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Coconut is the second Crafting Item to be unlocked in the Fruit Tree and is the overall 4th Crafting Item to be unlocked in the game, along with Apple Tarts. Its market price is 21-34 Coin25px-DoF. It is unlocked at Level 4.


The Crafting Item Coconut is a perfectly rounded coconut with three black dimples in the formation of a bowling ball's dimples.


Can be used when crafting Coconut Butter in the Masher, Carved Vegidian Crystal in the Jeweler, Coconut Milk and Tropical Slime in the Juicer, Rattle in the Workshop, Earmuffs in the Tailor, and Curry Noodles in the Cooking Pot.

Coconuts can also be used to be feed directly to monsters or given to the Skyship if the Skyship asks for Coconuts.



Market availability


It is rather easy to find coconuts in the Market, but sometimes they randomly not appear in the Market for some reason. However, they are not easy to sell out faster than you can purchase them, at least as of Version 1.8.0. Prior to Version 1.8.0., when coconuts were harder to make, coconuts were difficult to find and easy to sell out.


Coconuts are rather easy to sell out, as they could be used for mass-coconut-milk production or used for the various Crafting Items that require Coconuts. They will sell easier if sold in groups of 5 or less, but can still potentially sell out in groups of 6-10, if lucky.

Skyship requirements



(insert strategy for crafting coconut)


  • This is the first Crafting Item to be a second Crafting Item per Structure to be unlocked.
  • It used to have a cost range of 23 - 38 Coin25px-DoF before Version 1.8.0. (or 225 - 375 Coin25px-DoF in groups of 10), but is now 21 - 34 Coin25px-DoF (or 203 - 338 Coin25px-DoF in groups of 10).

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