kayna and Tribal Island began to start developing the sequel game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, with slightly different mechanics to the original game.

Late in 2015, another spin-off of My Singing Monsters was released, having elements of a match-three game. This spin-off was Furcorn's Jelly Dreams. However, it had became unsupported with the release of Jammer Splash, a similar match-three game with similar mechanics.


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My Singing Monsters also has merchandise relating to their own games. A list of merchandise is shown below:

  • Entbrat Plush Toy
  • Furcorn Plush Toy
  • Mammott Plush Toy
  • PomPom Plush Toy

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