My Singing Monsters
This unknown species has been encased in amber for who knows how long!  Let's see if the vibrations of the Tribal song can weaken its hold and release it!  Now that you mention it, there's something familiar about this monster.. like it's been seen before, a long time ago...
~ In-game description before unsealing
No discovery has shaken the Monster World quite like that of the Kayna, and with its release, the rekindling of the lost natural element of Fire. After becoming reacquainted with its fellow Monsters, this spirited being had a lot of exciting stories and information to share, including remembrances of an earlier time when the Monster World was new and joined together in great harmony. The effect of the amber took quite a toll, though, so you'll need to keep the Tribal song alive by feeding your Monster if you want Kayna's voice to join in!
~ In-game description after unsealing


Kayna is a humanoid monster with a volcano shaped head. It has overlapping rocks all over its torso and arms except in the stomach and hands region. It has hands that appear to be coal and a belly that glows in the color of fire occasionally. It has purple lips and eyelashes and red-violet spike-like objects coming out of its cheeks. Its hands and feet glow orange while singing. Smoke occasionally comes out from its head.

When this monster is idle, it puts its hands on its hips and moves its hips side to side.

Before Unsealing

"Mysterious Monster" is the name given to the Kayna when encased in amber. Its name is revealed once the player's Tribe reaches Level 100.

While sealed, Kayna looks relatively the same, albeit in a "trapped" pose. It is unknown why they assumed this posture prior to being sealed.


MSM Kayna

Kayna's contribution to the Tribal Island song is a repetitive song similar to the Furcorn or Tweedle, starting with "Bum badadadum" and repeats "badadadum" over and over again. It occasionally says "badadadah".


Kayna, unlike most monsters, cannot be bred nor bought, but instead must be freed from amber by getting the Tribal Island to level 100.

Name Origin

Kayna is an abbreviated version of the word Volcano.

Special Occasions

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My Singing Monsters Kayna, Christmas 2015

Kayna dressup trapped

Kayna trapped during the Christmas celebration

For the Christmas Season of 2015, Kayna, as it has done long before, wrapped itself in Christmas Lights. Funnily enough, this monster still wears it even while itself is stuck in the large piece of amber. Apparently amber does not stop Christmas costumes!


  • Kayna is currently the only Fire Element monster in the original game.
  • Kayna can be seen in Diane's visit to Big Blue Bubble.
  • It is only possible to feed Kayna in Dawn of Fire.
  • Kayna in My Singing Monsters is the only monster that cannot be muted.
  • If the Tribe reaches level 100 while the player is on Tribal Island, then an animation will play, showing the Amber slowly cracking and eventually exploding, revealing Kayna.
    • This can sometimes be seen when the player enters Tribal Island after level 100 is reached.
    • Sound of amber being cracked open is introduced in the Version 1.4.0 update.
    • Kayna is the only monster in the original game that cannot be Biggified, excluding Glowbes.
My singing monsters kayna plush

Official Kayna plush toy

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