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Exclusive to My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire
The following article includes content exclusive to the game My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire.
The acoustics in this place are great. Cave Island feels so comfy and homey, a Monster could happily stay here forever.
Cave Island with 12 monsters

Cave Island with 12 Monsters

Cave Island

Unoccupied Cave Island

Cave Island is an outer island in Dawn of Fire. The main island is within a seemingly endless underground cavern with an underground lake. Large columns of rock reach from beneath the water up to the ceiling where more rocky formations stick down. the main island is a formation of multiple flat rocks raised up from the water. It is surrounded by large, glowing green crystals which cast a green light across the entire cave.

A monster may be teleported to Cave Island once they reach level 20. Currently, only fourteen types of monster are able to be teleported onto Cave Island.

Teleportable Monsters (WIP):


The song plays at 120 beats per minute in A Minor at first, with the Quibble and Shellbeat playing the intro. Then Mammott, Kayna, Glowl, Floogull, Barrb,The Thumpies, Yelmut and Wynq join. The Shellbeat and Quibble repeat the intro with the Flowah. The song then suddenly goes to 60 beats per minute, or 180 subdivision beats per minute, in 6/8 time signature, with the Fwog singing the melody, with accompany of the Bowgart,Krillby and Shellbeat. The Flowah also chants its "Hoom,Ka choo!" sounds during that time. The song switches back to 120 beats per minute and repeats the Mammott/Kayna/Glowl/Floogull/Yelmut/Wynq/Thumpies part, then, the Fwog sings without the Shellbeat, and the Flowah says its chant to finish the song.


  • The description of Cave Island is described as "homey", rather than "homely". This is to avoid ambiguity with the word "homely", as North Americans usually use it to describe something that is "plain, unattractive". Normally, the British define "homely" as "simple but very comfortable".
    • The word "homey" is chiefly North American usage, according to the Oxford Dictionary.
  • Cave Island is the only outer island to not have a monster that plays constantly.
  • In Dave Kerr's Cave Island soundtrack, The Wynq, Flowah, Thumpies, and Yelmut sounded different. Also there's a cymbal, possibly referencing towards Clamble in the Remix.
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