My Singing Monsters, My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, Thumpies, and various other spin-offs of the games have had or still at present have a variety of bugs. The following is split between not yet patched and fixed.

My Singing Monsters - Not Yet Patched

Crashed? :(

In version 2.1.7 the game crashes in any point and it is never explained why.

Silent Monsters

Sometimes in in various islands, when listening to the song, some monsters would go very quiet for one verse. Examples of monsters that are affected are Bowgart on Plant Island and Rare Wubbox on various islands. This happens especially on Gold Island, as the cause of the glitch is too many monsters, even if it's the same monster.

Slow response to any actions

The fact that the game sometimes respond slowly will never ever be fixed, due to its nature of being a network-dependent game. Sometimes the game will respond very slowly even though you are trying to collect coins/shards or diamonds or food, sending eggs to the nursery, breeding, selling eggs from the nursery, placing a monster, etc.

This bug can be dealt with by...

  1. Use a newer device (as long as you bind your account to transfer)
  2. Stand closer to a Wi-Fi modem
  3. Have some spare data on your phone or other device that can use cellular.

Chief-ly slow response

A Tribal Island chief cannot place a monster if they had already removed another monster, nor can they remove a monster if they had already placed another monster. This can be dealt with by logging out (by going to the "Options" menu and then tapping on the "Log Out" button) and logging in (by pressing the "Play" button) back and forth.

Monsters Refuse To Sleep


The glitch of not sleeping when muted

Sometimes on Composer Island, Monsters do not show their mute animation when muted. This happens more often with Monsters that are not composed.

Loading screen modifying "O-head" monster


The mysterious "Blammott" or "Mambit"

When a new loading screen is put in, usually during short termed ones such as seasonal events, the wrong logo loads in, having a different monsters head there then intended. This also sometimes happens right as the event is over and the current normal loading screen is out back.

iOS 10.2 kills recording quality

On some devices, but presumably all devices compatible with running iOS 10, iOS 10.2 gives glitch that ruins the syncing of sounds when recording the game using the in-game recording function or using any form of in-game recording function on My Singing Monsters. Thus it is advised not to upgrade iOS now until iOS 10.3 is released.

Scratch Ticket Won't Disappear

Sometimes, the Scratch Ticket will not disappear when you close it, and you can still both scratch the ticket and open menus, which appear behind the scratch ticket. A video example can be found here.

No Ads Needed

A bug occurs when viewing an advertisement, where if the player presses their home button, the ad is skipped, and the reward (Another Scratch Ticket Reward for example) is given. This could be just an Android OS (iOS not tested) error, but it is particularly useful for time management, e.g. Zapping eggs to Wublins, or just the average player who hasn't purchased currency.

You're holding it wrong!

IMG 3319

Sometimes, if the connection is somewhat bad, the game isn't fully logged off, and you're holding the device vertically, then when you turn the game back on, it might be stretched to fit a vertical screen. This can happen on iOS and Android, however on Android, the game looks to fit the screen just fine. If on Android you open My Singing Monsters via lock screen by notification, the screen is cut off, and the game is unplayable until the player closes the game and reopens it.

Shrubb recording tracks mixed up

When you go to record a voice for Shrubb in the Recording Studio, Track One will play its Track Two animation but Track One sound, and vice-versa.

Stats say that an inactive Wubbox makes coins

As of 2.0.6, when you look at the stats of the inactive Rare Wubbox (and presumably the regular Wubbox) it shows that it makes 19 coins/min with a max of 54,000. This would be the rate if it was active at level 1 and 0% happiness, however an inactive Wubbox makes nothing.

Oaktopus' pupil

20180319 122539 rmscr

When you go to the Recording Studio into Oaktopus's sounds, when you play, for a split second at the beginning of its animation, one of its pupils will not be in its eye.

Singing with idle animations

This glitch happens on a lot of monsters (mainly Wublins but can happen on some others). To activate the glitch, mute all but one monster. Let the one unmuted monster play and usually on its second time playing, the monster will be on its idle animation, even though it is still singing. This might've been fixed, but I only saw this glitch on some videos. The video of Bona-Petite and Scargo are some. Rare Wubbox (Earth Island) is also affected by the glitch.

