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It's every singing monster's dream to one day vacation on the glorious Gold Island. Only the most experienced (and well-fed) among them ever get the opportunity to join in its resounding anthem, which celebrates monsters and music of all kinds!


Gold Island is available at level 4 for free, after purchasing Cold Island. Only Level 15 monsters from other islands may be placed on it.

Gold Island is also accessible at level 10 without any purchase in the Apple, Android and PC versions of the game.

Gold Island exists in a different dimension from the 'home' islands, which is what enables the monsters to inhabit both their own native island as well as Gold Island. A monster's species, and its name, is the same on both islands because it is the same monster. Selling a monster on any 'home' island will remove it from Gold Island as well. Any monsters boxed on their 'home' island, or Teleported to Shugabush Island, will also be removed from Gold Island.

Gold Island

Indigenous Monsters

Invite new gold island monsters

A list of some capable Level 15 monsters to Gold Island

Most monsters can be placed on Gold Island once they reach level 15. These include:

The excluded monsters are:

  • Ethereal monsters cannot be placed on Gold Island in any circumstances, regardless of whether they are on the Ethereal Island or one of the Natural islands.
  • Monsters which are on the Shugabush Island cannot be placed on Gold Island. This includes the Shugabush and all of the Natural Monsters which can reside there as well. The important factor in this case is the monster's location, not its type. The specific message given by the game is: "Because of conflicts in the interdimensional magic of Shugabush Island, this monster cannot be placed on Gold Island."
  • The Kayna cannot be placed on Gold Island because it cannot be fed whatsoever.
  • Mythical monsters cannot be placed on Gold Island.
  • Wublins cannot be placed on Gold Island because they cannot be fed whatsoever.
  • Dipsters cannot be placed on Gold Island regardless of level.

Monsters which are in a Hotel Structure on their home island can also be placed on Gold Island; even if they are in the Hotel and inactive, they will be active and performing on Gold Island.

When monsters are placed, they remain on their 'home' island still generating coins, unless they are placed into a Wubbox, in which case they are permanently removed from both Gold Island and their home island. Monsters on Gold island do not generate coins on the island, nor do they require decorations or feeding. They just sing.

Monsters on this island can be muted and are able to have a changed volume as any other island.

Gold Island Monsters

The Gold Island with all the possible monsters, including some of the rare monsters on the iPhone (March 22nd, 2015).

Rocks and Trees

     Main Article: Obstacles
There are no rocks and trees to clear on Gold Island.


Gold Island

Map Symbol for Gold Island

The Gold Island song is available on iTunes for download. The melody of the Gold Island song is based on Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D. Going along with this theme, the main melody in the beginning section of the Gold Island song is in the key of D major. As the song progresses the song becomes E minor. It is played at a speed of 132 beats per minute.

Castle Upgrades

There is only one type of castle, the Crystal Castle, which has unlimited beds.

Castle Image Castle Beds
Crystal Castle

Crystal Castle

"Although shaped like a castle, this mysterious structure actually serves as the main power generator in the monster dimension of the multiverse!  It's from here that monsters derive their musical inspiration, as well as their tireless energy so that they can keep singing forever!"



  • Monsters do not earn Currency on Gold Island.
  • The total amount of food needed to teleport all 32 unique teleportable to the Gold Island monsters would be an astounding 25,557,480 food, and the total amount of money would be 255,574,800, which is 10 times the food amount!

Special Occasions

Gold Island Special

As part of the Month of September (Anniversary Month), Gold Island had special party decorations.

  • In 2014, It started on September 4th, 2014 and ended on October 6th. Originally it would be on September 30th but the new update was delayed and caused the celebration to end later.
  • In 2015, it started on TBA 2015 and ended on TBA 2015.
  • In 2016, it started on 1st? September 2016 and will end some time later...


  • Some monsters have different timing from other monsters. e.g. Pompom and Hoola
  • Gold Island was unlocked in the 1.1.0 update on November 27th 2012
  • The Market  cannot be accessed in Gold Island, meaning it cannot be decorated or have any structures on it.
    • The Currency section of the market can be accessed by tapping the currency bars, but it isn't possible to navigate from there to the rest of the Market.
  • Recently released monsters may be unable to be placed in the Gold Island for a while, probably because their music has not been integrated in the island's song yet. 
  • Golden depictions of the Fire Bush and the Dragoon Statue are noticeable as part of Gold Island.
  • The Crystal Castle, like the Castle on the Shugabush Island, does not produce a bass sound.
  • Once a Wubbox is removed from this island, the Wubbox in the waiting list goes back to the dormant stage of its life.
  • There are no rewards for placing a Seasonal Monster or the Shugabush on Gold Island. However, placing Rare Monsters will only reward whatever its common counterpart reward is, and it will not reward anything if its common counterpart already had been placed in Gold Island before.
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