The Fabled Book of Monsters.

Welcome to the Book of Monsters! This is your one-stop shop to help track your Singing Monster collection. As you collect new species, their portrait squares will light up. Tap on a shadowed portrait to learn more about how to add it to your collection. Tap on the Island Button in the lower left corner to switch between islands. Good luck, and happy Monstering!
~ Book of Monsters help information
Looks like this Monster has eluded you so far... But lucky you, it's available right now to buy in the market! Most monsters can also be bred for free. Good Luck!
~ Message displayed when a Monster that can be bought has not been discovered
Sorry, this Monster is currently not available to be bought or bred. Don't worry though, it will be back. Keep an eye out for Rare promotions and Seasonal events!
~ Message displayed when a Monster cannot be bought or bred

The Fabled Book of Monsters is a tool for keeping track of your Monsters added in the 2.0.3 Update for My Singing Monsters.

The Book of Monsters allows the player to see and read about various Monsters that they have discovered in the My Singing Monsters universe. It will display Rare Monsters as well as Common Monsters, and when on Wublin Island, Wublins.

When selecting a Monster, a short sound clip of the Monster's song will play as well. When selecting a Wublin, their "awakening" animation will play instead of their idle animation.


  • Rare Kazilleon's portrait used to be broken; instead, it displayed a portrait of the normal Kazilleon. This was fixed in a later update of Version 2.0.3.
  • Rare Yool and Rare Arackulele were shown in the book before they were released.

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