Maulch's eye

Maulch's small eye furthest from the fruit end of his leaf has a small error; when changing from idle to singing animation or back, it rotates slightly to a different angle.

Hey nana uh oh!

There seems to be a bug where several monsters animations restart too early, but they will still play their parts. This applies to Yool, Hoola, Bowgart, Deedge, the Dipsters, and possible others.

Singing with your feet

A minor design issue, MSM features a '3D' audio, where the current view affects both the sound direction (left/right stereo) as well as the sound volume (distance from the player's view). The 'emitters' for the sound are always at the base of the monster, on the grid, resulting in a Monster's song being louder when you are zoomed in on their base/feet, and more quiet when you're zoomed in on the part that should be making the sound, such as mouths. This is especially noticeable in tall Monsters, such as the Whisp, and Wubbox, and Biggified Monsters, as the distance between e.g. mouth and feet is greater.

You're not wearing your costume right!

Reedling Costume Composer

The worst offender for this glitch.

When you look at Mammott, Thumpies, or Reedling on Composer Island during the Spooktacle season, they are not wearing their costumes right. The Mammot and Thumpies show their pupils, and Reedling's face and ears are visible through its pumpkin mask. There is nothing wrong with the other monsters on Composer Island that are wearing Spooktacle costumes, as well as Mammott, Thumpies and Reedling outside of Composer Island.

My Caffeine Monsters

If you exit out of the app, and come back in almost immediately after, the songs will be sped up and distorted. This bug can not be fixed by logging out. You need to close the app, and play it again. The songs will be normal.

Ads won't let monsters sing!

When playing My Singing Monsters and an ad appears after loading, there is a small chance that the monsters will not sing on any island.

Buyback Powered Wublins Inactive

When selling an awakened Wublin, rarely you can buy it back as a statue. This could possibly be a glitch or just a case that you need to update your device (if you're playing with non-mobile platforms like Mac, you just have to restart).

I‘m Not Singing Like This

Sometimes, when the player uses the Time Machine to fully speed up or slow down a song, some monsters will sing, but their animations will not play for a short time. This mostly happens with Werdos.

Deedge has the beat on loop

When the edited outro for Cold Island was applied with the introduction of Tawkerr to the song, the last measure of Deedge's song can be heard, but the idle animation is shown instead of the playing animation.

The Islands have shifted


The Island icons switched around. Note the interesting sprite next to the Mirror Island.

As of the 2.1.3 update, sometimes the map will glitch out and switch the island icons around. It's unknown how this glitch occurs at this time.

The Ghost of Songs Past

in Composer Island, there is a glitch where sold monsters with a song made will still play. To make this glitch work, you must:

  • Buy 3 monsters
  • Make a song for one of them
  • Go to a different island
  • Close MSM completely
  • Go back in the game
  • Go to Composer Island
  • Sell the monster with the written song
  • Congrats! You now have a ghost on Composer Island.

Yool's Glitchy Christmas Dance

On Cold Island, Yool's idle animation seems to be messed up, as it cuts back to the beginning in the middle of the animation.

No new top prizes

Very minor, but when using the newly added fortune wheels, they will only show the top 3 prizes for the first wheel and not change for the next one, this can be fixed by simply by exiting the wheel and going back in.

Dawn of Fire - Not Yet Patched

More crashes issues?!

As of version 1.16.4 the game now crashes after started up.

The Monster with No Name

When added to Dawn of Fire, the T-Rox only had 2 possible nicknames, 'T-Rox' and 'New Monster'. a few days later, the nickname 'T-Rox' was removed, however 'New Monster' still remains in game as a nickname. Also, if given the nickname 'T-Rox' originally prior to its removal, it would have changed to 'New Monster'.

Daily Goal pluralization of plural Crafting Items

Plural error DoF

"Sunglassess", which is supposed to be just "sunglasses"

In Daily Goals that require Crafting Items that already end with "s", the game will wrongly simply add "s" to the Crafting Items. Crafting Items affected include Cactus, Sunglasses, String Noodles, Bouncy Mattress, Curry Noodles, Sour Ice Drops, and Earmuffs. This has still not been fixed as of yet.

