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This Castle is where all the Monsters go to sleep at night. Each type of Monster needs a different number of beds. Keep upgrading so you can have more Monsters on your Island!

The Castle in Dawn of Fire is a structure that is found at the center of the Continent. The single castle caters for all of the monsters over the entire continent. The Castle determines how many monsters can be placed on Continent by number of beds. Castle upgrades are purchased with coins, with each upgrade having a higher coin requirement. As the Castle upgraded, more beds are added. There are 7 levels to upgrade the Castle.

As of Version 1.8.0, you can purchase a second Castle that starts off at Level 1, purchasable for Diamonds (Dawn of Fire)800.

Level Castle Image Beds Upgrade Cost Upgrade Time Experience
1 DoF Lvl1 castle 4 N/A N/A N/A
2 DoF Lvl2 castle 12 500Coin25px-DoF 1 minute TBA Experience
3 DoF Lvl3 castle 20 1,000Coin25px-DoF TBA TBA Experience
4 DoF Lvl4 castle 28 1,500Coin25px-DoF 1 hour TBA Experience
5 DoF Lvl5 castle 36 3,000Coin25px-DoF 1 hour, 45 minutes TBA Experience
6 DoF Lvl6 castle 44 5,000 Coin25px-DoF 4 hours 64 Experience
7 DoF Castle Level 7 52 10,000Coin25px-DoF TBA TBA Experience
8 DoF Lvl8 castle 60 20,000Coin25px-DoF TBA TBA Experience
9 DoF Lvl8 castle 68 40,000Coin25px-DoF TBA TBA Experience
10 DoF Lvl8 castle 80 400Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) TBA TBA Experience


Castle-8 1100x500

A "mysterious" image of what was supposedly the level 8 castle found on Big Blue Bubble's website and in promotional art of 1.8.0

  • Strangly enough, despite being used in promotional art, the 'Level 8 Castle' is never used in game as of 1.8.0.
  • The outer islands have no castles. Thus, they have infinite beds.
  • Prior to the 1.4.0 update, the highest castle level was level 6, which did not have enough beds required to hold one of each monster (54 bed capacity). At the time, this would have required 67 beds. The Level 7 Castle ensured enough beds from Version 1.4.0 to Version 1.5.1.
  • The Level 7 Castle used to provide enough beds for one of every single monster, but this was not true in Version 1.6.0 to Version 1.7.0. At the time of Version 1.6.0, 83 beds would've been required.
  • In Version 1.8.0, there were enough beds to hold one of each monster in the game, though it is super expensive to eventually get there. A second castle can be bought since that update.
  • Upgrading the Castle to Level 3 increases the number of monsters with "blue notes" (from Monster Bonus) from 1 to 2. Similarly upgrading the Castle to Level 4 increases the number of monsters with "blue notes" (from Monster Bonus) from 2 to 3.
  • As of Version 1.8.0, all castle upgrades require coins, not crystals. At the same update, there was an increase in the number of upgrades to the max level of Level 10 (formerly Level 7). Former Crystals costs and castle upgrade bed occupations are below:
    • Level 2 - 1 Vegidian Crystal - 10 beds
    • Level 3 - 10 Vegidian Crystals - 18 beds
    • Level 4 - 5 Polished Vegidian Crystals, 5 Frozium Crystals - 28 beds
    • Level 5 - 1 Carved Vegidian Crystal, 5 Polished Frozium Crystals - 40 beds
    • Level 6 - 5 Carved Vegidian Crystals, 1 Carved Frozium Crystal - 54 beds
    • Level 7 - 400Diamonds (Dawn of Fire) - 80 beds
  • There appears to be a mysterious Castle image found in one of the game files.
  • Between Version 1.10.0 and Version 1.12.0, all Castle upgrades require no time to build. Former times:
    • Level 2 - 1 minute
    • Level 3 - 30 minutes
    • Level 4 - 1 hour
    • Level 5 - 1 hour 45 minutes
    • Level 6 - 4 hours
    • Level 7 - 8 hours
    • Level 8 - 12 hours
    • Level 9 - 24 hours
    • Level 10 - 48 (?) hours
  • The Castle in DOF is smaller than the classic game, the castle in DOF is 3x3, and the classic castle is 4x4.

Structures (Dawn of Fire)

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