Up to 3 Monsters on your Continent may have a blue music note appear above their head. This means that a Monster really wants the items it’s asking for! When you complete a Monster Bonus order, you’ll get 1.5x more XP and Coins! When you have an item ready for one of these Monsters, the exclamation mark will also be blue. You can unlock more Monster Bonuses by upgrading your Castle.
~ FAQ of how the Monster Bonus works
This Monster has a bonus! Monsters with a music note give bonus XP and Coins when you give them something they want. Once the Monster gets what it wants, the bonus will jump to another Monster.
~ Messagebox after pressing a monster with Monster Bonus for the first time
Bonus note

Flowah ready to be fed with Monster Bonus


Stogg affected with Monster Bonus

Monster bonus bubble

Boskus with 1.5x bonus due to Monster Bonus

Exclusive to My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire
The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.
Monster Bonus what to do

Monster Bonus description when first tapping on a monster with a blue note

Monster Bonus is a new feature came with the update 1.6.0 of Dawn of Fire. The bonus appears as a blue music note above a monster's head. If a monster has this icon, it means that it will earn 1.5x more coins and experience of what it normally earns. The blue music note will turn into a blue exclamation mark if you have all of the Crafting Items the affected monster(s) requires. The bonus can only appear up to 3 monsters around Continent. So if there are 3 monsters which you do not need to feed have the bonus, it is advised to change their orders by completing them to give a chance to another monster you would like to level up to get the bonus.


  • The bonus XP not only increases the overall XP, it also increases the amount the XP given to the affected monster.
  • This new addition may be useful to some players, however, to some players it is not a useful addition as it makes it harder to keep up the pace of building enough production buildings or slots in the production buildings to keep up with the demanding Skyship.
  • The Monster Bonus only affects one monster if the Castle is below Level 3. Monster Bonus increases to 2 monsters affected if Castle level is at Level 3 but increases to 3 affected monsters if upgraded to Level 4 or greater.

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