Goals and Map at the same time


An example of the goals and map glitch.

It's possible to bring the goals and map up at the same time. First, you press the map button. Then, you press any counter. An "Available Monsters" menu should pop up. Last, press the goals button while the menu is up.

Upgrade button shows diamonds but costs coins

Ever since the Castle can be upgraded with coins instead of crystals, the "Upgrade" icon (includes a diamond, a plus sign and an upwards arrow) still remains the same, leaving the diamond symbol to appear, and not changing it into a coin symbol.

Cannot move teleported monster

IMG 2697-1-

The glitch when trying to teleport a Candelavra

Sometimes when you teleport a monster such as Clamble to Space Island, the monster cannot be moved from its default place unless placed, leading to some players to have to remove/move decorations or monsters to allow room for the teleported monster. As well as this, the monster does not appear on its tile.

Whaddle's song is broken

One of Whaddle's musical phrases is broken - it starts not from very first split second, missing first "d", that can be heard at the end of the phrase.

Krillby doesn't create particles

Krillby doesn't create white "sleeping" particles when mute everywhere: on Continent, Cloud and Cave islands. Though it can be just Krillby's special trait.

Selling wrong thing glitch


The glitch that shows "99 Acorns for 99,999 coins" if trying to sell anything

On some devices, pressing "Sell" after trying to sell a number of Crafting Items for a slot will give a glitch where the slot actually sells 99 apples and appears as if it looks like 99 acorns for 99,999 coins.

iOS 10.2 kills recording quality

As with My Singing Monsters: on some devices, but presumably all devices compatible with running iOS 10, iOS 10.2 gives glitch that ruins the syncing of sounds when recording the game using the in-game recording function or using any form of in-game recording function on Dawn of Fire. Thus, as with My Singing Monsters, it is advised not to upgrade iOS now until iOS 10.3 is released.

Candelavra's Space Island animations

When either teleporting Candelavra or looking at its description, it's in the Space Island animations without the fire it's holding rather than the idle animations. On the island(s) though, it does perform the idle animation correctly. This glitch only applies to Party Island.

Wrong verse

When loading up the Continent, Party Island or Starhenge (Space, Cloud and Cave Islands was not tested), it will be at the wrong verse. On the Continent, It skipped a little bit of the beginning and at the Party Island, it plays the ending first. This glitch is still there, but rare.

Two Goals Completed for One Goal!

Since version 1.10.0, there are extra goals for monsters which can be teleported to more Outer Islands. For example, Sneyser has teleportation goals for Space and Cloud Islands instead of just one. However, if one of the goals is achieved, another goal is also automatically completed. For example, if a player teleports their first Sneyser to Space Island, it causes both goals to be completed and both rewards to be given to the player.

Image Glitch in Market "Buy" Section

Since Version 1.10.2, when you select an item to buy in the Market, just for a moment the image of the item changes to show the previous item you had selected to buy. This bug is still not fixed.

Monsters become smaller

Sometimes, you feed a monster or when you move a monster, it will become smaller. This can be a size correction quirk.

Candelavra's Alternate Singing Animation

In Party Island, after the first loop of Candelavra's singing animation, it will have an alternate animation where one of its hands' fire (not the hand where the fire is normally extinguished for half of its singing animation) is extinguished at the beginning half.

Inappropriate Punctuation

The exclamation marks above some objects in-game seem to be cropped.

Hey, Wait Up!

Sometimes, near the end of a verse, a monster ( usually Whaddle ) will suddenly play its sound, messing up the song for a few seconds. This has been found on IPads, though its unknown if it may occur on other devices.

Staccato in the song

Sometimes in Dawn of Fire, some monsters would stop for 10 to 60.5 milliseconds in the middle of a song. This glitch is not yet patched.


Sometimes, when the player loads an Outer Island, at the beginning of the song, some monsters that are supposed to start singing immediately will instead keep playing their idle animations for a few seconds. Other monsters will just freeze and not move for a few seconds. This can be easily seen when loading the players Continent.


Other Games - Not Yet Patched

PomPom with scary mouth


Scary glitch, eh?

