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"At first glance, Earth Island seems almost inhospitable. The air is humid and a bit stifling, and care must be taken not to step in a puddle of molten magma.  Upon closer inspection, however, one can plainly see that it's the perfect venue for belting out monster tunes that really put the rock in rocking!"


Earth Island is available for purchase at level 4 for 7,500,000 Coin, after purchasing Water Island.

Earth Island

Indigenous Monsters

The Monsters of Earth Island are of the Air, Plant, Earth and Cold elements. They include:

Monster Level Available Breeding Time Element(s)
Tweedle 4 4 hours Air
Potbelly 9 2 hours Plant
Noggin 1 15 seconds Earth
Mammott 2 2 minutes Cold
Dandidoo 9 8 hours AirPlant
Cybop 7 8 hours AirEarth
Pango 7 8 hours Air, Cold
Shrubb 9 8 hours PlantEarth
Furcorn 9 8 hours Plant, Cold
Drumpler 7 30 minutes Earth, Cold
Reedling 9 12 hours AirPlant, Earth
Thumpies 9 12 hours AirPlant, Cold
Pompom 7 12 hours AirEarth, Cold
Clamble 9 12 hours PlantEarth, Cold
Quarrister 9 24 hours AirPlant, Earth, Cold
Humbug 9 36 hours Poison (Ethereal)
Wubbox 20 48 hours Electricity
Hoola 7 25 hours Seasonal (Summer)

Since Earth Island lacks the Water element, no monster with that element can exist there.

Rocks and Trees

     Main Article: Obstacles
Removing the rocks and trees from the island earns you Experience and opens up space to place more Monsters, Decorations, or Structures. Removed obstacles can be purchased from the market.

Earth Island Small Tree Earth Island Medium Tree Earth Island Big Tree
Earth Island Small Rock Earth Island Medium Rock Earth Island Big Rock

Special Occasions

Earth Island Summer

Summer Market and Map Icon for the Earth Island

     Main Article: Special Occasions
During the holiday season of Summer, Earth Island is adorned with Summer decorations. The island would then transform to what is more like what would be in a tropical island. As part of the Summer celebration all obstacles are changed to seasonal versions.

  • For 2013, the Summer season was from July 16th to August 19th
  • For 2014, the Summer season began on July 9th to 14th August.
Earth Island Small Tree Summer Earth Island Medium Tree Summer Earth Island Big Tree Summer
Earth Island Small Rock Summer Earth Island Medium Rock Summer Earth Island Big Rock Summer

Hoola - limited time monster was added Hoola


Earth Island

The Market Symbol for Earth Island

The Earth Island song is available on iTunes for download. Like the Plant Island song, the song of Earth Island is in the key of C minor. The song plays at 140 beats per minute.

Castle Upgrades

     Main Article: Castle
To be placed on an island, each monster requires a specific number of beds. For Natural monsters, this is equal to the number of elements that monster represents. Ethereal, LegendarySupernatural and Seasonal Monsters each have varied bed requirements. Upgrade the Castle to unlock more beds.

Cost of each upgrade: Earth Island


While the song of the island is crucial, users may also want to use some of these numbers to help with planning which monsters to feed first and make 100% happy first, as well as plan frequency of coin collection.  The numbers below are as follows: 

Rate Rate of income per bed at level 15 and at 100% happy
Max Maximum income per bed at level 15
Time Time to maximum income at level 15 and at 100% happy

It should be noted that Rate is half for 0% happy, and Time is doubled for 0% happy.

Monster Rate Max Time
Tweedle 48 480 0:10:00 hours
Potbelly 72 216 0:03:00 hours
Noggin 96 216 0:02:15 hours
Mammott 72 360 0:05:00 hours
Dandidoo 48 1,800 0:37:30 hours
Cybop 60 1,800 0:30:00 hours
Pango 48 1,440 0:30:00 hours
Shrubb 72 720 0:10:00 hours
Furcorn 60 1,350 0:22:30 hours
Drumpler 72 1,080 0:15:00 hours
Reedling 64 8,640 2:15:00 hours
Thumpies 56 11,424 3:24:00 hours
Pompom 64 11,520 3:00:00 hours
Clamble 72 7,488 1:48:00 hours
Quarrister 72 38,880 9:00:00 hours
Humbug 67.2 60,000 14:53:00 hours
Wubbox 60 86,400 24:00:00 hours
Hoola 144 43,200 5:00:00 hours


  • Earth Island was unlocked in the 1.1.0 update on November 27th 2012
  • The appearance of Earth Island resembles a volcano, leading some to mistakenly refer to it as Fire Island. Earth Island is like the way it is because the environment in this island is an environment where a volcano would be.
  • There is no water element in this island possibly because, although there is little water other than the humidity, some plants can survive a dry environment next to a volcano, hence plants on Earth Island.
  • Periodically, a wee fire-creature appears and does a little dance atop the island-head's right upper horn (on your left, looking at the screen) for a few seconds, then it disappears, and a bit later, repeats atop its left ear. It may refer to Wickman from Burn the Rope .

Plant island Cold island Air island
Plant Island Cold Island Air Island
Water Island Earth Island Gold Island
Water Island Earth Island Gold Island
EtherealIsland Shugabush Island Button Tribal-island-full
Ethereal Island Shugabush Island Tribal Island

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