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Celestials are new type of monster appearing in the 1.7.0 update for Dawn Of Fire. In order to obtain these types of monster, you have to play the Daily Login Game and make sure that the Celestial egg manages to reach the portal exit on time within the whole-monthly time limit (or 35-day time limit for the Scaratar during 2016). Alternatively, they can be bought via the Shop (at the "Monsters" submenu) for Diamonds (Dawn of Fire)1250 each, though only available during the times they are available.

Note that it costs 25Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) to purchase a roll of the Celestial dice, so 1250Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) would purchase 50 rolls.  With average luck, that would generate 55 or 56 steps around the star map... more than enough to yield two Celestial eggs.  Hence buying a Celestial at the Shop is not very cost-effective!

Celestials appear on Starhenge, a new island. It is likely that there will be 12 Celestials in total, since each one is available in each specific real-world month.

Every Celestial has a constellation-llike path that the egg follows.  When it reaches the final star, there's a flash of lightning, and you can place your celestial anywhere you want on Starhenge island.  Every celestial's constellation pattern shows what element they are, or what element they brought to the monster world. For example, Loodvigg's constellation's pattern was Shadowed Glare, like the shadow element's representation as a ghost -- Loodviggs element is shadow.

The Celestials are special beings of the monster world, being summoned, giving elements, being on a flying island...

The celestial monsters for May and June can be seen from the Map


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