In My PomPom, there is still yet a glitch where PomPom's mouth is sometimes strangely shaped.

Rising and not playing

In My Mammott, pressing certain actions in the "Tricks" sub-menu may sometimes only make the Mammott background rise up or down and not make the Mammott do anything.

My Singing Monsters - Fixed

PomPom and Noggin dressup control

In 2016, the PomPom and Noggin in Tribal Island could not do singing animations and instead stayed in its idle animation. This had been fixed since several days after their dressup for Spooktacle.

Mammott "dancing its feet off"

During the Festival of Yay 2014, when the Mammott dressed up, on Shugabush Island, when it sings, its feet (and shoes) would glitch out and "detach". This has been fixed since the Yool departed in 2014.

Inconsistant correction of StarShop

In Version 2.0.0, one of the loading tips shows "Missed out on a Rare? It may return during a rerun or reprise promotion... Or you can get the ones you're missing anytime in the StarShop!" even after the Rares had been removed from the StarShop all-year round. This was fixed as of Version 2.0.1., where the description surrounding tips for obtaining the Rares had been changed to "Missed out on a Rare? Check back often - it may be available for a limited time in a special promotion or in the Starshop!".

Referral Codes

In update 1.4.3, when Dipsters were added, the Referral codes did not work. If the button was clicked and the code is entered, when the 'submit' button was selected, no diamonds were received on either side. This was fixed as of Version 2.0.3.

Dip-less Dipsters

Prior to the 2.0.3 update, on android devices, if an island wasn't completely slowed through the time machine at certain times dipsters would make a sound but not rise from the ground. if an island was sped up in any way, no dipsters would come up at all.

Yool be shocked about this

The Rare Yool, strangely enough, did not appear in the shop of the Mirror Cold Island shop. It was still possible to breed. This was fixed several hours after introduction to Cold Island.

No Icon for Rare Kazilleon

If you look in the Book of Monsters of Ethereal Island, you will see that the Kazilleon and Rare Kazilleon have the same icons. This has been fixed in a later loading update of 2.0.3.

Kayna Takes All the Light

On Tribal Island, when Kayna was out of its amber, it sang the 1st quarter of their song over and over during the entire song, while the part it's meant to sing is unaffected with its singing normally then. This happened when update 2.0.3 came out, and was fixed several hours later. However when the Rare Wubbox on Water and Earth island were offficially released, the glitch returned, only to yet again be fixed a day later.

Rare Wubbox Release Glitch

  • Real image during its time
  • Real image during its time

On December 23rd 2016, the Rare Wubbox had been unofficially released to Water and Earth Island in the Market (though it was appropriate the other islands did get their Rare Wubbox also in the Market too) and appeared not to sing. This was probably errored when the Monster Handlers released the Rares Reprises (of Natural Rares, Rarethereals and Rare Yool). It seemed possible to box into the glitch Rare Wubbox too.

It was even more of a glitch because the Memory Game sound of the Rare Wubbox in Water and Earth Islands was the same as the regular Wubbox, and its animation in the Memory Game in Water and Earth Islands was nothing but the Rare Wubbox sleeping. It could be that the Monster Handlers accidentally added the regular Wubbox sounds into the Rare Wubbox.

Aside from no singing animation and having possessed the common Wubbox song, the Rare Wubbox in Water and Earth Islands were perfectly fine. This was until Big Blue Bubble realized this issue and decided to fully release the Rare Wubbox on Water and Earth Islands, fixing the whole glitch and thus also fixing all of the glitch Rare Wubboxes bought before the full release of the Rare Wubbox in Water and Earth Islands, done on 3 January 2017.

Tribal Island Animation Glitch

At certain points when the Drumpler, Bowgart and sometimes the Noggin are playing, half way through they will end their singing animation and switch to idle, yet still play their songs. This was fixed later in version 2.0.3.

Blipsqueak and Scargo are Speechless

In the book of monsters, the Blipsqueak and Scargo used to make no sound when their icon is clicked on. This glitch has been fixed upon release of Astropod.

Compositions Refuse To Move

When switching from different Composer Islands via the "Islands" section of the Market, the song continues to stay the same. A video example can be heard here.

