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For a list of all islands available to visit from the map, see Islands.

The Map becomes available after the player reaches level 4 and purchases Cold Island. Once available, the map appears in the menu bar, which is located in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and it is used to move between islands.

In addition to Cold Island, after the map becomes available to the player, two entirely free islands are immediately unlocked: Gold Island and Ethereal Island. Shugabush Island is also another free island, unlocked after Air Island is purchased while Tribal Island and Wublin Island are unlocked after reaching level 10 and level 13 respectively.

IMG 7288

The current Map of the game.

Map Notification

Notification on the Map, indicating a Tribal invitation.

When a Friend is visited, the map of their archipelagos opens, enabling visits to all of their islands. The map will also show the places where Wishing Torches can be lit by visitors. (Visiting Friends and lighting Wishing Torches are features that are currently NOT available to Windows/PC players.)

If the Map menu shows a notification in its upper right-hand corner (designated by a "!"), it means that the player was invited to join a Tribe on Tribal Island. Once the Map is open, another notification is visible on the Tribal Island icon which the player can tap to go there. Once on Tribal Island, the invitation can be accepted or declined from the Tribal tab.


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