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The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.
My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire can offer languages other than English. Below are a list of Crafting Item translations.
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Crafting Item English Spanish French German Italian Russian
Seedling Vástago Semis Setzling Piantina саженец
Vegidian 1.2.0
Vegidian Crystal
Vegidian Crystal Cristal vegetiano Cristallo Vegidiano
Crafting Item Apple
Apple Manzana Pomme Apfel Mela яблоко
Crafting Item Applesauce
Applesauce Puré de manzana
Crafting Item Apple x5
Apple x5
Apple Manzana Pomme Apfel Mela яблоко
Crafting Item Grain
Grain Grano Chicco
Crafting Item Coconut
Coconut Coco
Crafting Item Apple Tart
Apple Tart
Apple Tart Tarta de manzana
Crafting Item Coconut Butter
Coconut Butter
Coconut Butter Manteca de coco
Crafting Item Bamboo
Bamboo Bambú
Crafting Item Bamboo Flute
Bamboo Flute
Bamboo Flute Flauta de bambú
Polished Vegidian 1.2.0
Polished Vegidian Crystal
Polished Vegidian Crystal Cristal vegetiano pulido
Carved Vegidian crystal
Carved Vegidian Crystal
Carved Vegidian Crystal Cristal vegetiano tallado
Crafting Item Apple Juice
Apple Juice
Apple Juice Zumo de manzana
Crafting Item Frozium Crystal
Frozium Crystal
Frozium Crystal Cristal de frozio
Crafting Item Sugar Cane
Sugar Cane
Sugar Cane Caña de azúcar
Crafting Item Coconut Milk
Coconut Milk
Coconut Milk Leche de coco
Crafting Item Sugar
Sugar Azúcar
Crafting Item Cookie
Cookie Galleta
Crafting Item Slime
Slime Limo Melma
Crafting Item Mushroom
Mushroom Seta Funghi
Crafting Item Tropical Slime
Tropical Slime
Tropical Slime Limo tropical
Crafting Item Ice
Ice Hielo
Polished Frozium
Polished Frozium Crystal
Polished Frozium Crystal Cristal de frozio pulido
Crafting Item Apple Ice Pop
Apple Ice Pop
Apple Ice Pop Polo de manzana
Crafting Item Mushroom Umbrella
Mushroom Umbrella
Mushroom Umbrella Paraguas de seta
Crafting Item Coconut Cheese
Coconut Cheese
Coconut Cheese Queso de coco
Crafting Item Log
Log Tronco Tronco
Carved Frozium
Carved Frozium Crystal
Carved Frozium Crystal Cristal de frozio tallado
Crafting Item Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Ice Cream Helado Crème glacée
Crafting Item Hot Pepper
Hot Pepper
Hot Pepper Guindilla picante
Crafting Item Chair
Chair Silla
Crafting Item Lemon
Lemon Limón Limone
Crafting Item Syrup
Syrup Sirope
Crafting Item Lemon Drop
Lemon Drop
Lemon Drop Pastilla de limón
Crafting Item Cough Syrup
Cough Syrup
Cough Syrup Jarabe para la tos
Crafting Item Lemon Cake
Lemon Cake
Lemon Cake Pastel de limón
Crafting Item Amber
Amber Ámbar
Skylite Crystal
Skylite Crystal Cristal de cielita
Polished Skylite
Polished Skylite Crystal
Polished Skylite Crystal Cristal de cielita pulido
Cut Skylite
Carved Skylite Crystal
Carved Skylite Crystal Cristal de cielita tallado
Crafting Item Lemonade
Lemonade Limonada
Crafting Item Wool
Wool Lana


  • "Apple" and "Apple 5x" are written the same as each other. This is because Apple 5x is only a variation of Apple, which provides production of 5 Apples per slot.


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