For the Dawn of Fire feature, see Daily Login Game.

The Daily Login Bonus is a feature that gives a reward every day when you play. The reward gets bigger every day for 5 days, then the cycle repeats. However, if you miss a day, the cycle starts over from the beginning. The rewards only start on the second consecutive day you play.




Current Daily Login Bonus (day 1)

Day Reward
1 200+ Coin20px
(depends on level)
2 1 Relics
3 3 Diamond25px
4 2 Relics
5 1 Key 2.0

Before Version 2.0.4

Daily Login Bonus Day 3

Previous Daily Login Bonus (before 2.0.4)

Day Reward
1 200 Coin20px
2 1 Diamond25px
3 300 Coin20px
4 500 Coin20px
5 3 Diamond25px


  • The Daily Login Bonus was added in version 1.2.9.
  • Formerly before 2.0.4.

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