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Each island has a unique song that the monsters living there work together to produce. When the player first gains access to an island, it will be covered with trees and rocks that will need to be cleared in order to make space. These trees and rocks will cost money to be relocated to a new home. If you look at the outside of the island, you can see a face. To navigate these islands you use the Map that is unlocked when you buy Cold Island - this also allows access to Gold, Ethereal, Shugabush Islands.
Market and Map Image Island Cost
Plant island Plant Island Free / Starter
Cold island Cold Island 200,000 Coin
Air island Air Island 750,000 Coin
Water Island Water Island 1,500,000 Coin
Earth Island Earth Island 7,500,000 Coin
Gold Island Gold Island Free
EtherealIsland Ethereal Island Free
Shugabush Island Button Shugabush Island Free


  • The Gold, Ethereal, and Shugabush Islands can only house monsters that once acheived level 15.
  • The completed song of each island may be bought in the Market.
  • Every Island has a face-like area in its front part. This is because the game's fantasy treats them as ancient monsters.


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