Broken Monsters

On Android devices, occasionally monsters in costume have their spreadsheet glitch out, causing them to break into many pieces and arranged in the wrong way.

Water Dipsters rule them all

In older devices, such as the iPhone 4, Water Island looped the second time will cause all but Dipsters to stop singing (and playing music). This bug was only available in Version 2.0.3 and below; since older devices could not support newer version, older devices permanently had this glitch. Version 2.0.3 is now no longer supported, so this glitch is no longer applicable.

Anniversary Month 2017 Mailbox rewards glitch

On September 19th 2017 of Anniversary Month 2017, the Mailbox had a glitch where the Mailbox could not bring in rewards for Day 19. This was fixed on Day 20, where the Mailbox now works as normal.

Wubbox Is Broken

For a time after Wubbox’s release on Wublin Island, it’s idle animation was broken. After the first part, when the Wubbox jumped on the ground, it would skip back to the first part of the animation instead of continuing. This was fixed a few days later.

Rare Whisp`s Spooktacle Texture

There was a texture glitch where Rare Whisp looked glitched during the Spooktacle. It could be found in an MsmPokeGamer video. This was quickly fixed. Unfortunately, this also meant the removal of Whisp's Spooktacle costume.

Rare Whisp Error

Dawn of Fire - Fixed

Market crash

In Version 1.9.0, on some platforms the Market crashed after one visited a player's market via the public Market. This was fixed in version 1.9.1.

Lines on Monsters

Yucky Shellbeat

Shellbeat's graphical issues in 1.8.0. Note the poor quality in mouth and arms.

In Version 1.8.0., many monsters had lines in places of significant animation, such as Shellbeat's mouth. Such graphical issue is rather not pleasing, as it often ruins the monsters' looks. In Version 1.9.0, some monsters' image quality has improved much more than Version 1.8.0, but some monsters still had this graphical issue, to a less obvious extent. For example, some monsters eyes had this.

Cannot daily roll in Version 1.8.0

In Version 1.8.0, players could not roll any cosmic dice, leading to frustration among various players. My Singing Monsters game administrators had found out this already and planned to give free bonus rolls. After 5 days of this issue, Version 1.8.1 was released, fixing that issue and granting those players of Version 1.8.1 12 free bonus rolls.

Structures stuck

From Version 1.6.1, there used to be a glitch where some structures cannot be moved once placed. This was fixed as of Version 1.7.0.

Backwards timers

Screenshot 20160428-195831

Talk about mirrors now.

Sometimes the timers can end up showing backwards when flipping a Structure like the Breeding Structure.

This glitch is fixed as of Version 1.7.0.

Replace diamonds with diamonds?

In Version 1.4.0., there used to be a humorous glitch in Dawn of Fire where payment of diamonds to replace diamonds when buying the Level 7 Castle is required. This is fixed as of Version 1.5.0, where it asks to go to the Shop to buy more, instead of asking to replace diamonds with diamonds.

No Avatar for Plixie

On November 1st, 2016, there was a glitch where even if you unlocked the Plixie, you couldn't select its avatar due to it not being available. This glitch was fixed in Version 1.9.0.

Second-guessing Crafting Items

In Version 1.6.0, the introduction of exclamation points above Structures that have done some Crafting has lead to manufactured Crafting Items not to appear in the Structures. This made players had to second-guess what Crafting Items they were making from the Structures. This was soon fixed in Version 1.6.1.

Variable names as labels instead of real labels


The glitch of variable names popping up

From Version 1.5.1, logging out from the app and leading back to the startup menu used to cause the variable names to pop up instead of the actual label names. This has lead to monsters' codenames to popup, such as "Monster_Name_CDF_Stretchneck" for Thrumble or "Monster_Name_BEF_Tubahorn" for Sooza, leading to a leak in monster codenames.

This bug was fixed as of Version 1.6.0.

Attmoz's Tears

Wormhole wrong december

System notice addressing the need for the Monster Handlers to fix Weathered Winds Star Charts

In December's Star Chart "Weathered Winds", they accidentally showed January's Star Chart "Ocean's Tears". This was fixed on Version 1.9.1.

