In addition to using them to play music, some Monsters take advantage of their unique features and body shapes, and use them for other purposes. In the case of the Fleechwurm, its resonant body cavity can generate a series of whistles that have an unusual hypnotic effect on other Wublins. They can be used to coax others into doing unglamorous chores for it, or to lovingly preen its leaf-like limbs. Some Wublins are more resistant than others, and playfully admonish the Fleechwurm so it doesn't become too mischievous.


Fleechwurm is the 19th Wublin. It is an aquamarine worm-like monster with several light sea green flat plates running down its back and up its tail, along with green spikes of the same color. It has seven dark green-blue holes on its side, with the most frontmost one containing an eye. It has four visible large front limbs in the shape of feathers, presumably six in all, that serve as its legs. four other smaller limbs are on its tail, covering the four holes found there. The tail seems to mimic a snake of some sort. Its tail ends with a light sea green club in the shape of a snake's head. On it are 8 smooth feathers: seven serve to resemble hair, while the eight covers a light green circle where the eye would go if it were a real snake. Two fang like horns protrude from the bottom of the club.


Fleechwurm Memory

The Fleechwurm's song is a combination of 8-bit pixel music and electric flute. It plays an ascending C minor scale, (going C, D#, G, high C), then it plays that starting from high C. It plays only in the 1st and 3rd verses.

Earning rate

The Fleechwurm, like all other Wublins, will produce coins, diamonds, food, and shards, but at no specified rate.

Inventory Fulfillment

The allotted time to fill a Fleechwurm in order to activate is 5 days. If the inventory is not completed in the time the Fleechwurm resets to an empty statue and all eggs inside are lost.


Egg Time Islands to Breed On


8 hours Cold Water Earth
12 hours Cold Water
12 hours Plant Water
24 hours Water
8 hours Plant Cold Earth
24 hours Earth
12 hours Water Earth


  1. Start by breeding the Shellbeats at the Water Island, the Quarristers at the Earth Island, the Pummels on Plant Island, and the Spunges on the Cold Island. Since Furcorn is the only required monster that can be bred on the Shugabush Island, you can breed your Furcorns here. Note: since all monsters required has the plant element, you cannot breed any monsters on the Air Island.
  2. After the Spunges are bred, breed the Dandidoos.
  3. After the Shellbeats and/or Quarristers are bred, breed the Reedlings.

Name origin

The Fleechwurms's name is a portmanteau of the word fleech, meaning to coax or induce, usually through flattery, leech, a small, worm-like animal that feeds on the blood of other creatures, and a corruption of the word worm.


A sudoku puzzle was posted on Wednesday (or Thursday?) July 26th, 2017 about the new Wublin teaser. There erroneously were two different solutions: "Fleechwurm" and "Lleechwurm". It turns out that the Wublin's name was "Fleechwurm".


  • The Fleechwurm's tail seems to mimic a snake, scorpion, or another serpentine creature
    • Certain animals use similar mimic tactics to intimidate or scare off potential predators
  • It was released on July 28th, 2017.
  • The Fleechwurm's puzzle had a mistake, allowing it to be possible to find both 'Fleechwurm' or 'Lleechwurm' be a possible answer
  • It is the first wublin with 5 days to not play with Poewk or Screemu.
    • However, it plays with Blipsqueak in the 3rd verse.
  • It plays a flute like sound.
  • Despite the Fleechwurm producing a hypnotic sound, no Fwog eggs are required, and Fwog also makes a hypnotic sound.
  • Fleechwurm was the last Wublin released, before the Wublins ended with Wubbox.

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