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The following is about a premium structure.
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The Maximum Mine spares no expense and boosts output to four times more Diamonds per day than the Mini-Mine! The monster-handlers would like to extend a heartfelt thank-you for your support of My Singing Monsters! They couldn't do it without you!

The Maximum Mine is a new "premium" Structure available to all users if they have ever purchased any currency pack in support of the game. Purchasing a new currency pack of any size unlocks all premium structures and removes forced ads. The Maximum Mine produces 2Diamond25px every 12 hours, similar to the regular mine.

The Maximum Mine costs 40Diamond25px in the Market but it costs 20Diamond25px when the Mini-Mine is upgraded. Only one mine is permitted on each island (either Mini or Maximum), and the Maximum Mine is currently only available on Plant Island as well as its respective Mirror Island. The Mini-Mine can be upgraded to the Maximum Mine.


New super mine

"What's New?" messagebox

  • The Maximum Mine is the first premium structure in the game.
  • Upgrading a Mini-Mine directly to a Maximum Mine will decrease the Mini-Mine original search time by 12 hours. For example, if just before upgrading to the Maximum Mine with the Mini-Mine showing "14:00:00" left, then upgrading right away from that time would decrease that one search to "2:00:00".
  • A total of two Maximum Mines can be acquired: one on Plant Island and one on Plant Island's respective Mirror Island. This allows for a total of 4Diamond25px to be produced, making Plant Island and its Mirror the most lucrative set of islands for diamond production.
  • Diane Djpmdelsig was the only user to have Maximum Mines on other islands besides Plant Island.
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