The Hotel is a structure in Dawn of Fire, arrived since the Version 1.8.0 update. Just like the Hotel from the original game, this Structure can store monsters but will not allow the monsters in the Hotel to sing or be interacted with, except for being taken out of the Hotel. When bought, the Hotel can store up to 26 beds, with monster consuming beds as much as they would consume with the Castle's beds.

The first Hotel costs Coin25px-DoF10,000. It is not possible to possess more than one Hotel at once.

The first upgrade Coin25px-DoF10,000, giving an upgrade to 54 beds; the second upgrade costs Coin25px-DoF10,000, giving an upgrade to 84 beds. No other upgrades can be done once reached the second upgrade.

Storing Monsters

Instead of tapping on the monster, tapping "move" and then tapping "check-in" as in by the original game, in Dawn of Fire, the Hotel must be tapped and then tapped "Store". After tapping "store", a selected number of monsters can be stored into the Hotel.


  • It appears that the hotel upgrades are based upon the hotel upgrades of the original game, only that there is the same color scheme across all upgrades.

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