Here is a list of Island translations from other countries.

My Singing Monsters

Island English Spanish German Italian Portuguese French Japanese Russian
Plant Island Plant Island Isla de Planta Pflanzeninsel Ilha de Planta
Cold Island Cold Island Isla de Frío Kalte Insel Ilha de Frio
Air Island Air Island Isla de Aire Luftinsel Ilha de Ar
Water Island Water Island Isla de Agua Wasserinsel Ilha de Água
Earth Island Earth Island Isla de Tierra Erdinsel Ilha de Terra
Gold Island Gold Island Isla de Oro Goldinsel Ilha de Ouro
Ethereal Island Ethereal Island Isla Etérea Ätherische Insel Ilha Etérea
Shugabush Island Shugabush Island Isla de Azúcabush Ilha de Açúcar-Bush
Tribal Island Tribal Island Isla Tribal Stammes-Insel Ilha Tribal
Wublin Island Wublin Island Isla de los Cajaduendes Wubbold-Insel Ilha dos Wub-Caixoblins
Composer Island Composer Island Isla Compositor Komponisten-Insel Ilha dos Compositores

Dawn of Fire

Island English Spanish German Italian Portuguese French Japanese Russian
Continent Continente
Party Island Isla de Fiesta
Space Island Isla Espacial
Cloud Island Isla de Nubes
Cave Island Isla de Cuevas
Starhenge Henge de Estrellas


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