Market Items Don't Want to Leave

After the addition of the Market, a few items would be in the market, yet be already bought or sometimes even collected. It would stay for months on end. One notable example was player "DONNA"s needle. This was fixed in version 1.7.0., though at occasions, a certain item slot may linger around for several hours before being fully removed from the public Market.

The Great Monsterpression

In version 1.3.0, aproximatly a month after the Market was added, it glitched and had turned the majority of the Market's items where the same few items, such as ice, grain, and apples. This was fixed in the next update.

Hornacle's Not-So-Big Finish

When Hornacle was first introduced, they had a part in the then last part of the Starhenge song. Unfortunately, Hornacle would not play, but their singing animation would. This bug was fixed in Version 1.10.0.

Loading bug

From Version 1.9.0–1.10.0, there was a bug where the loading screen would refuse to load when either going back to Continent via any island other than your own Continent. This was fixed in Version 1.10.1, but introduced a new bug, called "music cutting bug" by some fans.

Music cutting bug

In Version 1.10.1, when the loading bug was fixed, the bug where music cuts off at the wrong times is added.

This was fixed nearly a week later in Version 1.10.2. This however, introduced another bug that makes the Market slower and the Crafting Items around their respective structures are glitched to be placed in the wrong places (though this was fixed in the update after that).

Krillby Animation Glitch

On Cave Island, the Krillby, after it sings, will keep doing its singing animation, but not actually produce its sound, infinitely. This bug was fixed in Version 1.11.0.

Trimming the Shrubbs

If you teleported Shrubb to Party Island on update 1.9.0 release date November 28, 2016, Shrubb's adult icon wouldn't show up for other users, it is unknown when this was fixed.

Cannot load Continent in Version 1.9.0

My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire - glitch 1.9

My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire - glitch 1.9.0

Video example

On some newer devices (since older devices almost always have loading issues) running Version 1.9.0's Dawn of Fire (such as iPad Mini 2), the game does not load after returning to or arriving at Continent. This also happens rarely with Party Island.

Also in Version 1.9.0, the game always gets slow to load back to Continent or do any other loading action, always happening after sending anything to a friend's Skyship. To remedy this, force-quit the game and reload; if it still doesn't work, then force-quit again and then wait for a while before playing Dawn of Fire again. This sort of glitch has happened in devices such as iPad Mini 2, but is more serious on older devices.

This bug is still yet to be fixed. However, this bug can be remedied by pressing the "account info" button (the question mark icon) while the game loads, which will make the game load better, but it won't guarantee fully good loading.

Combining Islands+side effects

Dawn of fire glitches

Dawn of fire glitches

Video example

There used to be rare instances where 2 islands combine together, or sometimes the same island combining with itself. This was caused by the game trying to do too much at once. The glitch 1st arrived on 1.10 update to Dawn of Fire, and was removed in the 1.11 update. Other side effects to this glitch were:

  • replacing whatever element a monster usually is to water, going from replacing Celestial to water to replacing all of Candelavra's elements with water
  • Showing the wrong monster in the market, can vary from flashing many then correcting itself to sticking to the wrong monster, also had moments were Blasoom, Syncopite and Vhamp could be seen before there release
  • Duplication of monsters (would disappear upon leaving and returning to island)
  • Slowness and serious lag

Glitchy Crafting Items on Structures

Item Glitch

Poor quality example

In Version 1.10.2, there are glitches where the Crafting Items don't sit nicely on their respective structures. Some don't even show a bit of lighting effect for highlighting themselves.

This bug is fixed in Version 1.11.0.

Slow Market once again

In Version 1.10.2, there is a glitch where everywhere around the Market is slow. At least in iPad Mini 2, the Market has run a lot slower than had been done in previous updates.

This bug is fixed in Version 1.11.0.

Fake Items

  • Note the Exclamation Mark over the Bog, and not the Masher.
  • Another instance with on the Diamond Extractor

A visual error appears when multiple types of Crafting Item get crafted on the same Structure, where a random Crafting Item (or two) appears on the Structure without even appearing to be collectable.

The following Structures are currently affected (might not be complete):

This bug is fixed in Version 1.11.0.

Other Games - Fixed

There are currently no known fixed bugs as of yet.

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